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Best Sports Betting Sites 2020

The selection of online sports betting sites is huge. It is difficult to find the best betting site for you from this variety. We will help you further! Based on extensive analyzes, research and tests, we reveal the best betting sites on the Internet. For this we have carefully examined well over 200 betting platforms and will always update the ranking if there are changes. In our guide, you will also find out which quality features distinguish the top betting sites and which are recommended for certain sports.

Sports betting – best sports betting sites

Sports betting has long ceased to be placed in any dark back room, but has long since become socially acceptable. Not least because more and more big names in sports are promoting it. Real Madrid or AC Milan have already worn a betting site on their jersey and the advertising space on the stadium gangs cannot avoid the hype of sports betting. Of course, sports betting has made its way into the online world and today you can place online bets from the comfort of your couch. At Betbubbles we deal with everything related to sports betting. Regardless of whether you already have experience with online betting or not, our sports betting comparison has something for everyone. In our sports betting comparison, we pay particular attention to the Betting bonus for new customers at a bookmaker.

The most important criterion for a sports betting comparison is objectivity. This means that all sites have the same starting conditions and are illuminated from all sides. Are there high deposit and withdrawal fees? Is customer service easily accessible and best on different channels? Are the betting odds good and fair or do they differ greatly depending on the competition? How fair is the welcome offer for new customers? Our editorial team took a close look at all these points and many more in our sports betting comparison and for all reputable bookies. We exclude dubious bookmakers without a license and dubious deposit practices in advance, thus ensuring quality for the customer.

Online sports betting 2020 – comparison of betting sites

The sports betting comparison on Betbubbles should be a simple and clear comparison tool for all sports betting interested users to find the best sports betting site with the best sports betting bonus quickly and safely. There are various types of bonuses among the many sports betting offers. Be it a deposit bonus, no deposit bonus, bonus code, new customer bonus, existing customer bonus, a free bet, a risk-free bet or increased odds: our sports betting experts explain in a betting bonus comparison what you have to look for in the different sports betting bonus types so that you can find the bonus at the end that suits you best and which differentiates the betting bonus from bookmaker A from the betting bonus from bookmaker B.

Sports betting bonus in detail

The deposit bonus is the most common betting bonus variant for Europe. The bonus is usually activated directly via a deposit and added to your account, but this depends on the betting site, because sometimes you have to enter a bonus code in advance or contact customer service after the deposit in Live Chat. Most sites offer their new players a welcome offer in the form of a deposit bonus for registering a new account, but there are also other offers for existing customers in our sports betting comparison that are triggered by a deposit. The offer is usually defined as a 50% – 100% bonus and means nothing other than that either half or the counter sum of the paid amount is credited as a bonus. Every bonus is subject to certain conditions and so you have to convert the amount of the bonus + deposit 5 times to minimum odds of 1.7 before you can withdraw your money. Here’s an example:

  • deposit of € 100 triggers the 100% bonus and the bonus amount of € 100 is also credited to the account.
  • Now the deposit + bonus (€ 200) has to be wagered 5 times on minimum odds of 1.7 : € 200 x 5 = € 1000
  • So you have to place a total of € 1000 on minimum odds of 1.7 before you can then pay out your money.

Sports betting bonus without deposit

A no deposit sportsbook bonus is always a great way to test a sports betting site before you make your first deposit. However, this offer is becoming rarer these days and even if a bookmaker offers such a bonus, the bonus conditions are usually knitted in such a way that the bonus can hardly be unlocked – we naturally take this into account in the rating in our sports betting comparison. Betbubbles Sports betting tells you exactly what wagering requirements you need to look out for and also offers you strategies that allow you to implement a bonus more effectively. In addition, our sports betting team got together with various renowned sports betting sites and stomped an exclusive selection of sports betting bonuses without deposit.

  • Example: bet-at-home € 10 no deposit bonus
  • Register for free at bet-at-home. After registering via our Betbubbles sports betting link, you will then receive a voucher code by email, which can be redeemed in the payment area at bet-at-home. The exclusive € 10 without deposit from BILD sports betting is immediately available to you.

Free bet

A free bet is another type of promotion, but usually you don’t have to make a deposit. The free bets Depending on the sports betting site, your account will either be credited directly after registration or you may have to activate it yourself. Now you can place your free betting credit (e.g. € 5) on a bet with a certain minimum odds and if this wins, you can continue playing with the net profit. This usually has to be implemented again before you can then request a payment. There are also free bets for existing customers, which should make marginal sports more interesting, for example. Sometimes you only get a free bet if a certain amount of betting money is placed in advance in the form of a real money bet. You can also compare this offer with a betting voucher.

  • Example: Interwetten 10 € free bet
  • Register with Interwetten for free and make a deposit. Then enter the bonus code “VipBonus” in the payment area and you will also receive a € 10 free bet.

Risk free bet

In our sports betting comparison, a risk-free bet is an offer that is usually given to existing customers. Here you can place a certain amount on a certain betting market and if the result is not positive for you, you will simply get the stake credited again – an ingenious form of the betting bonus that also fits in our comparison. The credit is usually credited in the form of free bets and so it usually has to be wagered once before you can withdraw your money.

  • Example: bwin wildcard bet
  • Deposit and place a bet. If you lose your bet, the joker bets and you get your bet back up to € 100.

Increased odds for sports betting

This form of bonus should not be missing in a sports betting comparison: Increased odds are a rather new phenomenon in the world of promotions in online betting. Often, the increased odds are also called enhanced odds or odds boost, where simply improved odds on certain events are offered to differentiate yourself from the competition. These can be increased odds for certain betting markets for customers in Betsand. The higher odds are then much better there, but are within a normal range. In contrast, some bookmakers have significantly better odds in our sports betting comparison for new customers in the program. These increased odds for new customers are usually tough and you can only dream of such odds as an existing customer. The betting markets for new customers are often increased by up to 10 times in our sports betting comparison. If you do not have an account with a betting site and want to bet online, then it is worth looking for such odds.

  • Example: Increased odds at 888sport
  • 888sport offers new customers one-time increased odds for top matches. If you want to secure the higher odds, you only have to open an account with the bookmaker and place the bet at the regular odds. The profits from the increased odds are automatically credited to you after the evaluation.

PayPal in sports betting comparison

The payment method PayPal plays a significant role in our sports betting comparison – after all, PayPal sports betting is the most popular on the Internet. PayPal has also become increasingly popular in online betting in recent years. This is mainly due to the widespread use of PayPal accounts, which means that the customer does not have to register again for another product or provider. It is most convenient for customers who register with a site who bases their entire registration on PayPal.

  • Example: The bookmaker Tipico is very popular with German players and offers a complete registration and registration via PayPal.

Mobile betting via betting app in sports betting

Mobile sports betting is becoming more and more popular and now enthusiastic players are placing their online sports betting on the train, on the bus or in the bar with a beer. For this reason, various sports betting sites have reacted to this movement and are also offering their entire betting portfolio for mobile betting. With some bookmakers, new customers receive an additional bonus if they register using their mobile phone, smartphone or tablet. Most bookmakers have a mobile sports betting submission and usually versions for iOS and Android systems are available.

  • Example: The betting site Interwetten offers an ingenious app for Android, iOS and Windows that makes every customer happy with a smartphone, tablet and regardless of the operating system. In our sports betting comparison, Interwetten also has an exclusive mobile bonus of € 25 for placing bets via the app.

Online betting – the best sports betting offers

Betbubbles Sports Betting has put together a team of experts from the sports betting industry to clarify once and for all which betting bonus is the best. For this reason, sports betting has carefully examined the most important bookmakers for Germany in the sports betting comparison and above all checked the bonus. So that you also get some of it, we share our experience in detailed test reports with all readers. Whether betting odds, live betting, mobile apps, sports betting bonus, licenses, seriousness, payment methods and more, we uncover all advantages and disadvantages without exception in our sports betting comparison. But that’s not all. Do you want to bet on football be successful? Then daily sports betting tips for football, tennis, basketball and Co. are waiting for you, with which you can hone your betting strategy and become a betting professional yourself. Of course, with our Bundesliga tips we also have all games from the German House of Lords in our program.

Online betting – expert tips

Those who deal with bettingon sports for the first time in their lives are simply overwhelmed by the large number of sites and their bonus offers. It is important not only to pay attention to the amount of the bonus for sports betting, but also to the conditions that the betting site attaches to the free play of the bonus. There are very fair and transparent betting sites like bet365, which immediately show you clearly what is required to unlock the bonus. 

Then there is the wide range on offer, the methods of depositing and withdrawing and many other factors. All of this clearly speaks for a sports betting comparison and is also the reason why we launched Betbubbles Sports Betting. Because with all the tension that the sports betting market offers, transparency is often still a foreign word for one or the other sports betting site comparison and for some bookies themselves. We counteract this with clear tables and step by step instructions in our sports betting comparison and bring you to the right betting site. But not only the sports betting comparison is important. 

What good is the best betting site if the bets don’t work? Therefore, in addition to our online sports betting comparison, we also have daily and current sports betting tips that make it even easier for beginners to enter the betting market and celebrate success quickly. We counteract this with clear tables and step-by-step instructions in our sports betting comparison and bring you to the right betting site. But not only the sports betting comparison is important. What good is the best betting site if the bets don’t work? Therefore, in addition to our online sports betting comparison, we also have daily and current sports betting tips that make it even easier for beginners to enter the betting market and celebrate success quickly. 

We counteract this with clear tables and step-by-step instructions in our sports betting comparison and bring you to the right betting site. But not only the sports betting comparison is important. What good is the best betting site if the bets don’t work? Therefore, in addition to our online sports betting comparison, we also have daily and current sports betting tips that make it even easier for beginners to enter the betting market and celebrate success quickly.

Most important criteria before registering with a betting site

Sports betting – you have to consider that!

Betting sites  are almost like sand by the sea these days and it is no wonder that new players lose track of things here. For this reason, the team at Betbubbles has drawn up a selection of most important criteria that every player should consider before registering a new betting provider and listed below and in our detailed sports betting comparison. With the help of our comparison, everyone interested in betting will find the right bookmaker for their needs.

Which sports betting site is the best for bet on sports?

Choosing the best betting site for bet on sports from over 60 sites we have tested is not that easy. However, we have defined criteria that significantly facilitate the selection of a good and reputable betting site and enable an objective sports betting comparison. With these points everyone will find the best betting site for online sports betting:

  • Payment methods
  • Deposit and withdrawal times
  • Sports betting bonus for new customers
  • Existing customer bonus
  • Vouchers
  • Odds
  • Betting markets
  • Speed ​​and clarity of the website / app
  • Customer service
  • Limits for players
  • License

Here, personal preference always counts a little. If it is particularly important that the bookie offers a certain payment method, other points such as website may not be as important.

Which site for online sports betting is right for me?

With the multitude of offers and betting sites for bet on sports online, both beginners and experienced players can easily lose track of things. The small print often decides how lucrative a bet really is. Before you place your bet, you should consider which bookies are best for you. Every bookmaker has its strengths and weaknesses, so you can use various criteria to decide what is particularly important to you. This is important to us in our sports betting comparison:

Offer & Odds Key

A wide range is now almost a matter of course and every bookmaker wants to shine through a variety of betting markets per game. After the offer, of course, the odds immediately catch the eye. In addition to experienced providers such as Tipico, Bet365, Interwetten, Betway and bet-at-home, aspiring young bookmakers who have not been on the market for long have been attracted by incredibly lucrative odds.
With the high odds key, the majority of sales go to customers and only a small proportion of wagers are retained. With up to 98 percent payout at top events, Bet3000 has an enormously high odds key and offers unbeatable odds especially for the German market. BetVictor is also at the top with a 95-97 percent payout. But also bookies that have been successful in business for years regularly pay out the majority of the betting stakes again. Tipico has an average payout key of 96 percent for Bundesliga bets. In addition, the traditional German bookmaker does not charge betting tax on the winnings. This means you can automatically clear five percent more.

Special deals

In addition to permanent top odds, bookies make themselves special through great deals for special events, such as the finals of the Champions League. Especially on such occasions, the providers outbid each other and beat incredible odds in the competition. In the long run, no new provider can afford such deals, so these are mostly deals for new customers. However, those with a certain amount of know-how can be really profitable. It is important to check the criteria carefully. Often there is an increased quota at a certain minimum bet and often the winnings are paid out not in cash but in betting bonuses. Therefore always read the fine print exactly!

Betting account deposits

Before you can place a bet, an amount must first be paid into the betting account. Depending on the bookmaker, there are usually a variety of ways to top up the account. Many online bookies offer deposit via PayPal, so you can benefit from PayPal’s terms and conditions in addition to a quick deposit. This way, your bank and credit card details remain anonymous and the payee basically pays the fee. With PayPal, for example, you can deposit at Tipico, Bet365, Interwetten, 888sport, Bwin, Betway, bet at home or William Hill. When opening the betting account, it is particularly important to pay attention to whether fees or expenses are incurred when depositing. Such amounts are particularly important for real betting fans who act with higher stakes. They are certainly even more annoying when it comes to paying out. At Tipico, Bet90, Bet3000, BetVictor and ComeOn (from 250 euros free of charge) neither your stake nor your profit will be reduced by such fees or expenses. An important point for a sports betting comparison.

how good is the betting bonus for new customers?

Bookmakers are constantly trying to convince new players of their product using a variety of methods and one of the most striking is the bonus for online sports betting. 100% up to € 100, 50% up to € 150 or maybe even a bonus code for a no deposit bonus? Everything always sounds great until you want to pay off the bonus. Therefore, we not only check the bonus amount, but above all the bonus conditions that you have to meet before you can pay off the bonus and tell you whether it is worth registering for the offer.

Online no deposit betting: is there a free bet?

A no deposit bonus is always a great way to test a bookmaker’s sports betting offer yourself. Basically, such a no deposit bonus is nothing more than a free bet, which is activated via a bonus code and with which you can place a bet under certain conditions. Even though such bonus offers are becoming increasingly rare these days, our team of experts was able to sit down with the various betting sites in order to work out exclusive bonus offers specially created for our sports betting readers.

what can I bet online?

The sports betting offer is the core of every betting site. In our sports betting comparison, it usually differs not only in the number of sports offered, but also in the number of betting markets for the individual sports. The level of the odd key is also decisive. The odds key is a value that determines the amount of the payouts – the ratio of the stakes of the losers to the winners. You can find out whether you can place bets on your favorite sport or how good the odds of a bookmaker are in our various test reports and experiences regarding the sports betting bonus.

how good is the odds key?

Each bookmaker usually sets a odds key that has a direct impact on the different betting odds and thus ultimately directly influences your possible profit when placing a bet. The biggest difference in the quota key can usually be seen when e.g. B. betting shops can be compared with online bookmakers. But even among online bookmakers there are already differences. We have calculated the odds of the most important bookmakers independently, so as not to withhold this detail from you and incorporate it into our sports betting comparison.

live betting and the cash-out function?

Live betting is a relatively new phenomenon compared to regular sports betting, but is enjoying huge demand. The main difference lies in the time at which a bet can be placed. With regular online sports betting, every player can place his bet until shortly before the kick-off, after which the market closes and you have to hope that yours betting tip is right. It looks very different with live betting, because here the fun only starts after the kick-off. You can place your bets at any time during the game and watch how the odds change depending on how the game progresses. If you have already placed a bet before the start of the game, you can even counteract possible collateral damage. Some sports betting sites even give you the option of getting out of your bet at any time using the ‘cash-out function’ in order to place your bet with less profit or less loss. You can find out exactly how this works in our betting site comparison.

Live streams: The special treat

With Live Streams Live betting will be lifted to a new level. Because if the associated images for the betting options offered can be followed online in real time with the bookie, this is a very special experience and much more than entertainment service. Finally, betting fans can use the streams to better assess and predict the course of the game, which significantly increases the chances of success in a successful bet. The presence of live streams is one of the items in the betting provider list that separates the wheat from the chaff. Best betting providers like Bet365, bwin , 1xBet or Bet90 belong to the illustrious circle, who spoil their customers with live streams. However, it must generally be borne in mind that the transmission of the streams often results in country restrictions. For example, customers residing in Germany cannot follow the Bundesliga live at any betting site.

optimized website or real betting site app?

Few Germans can imagine a life without a smartphone, which is why many sports betting providers are currently focusing on mobile betting. The advantage of a sports betting mobile app is obvious: You can place your bets anytime, anywhere. However, not every mobile app is a real mobile app. Most bookies are already satisfied with a website optimized for mobile devices, where other bookmakers have already launched a real mobile app. The advantages are simple: an sports betting app responds faster, you are logged in with your system using a secure principle and you can access your online sports betting incredibly quickly. Of course, we haven’t left an eye dry here either and uncover,

Can I Deposit With PayPal?

PayPal is one of the most important payment methods for Germany and is actually indispensable nowadays. However, it is not so easy for betting sites to include this payment method in the program. Various prerequisites must be met beforehand, such as the company’s listing on the stock exchange. So it is usually clear that if you want to spread seriously on the German market, you actually have to buy PayPal. Therefore, all major bookmakers also have PayPal sports betting on offer and you can make your deposit quickly, safely and easily as usual.

Well, there is certainly more to it and there are other eWallets, such as Skrill, Neteller or other payment methods such as MasterCard, VISA, paysafecard, SOFORT Überweisung or a regular transfer that should not be neglected. Furthermore, other details are also important, such as fees and the duration of deposits and withdrawals. It is also important whether the sports betting bonus of the betting site is compatible with all payment methods. Betbubbles Sports betting has also turned every stone here to make absolutely any information visible to you.

Sports betting customer service: What languages ​​are offered?

Customer service is the direct interface between players and sports betting sites and contributes fundamentally to the gaming experience. As long as everything works, everything is great. If the line runs hot because of technical difficulties, the game conditions are a bit unclear or a player simply doesn’t know where to request payment, you can quickly find out how good customer service really is. It is important not only through which channels and at what time period customer service can be contacted, but also the language of customer service employees. What use is customer service if you cannot communicate with it? However, we also test how long it takes for an email to be answered,

How safe are sports betting sites?

Even the best marketing is of no use if the players question the seriousness of the betting site. For this reason, we test our top sports betting sites in detail to ensure that you also get the right bookmaker. Does he have a gambling license in Malta, Gibraltar, Curacao or maybe even in Schleswig-Holstein? Is there a decent program for responsible gaming? Who is sponsored and which awards could the betting provider secure? We don’t leave any question out.

Sports betting reviews

Nothing matters more than real reviews when it comes to a sports betting bonus. After all, our sports betting experts really need to know what they are talking about and for this reason we make sure that every sports betting site is thoroughly tested in detail by our own team. No leaf is spoken here and we are just saying whether the experience has been positive or negative. After all, the most important thing for us is that at the end of a test report you also indicate exactly whether the bookmaker appeals to you and we also want your own betting site experiences viagra online to be exactly as our test indicated. That is why we offer not only a test for all major providers such as bet365, but also an review page where you can exchange ideas with other users.

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