Sports betting millionaire – a dream or reality?

Sports betting millionaire

It is the dream of every betting fan – sports betting to be a millionaire. There is probably no customer at the bookmaker who has never dreamed of making a big splash. How about getting up early, worrying about the current betting offers for two or three hours, putting the tips and then simply enjoying the day? The next morning the balance on the betting account increased again.

Unfortunately, the old phrase “dreams are foams” applies here. For 99.99 percent of sports bettors, millionaire life remains unreachable. We want to show below why this is so.

Are there really people who make a living from sports betting?

The answer at this point is very clear – yes. Even if these betting professionals are not always sports betting millionaires, they can easily make a living from the tips. But how do you take this step to become a professional player? In our experience, there are two ways.

  1. Sports weather has a very good financial starting position. For example, if you start your betting career with a free bankroll of 100,000 euros or more, you can work almost risk-free “step-by-step” with a monthly additional income that covers all living expenses. The decisive advantage of high start-up capital is that you can act without pressure, even if a loss phase creeps in in the meantime. Nevertheless, the high rollers of the scene should take care not to increase the risk too much, but to play out the winnings in relation to the bankroll with low stakes. Recreational players who start with starting capital of 100 euros, for example, are logically light years away from the sports betting millionaire.
  2. The second group of betting professionals has developed their own existence over the years. Success is usually based on a sustainable sports betting strategy, which has been refined step-by-step. Furthermore, these users have usually used defensive money management. The road to becoming a sports betting millionaire via this route is long, but can be crowned with success.

The correct financial behavior when typing

Whether sports betting millionaire or recreational player, money management is decisive for the lasting success of the tips. The rule of thumb for both player groups is that a maximum of five percent of their own credit must be placed on one tip. Some users also work according to the 1-10 point method. Ten percent of the capital is wagered on very safe bets and only one percent on risk tips.

Here too, unfortunately, wisdom applies – whoever has, has. Of course, it makes a serious difference whether you are already a sports betting millionaire or want to work your way up into the illustrious circle of VIP players as a hobby player. We simply want to demonstrate this to you with a small example. Our customer A is one of the top players and currently has a credit of 50,000 euros. Player B can only show a betting account balance of 100 euros. Both users behave in an exemplary manner and want to invest five percent of their capital in an away win on the Bundesliga match between TSG 1899 Hoffenheim and FC Bayern Munich. We have taken the original bet365 betting odds here. This results in the following betting settlement:

Customer A:

  • Credit: 50,000 euros
  • Stake: 5 percent
  • Game total: 2,500 euros
  • Betting odds: 1.44
  • Profit: 3430.55 euros
  • Betting tax: EUR 171.53
  • Net: 3,259.02 euros
  • Financial income: EUR 759.02

Customer B:

  • Credit: 100 euros
  • Stake: 5 percent
  • Game total: 5 euros
  • Betting odds: 1.57
  • Profit: 6.68 euros
  • Betting tax: 0.34 euros
  • Net: 6.34 euros
  • Financial income: 1.34 euros

Do bookmakers even pay out millions?

Of course, the betting providers have a risk management system on the Internet, which should largely avoid high winnings. On the one hand, the profitability is controlled via the betting odds, on the other hand also via the betting limits. In general, the highest profits can be earned in competitions and leagues with a high customer frequency. In the first place there is clearly the king football with the Champions League and the Europa League as well as the national competitions from Germany, England, Italy and Spain.

It can also be seen that the British betting sites work with the highest profit limits. At bet365 or Ladbrokes , the tips in the most important football leagues, for example, can generate up to two million euros. (It should be noted at this point, however, that the lowest league is generally the winning limit for combination tickets).

The absolute insider tip for sports betting millionaires is Pinnacle Sports. The online provider works practically without limits. 750,000 euros may be invested per betting slip. If this is still not enough, you can place the same tip again afterwards.

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