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Best Apple Pay Betting Sites 2020

Apple Pay is a separate payment system from Apple, which has been available in the USA since 2014. The wallet has also been available in Germany since 2018 and can already be used by some sports betting providers, even if the selection of Apple Pay sports betting providers is still limited. The wallet is enjoying increasing popularity due to the fast payments, high security, good data protection, high acceptance apart from sports betting in many online shops and offline and much more. Therefore, you can be sure that you will encounter Apple Pay sports betting at reputable online betting providers more and more often.

Apple Pay Sports Betting is Only Possible on Apple Devices

Since Apple Pay belongs to the iOS operating system right from the start, it is of course particularly advantageous for these users to use the wallet. There is no need to download an app from the App Store and you do not have to register anywhere, just need your Apple ID. Numerous cards can be deposited for payments and various tickets can also be saved. So it’s even more than a simple payment wallet. We will show you the currently best betting providers with Apple Pay as a payment method and then deal with the payment service and how it works.

Apple Pay

How do Apple Pay Sports Betting Work?

In 2014, the US company Apple launched the in-house payment system Apple Pay, with which iOS users can make payments both online and offline. The service started in the UK and other countries in 2015 and then in Germany at the end of 2018. With Apple Pay, customers can pay with a mobile Apple device such as an iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad. The payment service is also possible with the Mac Book, for example, if it has the Touch ID function.

To pay via Apple Watch, you need to add your credit, prepaid or debit card on your iOS device. It must be a supported card from a participating bank at Apple Pay. We’ll go into that in more detail later. Your iOS device must have the latest version of iOS, watchOS or macOS and you need an Apple ID registered with iCloud. If Apple Pay is to be used on several devices, the card used for payment must also be added on each device.

After you have set up the payment service on the iPhone or Apple Watch, you can also use the stored cards with the Safari Internet browser and with some Mac models if you are logged in to iCloud. You can then add up to 12 cards on newer iOS devices, and up to 8 on old devices. If you have an Apple Card – Apple’s credit card – it is also automatically added to the wallet on the device on which you have the Have applied for an Apple Card.

It can also be added on other devices. As soon as you have deposited your cards, you pay via the in-house app Wallet or via NFC (Near Field Communication). NFC is a contactless payment process that can be used by participating retailers. These branches then have a special reader and the iPhone or other Apple device only needs to be nearby for a payment. Finally, you have to confirm the payment via Touch-ID or Face-ID.

If you want to pay at a sports betting provider with Apple Pay, you have to select the payment service during the payment process and enter the desired deposit amount. Then you have to confirm the payment as usual, for example using a touch ID, and the money is already available from your sports betting provider. One of the credit cards that you have deposited with Apple Pay will then be charged for the payment. With a debit or prepaid card, these must have been loaded with money beforehand.

Requirements for Using Apple Pay Sports Betting

The prerequisite for using Apple Pay is, of course, first of all in an iOS device that has the latest operating system. You must also have a credit, debit, or prepaid card from one of the banks that Apple Pay supports. In Germany, these include the following providers: Allianz, American Express, boon, bunq, comdirect, Consors Bank, Consors Finanz, Crosscard, Deutsche Bank, Deutsche Kreditbank, fidor Bank, Fleetmoney, Hanseatic Bank, HypoVereinsbank, Klarna, Monese, N26, Netbank, o2 Banking, Revolut, Ticket Restaurant Edenred, Viabuy and VIMpay. Others should follow little by little. You can find information on this on the Apple website.

You must also have an Apple ID. This is your account that you use to log in to various Apple services such as Apple Music, Apple Store, FaceTime, etc. Only one Apple ID is required for all of these services. For payments, it is necessary to deposit a credit card (debit or prepaid card) in your Apple wallet. This wallet has been an integral part of Apple’s operating system since 2012 and you do not have to download the app from the App Store. Since it is a special payment service from Apple, it can be used for devices such as the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or devices such as the Mac Book. The latter can only be used if the device has a touch or face ID.

There are now apps for Windows Phone and Android that can use .pkpass files used by Wallet accordingly. This makes it possible to collect tickets, tickets, plane tickets, train tickets and the like centrally so that you no longer have to carry around a lot of paperwork. Payments like iOS are not possible.

Use the Apple Pay App Step by Step for the First Time

Every iOS user with an Apple device can use the wallet for online and offline payments. Since the wallet has always been part of Apple’s operating system, no further registration is necessary. All you need is your Apple ID and you must have a credit card or other card for payments. We show you how to use the wallet step by step with your Apple Pay bookmaker.

Step 1: deposit credit card (debit card or prepaid card)

In order to make payments with Apple Pay bookmakers, you must have a credit card, debit card, prepaid card or Applecard deposited in your wallet. First, open the wallet by tapping the corresponding icon on your Apple device. You can now save the desired cards in it. A total of up to 12 cards (for newer Apple devices) can be added. At the same time, various tickets such as admission tickets, flight tickets, etc. can be stored centrally there.

Step 2: Select Apple Pay from the sports betting provider

If you want to deposit with a sports betting provider using Apple Pay, simply select the payment service in the checkout area. Then enter the desired deposit amount and click on continue. Your payment must then be confirmed by you.

Step 3: Confirm deposit in the wallet

You must now confirm the deposit with the sports betting provider on your iOS device using a touch or face ID. The money will be charged directly to your betting account and you can start betting immediately.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Apple Pay Sports Betting

The use of Apple Pay sports betting has the great advantage that you, as the owner of an iOS device, can make deposits with the bookmaker particularly quickly and easily. You do not have to register with a wallet such as Neteller or Skrill, nor do you have to provide credit card or bank details to the bookmaker. The wallet is part of the iOS operating system anyway, so you can easily access it with your Apple ID.

You simply select the wallet from the betting provider, enter the desired deposit amount and confirm the payments by touch or face ID in Apple Pay on your mobile device or in the browser of your MacBook. In addition, you do not incur any fees through the use of Apple, neither by Apple itself nor by an online bookmaker who offers this payment service.

Apple Pay also offers a high level of security when making payments. With mobile transactions in particular, the question often arises as to whether they are secure enough at all. If you pay via Apple Pay, you must always first confirm your transactions using Touch-ID or Face-ID. So nobody else can simply pay with your smartphone, even if you should lose it. And Apple also takes data protection very seriously. When you buy something, Apple Pay uses a device-specific number paired with a unique transaction number. So your card number is never stored on your device or Apple servers. The data is never shared with merchants when paying. Apple Pay does not store any transaction-related data.

The biggest disadvantage, on the other hand, is that Apple Pay can only be used for payments by users with iOS devices. Android or Windows Phone users unfortunately have to forego the advantages of the wallet. In addition, Apple Pay has only been on the market in Germany since the end of 2018, which is why online sports betting providers still have limited availability.

However, it can be assumed that leading bookmakers will also rely on the Apple Wallet in the future and include it in their portfolio. Another disadvantage is that you cannot always withdraw your sports betting winnings with Apple Pay. So here you have to switch to alternatives at the bookmaker.

Is There a Special Apple Pay Sports Betting Bonus?

Due to the novelty of the payment service, it is rather unlikely that there will be a special Apple Pay sports betting bonus. In general, such special bonuses are very rarely offered for certain payment methods. However, if the wallet becomes increasingly popular and available among sports betting providers in the future, it may well be that there is such an Apple Pay Bonus. So keep your eyes open.

As long as you can use the bookmaker’s typical deposit bonus as usual. Starting with the betting bonus, other regular bonus promotions for regular customers can also be used if you deposit using Apple Pay. These deposit bonuses are usually subject to certain conditions. These wagering requirements specify how often a bonus must first be converted into sports betting before it and any winnings from it can be withdrawn.

A minimum quota for sports betting is also specified and you have to meet the wagering requirements within a certain period. The minimum quota is usually a maximum of 2.0 and the period for fulfilling the conditions can vary greatly depending on the provider. Sometimes you have 30 days, but with other providers you also have 90 days.

Apple Pay Betting Provider: Fees, Processing Time & Security

You don’t have to worry about fees. The payment service does not charge any additional fees for Apple Pay customers. The retailer who pays with Apple Pay, on the other hand, has to pay part of the fees. And with the sports betting providers themselves, you don’t have to pay any extra fees so far if you use the wallet for your payments. But here, too, it always depends on the respective provider, so always check the payment page for more information.

Your deposits are always offset immediately at a bookmaker with Apple Pay. With a betting provider, however, payouts usually have to be made using an alternative payment method. So far, Apple Pay has been offered less for withdrawals by bookmakers. SkyBet is an exception, for example, where you can have your winnings paid out to your wallet. How much time an Apple Pay withdrawal takes then depends on how long the processing by the bookmaker takes and whether you have already verified your betting account before your first withdrawal.

Can I withdraw winnings with Apple Pay?

As a rule, online bookmakers who already offer Apple Pay as a payment method cannot currently pay out. Exceptions are, for example, providers such as SkyBet and 888sport. Here, a profit can also be paid out to the respective Apple Pay Wallet. With other providers, however, you will have to access alternative payment methods. If Apple Pay is available for withdrawals, simply select the payment service in the checkout area and enter the desired amount of money. Then confirm the transaction and your payment will be processed by the provider.

As soon as the processing by the betting provider is completed, the money will be transferred to your wallet. Also remember to verify your betting account before your first withdrawal, otherwise there may be further delays.

Can I use Apple Pay Sports Betting Without an iOS Device?

Apple Pay is a special payment service from the US company Apple, which is why it is only intended for iOS users. The following devices are compatible with Apple Pay: iPhone models with Face and Touch ID, iPad models with Touch and Face ID, Apple Watch and Mac models with Touch ID. Android or Windows Phone users must then use other payment services such as PayPal or the like. Google does not currently offer such a payment service as Apple Pay for Android.

Apple Pay sports betting alternatives

Since Apple Pay is still a rarity in the payment portfolio of online bookmakers and cannot always be paid out with it, you have to resort to other payment methods from time to time. This includes, for example, payment services such as PayPal, credit card, Paysafecard or instant transfer. We will briefly present the best alternatives below.

E-wallets (e.g. PayPal)

PayPal is one of the popular e-wallets on the market. To do this, you have to register with PayPal and you can also download the associated app for mobile payments. You can also make PayPal sports betting payments via the browser without an app. A deposit or withdrawal works particularly quickly and transactions between individual PayPal accounts are also possible. However, PayPal is also not available from all sports betting providers, but currently more often than the Apple Wallet. Bookmakers generally do not charge fees for payments with PayPal, but it depends on the provider. If you then deposit via PayPal, you will be redirected to your wallet and must first log in there and then confirm the transaction. Payments can also be made to the wallet. Bitcoin sports betting is also becoming increasingly popular.

Credit Cards (e.g. VISA & MasterCard)

Credit card payments are still very popular. To do this, you must always enter the corresponding credit card details with the bookmaker, but payments can also be made to your credit card. Deposits are settled directly, while withdrawals can take a few days to get the money. Also make sure that your credit card company charges fees. In addition, individual bookmakers can also charge extra fees, but mostly transactions are free of charge.


The Paysafecard is a debit card. You can purchase these online and offline for certain amounts of money. And now the Paysafecard can also be used like the well-known e-wallets. The cards you have purchased are stored in your Paysafecard account, which means that payments can also be made via Paysafecard. It is also more the rule here that no additional fees are charged. Payouts, however, are rarely possible with online sports betting providers using a Paysafecard.

Instant Bank Transfer

Instant transfers can be carried out via a wide range of services. There are providers such as SOFORT, Klarna, Giropay or Trustly. With all these providers, payments can be made using an online banking account. You will be forwarded from the betting provider to the relevant provider and must log in there with your banking account data. Then you have to confirm the payment with a TAN number and the money is already available in the betting account. With Trustly you can even pay out in some cases, otherwise payments are always made via bank transfer to the same bank account.

3 Tips & Tricks for Apple Pay Sports Betting

Tip 1: Use Touch & Face ID for secure Apple Pay sports betting payments

The big advantage of Apple Pay is that your payments are secured by Face or Touch ID. For example, it is absolutely not possible for other people to simply pay with their wallet should they lose their smartphone or iPad, for example. It is possible to issue these security measures for Apple Pay and alternatively to set a code. However, for the highest possible security, you should prefer to use Touch or Face ID. In any case, leave these settings unchanged.

Tip 2: Store up to 12 cards

In order to use Apple Pay for payments, you must deposit a card for payments as mentioned. It is possible to save up to 12 cards at the same time on newer iOS devices. So if you use different credit cards or debit cards for payments at several sports betting providers, for example, or simply want to switch between different cards, it makes sense to use Apple Pay. There you can save all cards centrally so that you don’t have to enter new credit card details with a provider every time. This gives you a better overview of your cards.

Tip 3: Pay attention to money management

Since you can deposit so many cards at the same time, it can get a bit confusing with Money Management and suddenly you have spent a lot more money than you wanted with many cards. So always set limits that you don’t want to exceed. Your deposited credit cards will usually already have limits, but with several deposited cards it can still happen that you lose track and spend a lot of money with different cards. It is best to always write down directly what expenses you have made with the respective cards. With the sports betting providers themselves, you can also set daily, weekly or monthly limits for deposits.

FAQ: the most common questions & answers about Apple Pay sports betting

❓ Which Apple Pay betting providers are there?

So far, the selection of providers that offer Apple Pay is still limited. The payment service has only been available in Germany since the end of 2018, but gradually more providers are adding the wallet to their portfolio. For example, you can already find the wallet at SkyBet, 888sport or bwin.

🙋 Are Apple Pay Sports Betting Safe?

Payments with Apple Pay are very secure. On the one hand, every transaction is secured with a face or touch ID (or alternatively with a code), so that unauthorized persons cannot simply make payments with your wallet. Furthermore, no card data is passed on in any way, which also offers very good data protection.

💶 Is there a special Apple Pay sports betting bonus?

There is no special Apple Pay sports betting bonus, but you can access the welcome bonus and all other bonus offers from one provider as usual. But always check the bonus terms to be sure that your payment method is not excluded.

❓ Can I withdraw from the Apple Pay app?

Yes, Apple Pay can also be used to withdraw money from online sports betting bookmakers. It depends on whether the respective provider also offers this option. With SkyBet or 888sport, for example, it is already possible to make an Apple Pay payment. With other bookmakers, however, you can only deposit with the wallet.

🙋 How do I pay with Apple Pay via NFC?

If an NFC-compatible device is available in a shop, you just have to hold your smartphone to this terminal. The radio connection ensures that you have to unlock the display (touch / face ID) to confirm the payment.

Apple Pay Sports Betting Conclusion

Apple Pay is a young payment service that has already shown how good it can be. Payments can be made via iOS devices such as iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and also via the MacBook. Conveniently, up to 12 credit cards (including debit and prepaid cards) can be deposited for payments as well as tickets such as admission tickets, plane tickets, train tickets and the like. With the wallet you always have a perfect overview. Even if the payment service is not yet to be found at too many sports betting providers, it will certainly be more and more represented in the future.

Deposits and withdrawals can be made quickly and easily and also outside of online bookmakers can be used to pay at numerous online shops, but also offline. The only disadvantage is that the service is only available for iOS users. So if you don’t already have an Apple device, you might want to think about it in the future in order to benefit from the many advantages of the best betting providers with Apple Pay.

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