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The love for betting is ancient and one only has to turn over the pages of history to learn that people have been in the habit of betting on anything and everything from times immemorial. While ancient punters used to bet on the outcomes of cock fights and fist fights, betting on horses became increasingly popular later in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Baseball betting developed into a craze in America during the nineteenth century and today people bet not only on sports such as cricket, football, ice hockey, horse racing, boxing and motor sports, but also on social and political events such as the recent wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William.

Sports betting first gained popularity when popular TV channels began broadcasting sports events live. When the federal government cut sports betting taxes by 10 percent, a number of land casinos launched special sports betting sections to prevent customers from leaving the casino premises for their sports betting requirements.

Online sportsbooks appeared at the end of the twentieth century, giving punters the chance to place bets online, through telephone and even through their mobile phones. Today, punters need not depend on bookies or land casinos; they only have to log into their favorite online sportsbooks, check out tons of sportsbetting information online and place bets on their favorite sports in the comforts of home.

Punters either bet for entertainment or to make profits. Even punters who bet for pure entertainment will not mind making a pile of money once in a while. However, making a profit out of sports betting is not that easy. A punter who is just starting out must first get familiar with the punting laws in his/her part of the world. The next step is to understand punting lingo, which differs from one online sportsbook to the other. New punters should also learn about various types of bets such as proposition bets, which can be placed on the results of matches; parlays, which allow bettors to place multiple bets; teasers, which are bets placed on multiple events; and others such as progressive parlays, if bets, futures, head-to-head wagers and totalizators. Fortunately, the Internet is full of free information regarding betting odds how to bet, betting jargon and other useful information.

Successful punters never stick to one online sportsbook; instead, they study the odds at different online sports betting sites, check the odds analyses at various punting blogs and betting sites and update their knowledge regarding sports, teams, players, coaches, previous performances before parting with their hard-earned money.

Since online sportsbooks cover a wide range of sports such as dog racing, horse racing, college football, college basketball, professional baseball and hockey and even social and political events, players will definitely find the sport or event that interests them the most at any prominent online sports betting site such as, William Hill, Ladbrokes, Betfair, Betfred, or others. Moreover, online sportsbooks offer generous deposit bonuses, free bets, exciting promotions and other incentives to keep punters on their premises.

Sports Betting Tips and Strategies

I really believe that you can never arm yourself with to many quality sports betting tips and strategies. Because when it comes to betting on sports, the more information you have, the better off you’re going to be.

However, you don’t want to get caught up in a lot of the garbage that’s out there when it comes to sports gambling. There’s way to many sites to list that are simply in it for themselves rather than trying to help the everyday sports handicapper.

What I’d like to do is give you some of the best sports betting tips and strategies that I’ve learned over the years. You can call them my free sports betting tips or just plain tips for sports betting but what I’m really trying to accomplish is helping you when it comes to winning at sports betting.

Over the years, I’ve learned a lot of things to do but just as important, I’ve learned a lot of things not to do. So with that, let’s dive into my best sports betting tips and strategies:

Sports Betting Tip #1 – Losing Streaks Will Happen

Sports Betting Tip #2 – Do Not Make Bets When You’re Intoxicated

Sports Betting Tip #3 – Do Not Chase

Sports Betting Tip #4 – Always Shop For The Best Lines

Sports Betting Tip #5 – Find A Few Good, Reputable Sportsbooks

Sports Betting Tip #6 – Put In The Time To Research

Sports Betting Tip #7 – Stick To Straight Wagers

Sports Betting Tip #8 – Be Able To Explain Why You Made A Bet

Sports Betting Tip #9 – Only Place A Bet When It Makes Sense

Sports Betting Tip #10 – Betting On Sports Is A Long Term Investment

Sports Betting Tip #11 – Keep Great Records

Sports Betting Tip #12 – Set Realistic Goals

Sports Betting Tip #13 – Bet Less Popular Sports Or Divisions

Sports Betting Tip #14 – Bet The Favorites Early and The Underdogs Late

Sports Betting Tip #15 – There’s Always Room For Improvement

Sports Betting Tip #1 – Losing Streaks Will Happen
It’s not a question of if, it’s a matter of when. Losing streaks are just a part of betting on sports, but how you deal with them can be a whole different story.

In my opinion, you shouldn’t do anything different but just ride it out because as long you haven’t changed your strategy or if you’re following a handicapper with a proven record, then things will get better. Everybody, and I mean everybody, goes through a slump every once in a while, it’s just part of life.

The key to weathering a losing streak is a sound money management system. That’s it. As long as you stick with your strategy and don’t veer off course when losing streaks happen, you’ll be ahead of 95% of the other sports bettors.

Now, if worse comes to worse, you can always take a day or few days off to get away from it for a while. Take a vacation with your family, spend some more time with your kids. I can assure you it’ll help clear your mind and get you back on track once you start up again.

Sports Betting Tip #2 – Do Not Make Bets When You’re Intoxicated
I wish somebody would’ve shared this with me when I first started because I couldn’t tell you how many times I made this mistake in my early years. I’ve learned the hard way, so trust me it’s not worth it and can get you into big trouble.

If you’re drinking and trying to bet on sports, you think you’re indestructible and I can assure you it’s just the opposite. Now if you want to drink and watch the games you’ve already bet on, then that’s no problem at all. But if you’re out at a bar with some friends watching the games, then I’ll guarantee you you’re going to be tempted.

What I would recommend is placing all the bets you’re going to wager on for the day prior to the start of the first game. This way you can do what you want the rest of the day or night and not have to worry about placing anymore wagers whether you’ve been drinking or not.

However, if you’re having a bad day on your bets and you’ve been drinking, this is where it gets tempting to want to chase because the alcohol is kicking in. Stick to your money management system and just remember that you’ll always have tomorrow. Top of Page

Sports Betting Tip #3 – Do Not Chase
This one really coincides with Tip #1. You’re going to have losing streaks but you just have to forget about them and move on.

However, I can promise you that the thought will cross your mind to bet big on a game when your account is low or maybe it’s the end of the week and you have to pay your bookie. Once again I’ve been there and done that, and once again it’s not fun at all. I’m not sure if it’s the gambling gods or what, but it always seemed like every time I tried to chase that I’d lose the bet and end up digging myself deeper. DO NOT DO IT.

Chasing a game and then losing could ruin everything you’ve accomplished up to that point. It can be excruciating and down right miserable. When the thought crosses your mind, just ask yourself, “Do I really want to throw everything away that I’ve worked so hard for just because I’ve had a bad day or week?” The answer is NO, so do not chase.

Everybody, even the professionals, will have losing days and weeks from time to time. Just take your losses and move on to the next day or week. Don’t ever chase because you’ve had a bad day or a bad week. It happens, move on, and never stray from your money management system. If you didn’t think the game was a good bet in the first place then why is it now? I don’t know how else to say it but I’ll say it one more time because it’s just that important. DO NOT CHASE.

Sports Betting Tip #4 – Always Shop For The Best Lines
This is crucial when it comes to betting on sports. Obviously, finding the best line can be the difference between collecting and paying.

Even if it’s a 1/2 point or full point, this will change some of your losses into pushes and some of your pushes into wins and trust me this will start to add up over time. It may seem tedious and meaningless at first, but once you start to see how many pushes and close losses you’ll have, you’ll start to change your mind.

Take a look at the article, “Shopping for the Best Sports Betting Lines: Does It Really Help?” to see a real-life example of how much it can increase your winnings.

As I go over in the next tip, open an account at a few different sportsbooks so that you can find the one that is offering the best line. As my corny saying goes, “Put in the time to find the best line.”

Sports Betting Tip #5 – Find A Few Good, Reputable Sportsbooks
It’s really important to have money on deposit at a few sportsbooks (I prefer 4-5). The main reason comes down to what I stated in Tip #4. You want to be able to bet on the best line available for any game.

There are a ton of sportsbooks out there today. Some good and some not so good. I would recommend taking a look at my Choosing a Sportsbook page.

I’ll go over what to look for when it comes to a reputable sportsbook, as well as some of my personal recommendations and why I like them. You’ll want to make sure you’re comfortable using there web site or 800 number because you’ll more than likely be spending a decent amount of time on either depending on how you place your bets.

Sports Betting Tip #6 – Put In The Time To Research
This is really crucial when it comes to betting on sports. You’d be surprised how many people spend about 2 minutes looking at all the games and then making their picks.

Take the time to do the research and I can promise you it’ll pay of big time in the long run. It may be time consuming, it may be boring, but putting in the time to do the research is what separates the winning sports investors from the losing sports investors.

I’ve actually designed an entire portion of my site to just research. I cover a lot of great sites out there today that are absolutely free or well worth the fee. Check it out here. Good sports betting research habits will help you to become a better handicapper for years to come.

Sports Betting Tip #7 – Stick To Straight Wagers
I prefer to only bet straight wagers and I recommend anybody, especially beginners, to do the same. Straight wagers are simple to understand. You pick one side and if they cover and win then you win but if they don’t then you lose. It’s just that simple.

Don’t get caught up in the intriguing odds of a parlay. Trust me the odds aren’t that great when you actually apply the math. Do you think a sportsbook is actually going to give you some kind of an advantage? Of course they’re not, but they know they have a much better chance of you losing if you make those bizarre bets.

The same goes for teasers. The bookies are just trying to tempt you. Then you have all of these other fancy bets like reverse parlays, if bets, round robins…etc. Stay away, they’re not worth it.

I can promise you that you’ll be much better off just sticking to straight wagers. Just ask any professional sports handicapper and I can guarantee you they’ll tell you the same (or at least 99% of them will). Top of Page

Sports Betting Tip #8 – Be Able To Explain Why You Made A Bet
When placing a bet, you should always be able to explain or justify why you made it in the first place.

If you can’t give several reasons why this is a good wager, then it’s probably not a good bet to make. Believe in what you’re doing. Don’t just do it because your gut or your buddy tells you too.

Always make decisions with your head and not your heart. If you can’t justify why you’re betting on your favorite team then don’t bet on them. Sports investing is about making money. The key to becoming a good sports investor is discipline. You should be able to defend why you’ve made a certain bet with actual facts.

Before placing each bet, always ask yourself why. If for some reason you can’t justify it now, then don’t make it. You may lose some, but over the long run this question will save you, and make you, a lot of money.

Sports Betting Tip #9 – Only Place A Bet When It Makes Sense
This really goes along with Tip #8. Only make a bet that makes sense to you and is justifiable. You’ll have a lot of outside influences wanting you to make all kinds of wagers.

Whether it’s a sports service trying to sell you on there game of the year or someone on a message board that’s been hot, only make the bet if it makes sense to you. If it doesn’t make sense then move on to bet another day.

Sports Betting Tip #10 – Betting On Sports Is A Long Term Investment
This is one of the biggest reasons why so many people lose money when it comes to sports betting. They want to make a killing in a day or a week or even a month.

That’s just not how sports investing works. As crazy as it sounds, betting on sports is a lot like investing in the stock market or running your own business. You’re going to have some ups and downs, but as long as you look at it as a long term investment, follow a disciplined money management system, and win at least 53% of your games, then you’re going to make money over time.

When you’re betting on a sport, you should focus on how you do for the entire season. You’re going to have losing days, losing weeks, and heck even losing months. But as long as you follow a proven sports betting philosophy, whether it’s your own or you pay for a service, you’re going to be fine in the long run.

I know it’s tough and you’ll get caught up in the hype and trying to bring in a big score everyday. Just like building a successful business doesn’t happen over night, investing on sports won’t make you rich in a week. Sports investing is not a sprint, it’s a marathon and slow and steady wins every time.

Sports Betting Tip #11 – Keep Great Records
Keep track of everything. Get into this habit early and often. Write everything down about every wager so you can always look back and learn from your mistakes.

I prefer to track all my wagers in spreadsheets while keeping my notes in word documents. It may seem a little tedious at first but if you want to be successful at any business, there’s always going to be a few things you may not like.

With keeping great records, you’ll be able to precisely track your winning percentage in each sport. Having an accurate winning percentage will help fine tune your money management system even more.

Year after year, you’ll be able to go back to see where you could improve and possibly see any kind of trends developing (good or bad). Take the time to keep goodrecords and I can assure you it’ll pay off over time. Top of Page

Sports Betting Tip #12 – Set Realistic Goals
When you’re trying to achieve anything you should always set goals and that definitely holds true when it comes to betting on sports. Obviously you want to win money but you really need to be more precise than that.

Before each season of each sport that you gamble on, you should always set goals. What are you trying to accomplish? Is your goal to hit 55%? Maybe it’s to stick with your money management plan and never veer off course? Whatever your goals might be, you need to write them down so you’ll have something you’re trying to accomplish.

I know it sounds kind of corny and time consuming. But it’s another one of those things that doesn’t take much time at all and I can guarantee it’ll help increase your overall sports investing profits inthe long term.

Sports Betting Tip #13 – Bet Less Popular Sports Or Divisions
This may sound a little strange but it’s a sports betting strategy I firmly believe in. You need to follow and bet on sports or divisions that aren’t followed as closely by the oddsmakers or the betting public.

Football and basketball draw the most betting dollars and that’s probably why they’re the hardest sports to make money at long term. However, I also feel you should enjoy what you’re betting on. But with that being said, you’re betting on sports to make money and if the easier money is to be made in some less popular sport then I would go that way.

When it comes to gambling on college sports, I like to focus on the added games or smaller divisions that won’t get as much attention from the linesmakers thus making the lines less sharp. I’d also recommend trying to learn everything you can about one or two divisions and just bet those divisions.

The more you know about a division or sport that isn’t followed by the masses the more you can capitalize on the line. I don’t care if it’s baseball, hockey, WNBA, added games in college basketball or football, women’s tennis…etc. Just find your niche, or pay a service to utilize theirs, and put every effort into exploiting those lines and generating a profit. This is how the professionals do it and I’d highly encourage you to follow their lead.

Sports Betting Tip #14 – Bet The Favorites Early and The Underdogs Late
This is one of those tips that’s been around for a long time but still holds true today. It may not seem like much, but if you start following the lines, you’ll certainly start to see this pattern.

The general rule of thumb is that the public typically plays the favorites and the overs throughout the week (or day, depending on the sport) thus moving the lines accordingly. The same rule applies to over/unders; bet the overs early and the unders late.

I would suggest betting any favorites or overs that you like as early as possible and holding off on underdogs and unders until close to game time to take advantage of the line movements. Now obviously this won’t work every time but I promise you that you’ll get better lines more times than not.

Sports Betting Tip #15 – There’s Always Room For Improvement
Never stop honing your craft. In other words, you should always be trying to learn everything you can because betting on sports is an evolving business and if you’re not up to speed then you’ll be left behind.

Whether it’s reading a book, checking out different handicappers, or whatever it might be, just remember that you can always get better. Learn from other bettors, take there strategies and adjust them to yours, find new web sites, but keep reminding yourself that there’s always room for improvement.


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