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One of the great things about the modern sports betting world is that people can now make wagers online. No longer do they have to travel to a land-based sportsbook So here you will find an up to date list of all the best legal sports betting sites looking to attract your business.

List of all the best Sports Betting Sites

  • DraftKings
  • Fanduel
  • BetStars
  • Betdaq
  • Matchbook

What is Online Sports Betting

I have no doubt that you know what online sports betting is all about. But for the sake of giving a clear and concise definition, I’d like to offer you the following…

In the simplest way I know how to explain it, online sports betting is the wagering of money on an unknown sporting event outcome with the main intention of winning money from your initial stake via the Internet.

In most cases the outcome of the event is known within a short while, which results in either a payout for getting the outcome right, or losing your money for getting it wrong.

Sports betting a very long time ago

The above definition of the online side of sports betting is not a new concept at all. It’s actually old… Very very old! There’s evidence that this type of betting where taking place back 1,000 BC. Of course minus the Internet.

Back then the Chinese had a punt on animals and insects racing against each other (we’re talking about horses, dogs, grasshoppers and who knows what else).

It was common for most major cities in China to have specific areas where people could place bets. A modern day equivalent of the TAB

The next civilization that took on sports betting was the Greeks. They were in fact the first to place bets on humans, instead of animals. But there’s no doubting that they didn’t also bet on animals as well.

With the introduction of the Olympic games, people started to bet on mostly track and field events like discus, javelin and running. This goes back to 400 BC.

Probably the most popular civilisation that people associated with sports betting was the Romans back in 300 BC. This was the time of the gladiators, and the unfortunate thing of fighting to the death.

The type of bets people placed was on who they thought would survive the battle. Think of the movie Gladiator with Russel Crowe. No doubt the bookies back then would have cashed in on him.

The modern era of sports betting

For the last few centuries people have adopted the Greek style of betting by wagering their hard earned money behind sporting events that doesn’t involve fighting to the death!

These events range from Soccer to Football, to Swimming and Horse Racing – and really any other sporting event out there that guarantees an outcome.

These bets are placed with a modern day bookmaker who set the odds of the event. Also with the introduction of betting exchanges, people can nowadays set the odds. But we’ll not get into that right now.

With the introduction of the Internet in the 1990’s, this form of sports betting simply moved online. So instead of visiting your local bookmaker to place your bets, you’ll place your bets over the Internet using their dedicated website.

The evolution of sports betting

You’ve read the text, but not everyone is good with text. So here is an image of what the hell I was just speaking writing about. Hopefully this here should give you a clear timeline of the evolution of sports betting.

In USA sports such as the NFL, the NFL and Soccer have all become popular sporting events to bet on. The biggest event is the Super Bowl, where tens of millions of dollars is wagered on the single race.

Most countries have their own favourite sports to bet on. Obviously I can’t list them all here because it’ll just to far too long – but I honestly don’t think that’s important anyway. What’s important is that you know what the popular sports are to bet on in YOUR country.

The gambling industry as a whole has grown enormously over the last few years. In 2020 total market estimates come to $735 billion.

This is only an estimate because unfortunately this takes into account gambling over the Internet from countries that have outlawed the activity – hence no true figures can be provided.

Also, this is the gambling industry as a whole. Betting on sports is part of this, but it’s not the only part. You also have online casinos and poker sites.

What is the Legality and Requirements of Online Sports Betting

First of all, the legality of online sports betting all depends on where in the world you live. Some governments have placed a complete ban on this type of activity altogether, while others have it strongly regulated (I think this is a good thing).

In the circumstances of the latter, there are requirements you’ll need to pass in order to bet online. If your situation is in the former, then I’m afraid things aren’t all rosy for you.

All of the reputable online betting sites will have strict rules set in place that prevent local government laws to be broken. Therefore if you try to register to one of these sports betting sites from one of the countries that do not allow you to, legal sports betting sites will and should reject you.

Countries that have banned online sports betting

If the place you call home is any of the following countries listed below, then it saddens me to tell you that online sports betting is illegal in your country.

  • China & Hong Kong
  • France
  • Japan
  • India
  • Russia
  • Turkey
  • USA (with the exception of the State of NV,PA,NJ)

The countries listed above have on-going debates about legalising online sports betting. This is very noticeable in the USA where members of congress have been disputing this issue recently (2010).

Should the USA legalise this activity past the boundaries of Nevada (and a few other States) to the rest of the United States, there will be a significant increase of punters to the industry due to Americans interest in sports betting.

Hey “My Country”, why do you ban sports betting?

Countries that ban online sports betting do so for a number of different reasons. Firstly they’re trying to shield their people, and especially their youth from being exposed to this form of gambling.

Sports betting can become a dangerous thing if done in excess and with an addictive approach. The same can be said about alcohol and many other things in our society.

The trick with the two is discipline and an understanding of the consequences of doing either of the two things in excess.

Later on in this guide I’ll talk about the dangers of becoming addicted to online sports betting and steps that you can take to prevent this from happening.
The second reason why some governments ban online sports betting is because of money laundering.

It’s mostly an unsupervised electronic transfer of money and therefore governments are cautious that criminals could exploit it, even though transactions are usually done via credit card that is traceable.

Online sports betting sites are well aware of the counties that ban this activity. These agencies are big businesses usually listed on stock exchange markets. Most are reputable and will not take part in any illegal activities.

What Country can I bet from?

Anywhere else should be ok – although the countries that accept legal online sports betting heavily regulate it. They have certain requirements that must be met in order for a person to bet online – which I’ll get into below.

Countries require sports betting websites to have a betting licence and they often have independent audit companies coming in to check that their businesses are run ethically.

Not all betting sites have licences so it’s important to only sign up to those on the recommended list (Feel free to jump over to this section using the link, but I’d advise that you keep going with this guide step by step).

Or in other words, do not sign up with a sports betting sites, whether it be a bookmaker or a betting exchange if they do not have a betting licence.

Laws are always changing, so a country that had previously banned online sports betting might not anymore.

The best way to find out if your country accepts you making an account is to try and create one from our recommended online sports betting agencies that we’ll list a little later on in the guide.

What type of requirements do I need?

There are certain requirements set on people in order to bet online. The first one is that the punter needs to be over the age of 18.

Some betting sites require you to show proof of age when signing up. They do this because there are some hefty fines if they allow people under 18 to place bets.

The second is that you’ll need to be in the country that allows betting in order to log into your account and place bets. Obviously already discussed above.

There’s been a case when someone in USA created an account with a reputable online betting legal sites and then flew over to America to a state that online sports’ betting is illegal. He had logged into his account and placed a few bets.

This type of activity got him and the betting online sites into trouble… No this “someone” was not me. It was “someone else”. I of course do not recommend you do anything like this.

What are the Sports You can Bet on

What can you bet on? … Almost anything is the simple answer. Really Anything?… Yes almost. Some betting agencies have taken this to the point of saying “If it moves, you can bet on it”.

I guess you can’t blame them for offering so many different things. It makes perfectly good sense for them to do so.

From a betting agencies point of view, the more sports (and other events like TV shows) they have available to bet on, the more chances to attract a large number of people, and the more people that are betting, the better it is for them.

Initially they offered horse racing and boxing as betting options – but soon they realised that any sport that was televised attracted a very big betting market… Why? Because it made the sport more fun if you were able to place a bet on it and watch it live.

Now with the introduction of streaming sporting events live on the Internet, betting agencies have just about all sports available to bet on. Some websites even offer you to stream the sport straight from their website for free. How nice is that.

The sports that you can bet on

Some caution here is necessary. You’re about to see some very big lists. I have done this to prove a point that there are a lot of things you can bet on, and the best way to show you this is to break it down.

All the good betting agencies offer the same sports to bet on – basically there isn’t all that much that separates them when choosing things to bet on (the differences between them comes down to who offers the better odds and promotions mainly).

Although with that being said, I’ve put the below list together from the options available from Betfair and Sportsbet.

Once again, this is a huge list, and I have intentionally added everything so you can see just how many options are available. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so.

  • American Football
  • Australian Rules
  • Bandy
  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Boxing
  • Cricket
  • Canadian Football
  • College Basketball
  • College Football
  • Darts
  • Floorball
  • Golf
  • Greyhound Racing
  • Handball
  • Horse Racing
  • Horse Racing – Virtual
  • Ice Hockey
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Motor Sport
  • Pelota
  • Pool
  • Rugby League
  • Rugby Union
  • Snooker
  • Soccer
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Winter Sports

It goes beyond sports

Going back to the point about the more things online betting websites offer you to bet on, the more people they will attract – in recent times legal betting sites have started offering things to bet on apart from sports.

These days you can bet on the winner of USA’s next X Factor, the date of a royal wedding, or the divorce of a famous celebrity couple – even who you think the BBC sports personality of the year would be. Yes, some of the things that you can bet on are ridiculous.

The basic idea is that any event that people are interested in is open to becoming a betting market, so long as that event has an outcome. Some of the categories you will find are:

  • Financial Markets
  • Financial Bets
  • Politics
  • Special Bets

I don’t recommend using any of the four markets above as part of your professional online betting endeavours.

If you watch X Factor, or any of those other reality TV shows then it might make it more interesting to have a bit of a bet on it, but in my opinion, these markets should not to taken too seriously.

Why Bet on Sports Online?

Online Horse Racing and Sports betting has really grown over the past few years and it is now one of the most popular choices for all types of punters. Internet betting provides greater advantages and benefits than traditional bookmakers which is why more and more people are now placing their bets online.

• Convenience
Online bookmakers are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with all of the latest betting odds. This allows the punters to place a bet whenever they like in the privacy and comfort of their own homes.

There is also a wide range of secure payment options available for depositing money into your online account including, credit card, bank deposit, personal cheque and other international payment methods.

• More Sports To Bet On
By betting online you can now access a wider selection of racing & sporting events from the one bookmaker. These include all major sporting events at a national and international level with a broad range of sporting bet types available. Plus there is also the option to bet on some of the most talked about non-sporting events around the world as well!

• Latest Sporting News and Betting Odds
All of the current betting odds are available in real time so you always have the latest information at hand. There is also plenty of up to date sporting news and articles giving the bettor an extra edge on their decision making.

• Cash Bonuses
Most online bookmakers offer an initial Deposit Bonus or Free Bet to all new members when they open an account. What better way to start your online betting adventure than with Free Money!

• Caters For All Types of Punters
Whether you are a casual bettor or a professional punter, all types of bettors are welcome to start an online account.

• Getting Started is Quick, Easy and Safe
Opening an account with an online bookmaker is quick and simple. You can be set up and betting in only a matter of minutes. All transactions are made over a secure network and your personal information is kept safe and secure.

Once you have made your first wager with an Internet Bookmaker you will experience the excitement, simplicity and convenience that betting online brings… Enjoy!

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