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Best Google Pay Betting Sites 2020

Betting sites on the rise with Google Pay? The online segment in particular lives from the fact that new payment service providers are appearing that make transferring money even easier, faster and more secure. Sports betting fans get their money’s worth, because nobody has time to wait for the betting balance. One of the new payment service providers is Google Pay. The service is still rather unknown and we wonder why? Is it possible to pay online bookmakers in Europe an world with Google Pay? We are now pursuing this question in the course of our guide.

Betting Sites with Google Pay: Fast Payment Like in a Betting Shop!

If we compare betting online with filling out a betting slip in the betting shop, there are clear differences. Online you usually get better odds and a wider choice of betting options. And mostly a bonus! Offline the odds are usually a bit worse and you do not use bonus credits. Payments in the betting shop are made immediately and in cash. Before fast payment methods, we usually had to wait online for a while before the winnings were paid out to us. Thanks to PayPal or Trustly, who carry out the money transfer immediately, this has changed again. Fast & secure methods make payments online just as quickly as in the betting shop. One of the newest service providers is Google Pay.

Google Pay is provided by Google and is a payment interface that can be used with smartphones or tablets. To be able to use the service, you need a credit card and you have to enter its details. You can make contactless and cashless payments with your smartphone at any time, provided the service is offered in offline shops. Payment is also carried out online using a smartphone or tablet. The advantages of this method are its speed and security. So far there are no bookmakers or betting sites with Google Pay. However, we assume that this is only a matter of time, because Apple is already represented in some casino portals such as the 888 Casino with its Apple Pay, and Google generally does not want to be inferior to its competitor. We now introduce you to the advantages of the payment service for you.

Google and real money betting

Google has always had a very clear opinion about real money games of chance or real money sports betting in recent years. In the meantime, the attitude of the provider seems to have changed, but the changes are very slow. For example, Google recently launched the first games of chance in the Google Play Store. Google was more or less forced to rethink by its competitor Apple, which has been offering real money gambling in its app store for a long time. To prevent fraud, Apple only supports real money apps if they are offered by a large provider that has a valid gaming license and operates a sports betting portal or online casino.

Bookmakers with Google Pay: These advantages await us with the new payment method

Now we want to summarize again what advantages we have if we could pay with bookmakers with Google Pay.

  • Maximum security: Since the smartphone is usually secured with a pin, fingerprint or face ID, abuse is prevented in the event of loss and the Google Pay app cannot be used by third parties.
  • Credit card details are not saved by third parties: Your credit card details are stored in the Google Pay app and are therefore available to Google. If you have ever bought an app in the store, this data is probably already stored anyway. If you pay for a product with Google Pay, the data will not be passed on. It looks different if you buy something directly with a credit card online or offline. Misuse is thus prevented again.
  • Fast Payments: Google Pay is a service that makes transactions in a matter of seconds. So you don’t have to spend a lot of time and don’t waste time.
  • Maximum convenience: comfortably take your mobile phone on the sofa, add a product to the shopping cart and pay with Google Pay and fingerprint. It could hardly be faster and more convenient.

How Google Pay Outperforms its Competitors

Google Pay is doing exceptionally well when it comes to costs and fees. Unlike some other payment service providers, Google Pay does not incur any additional fees for you. In addition, it means that there may be fees for credit card payments, which are linked to G Pay. How high these fees are varies from credit card institution to credit card institution. Even though G Pay is free for you, Google is not quite as unselfish as it seems at first glance. The service provider gets a small percentage of the fees that the credit card company takes from you and thus finances its service.

This is exactly the reason why Google Pay or Apple Pay are not popular in Germany and the advance is very slow. And that’s why the offer of betting sites with Google Pay takes a little. The credit card institutes in this country naturally do not want to share and give up some of their fees and thus refuse to cooperate. Therefore, the first negotiations started in 2018, while the payment service has long been available in other countries.

Google Pay vs. Trustly vs. Apple Pay

Google Pay is not the only service provider that only processes payments via smartphone. Zimpler has also come out big lately. With this service, the account, in which the credit card number or bank details must also be stored, is linked to the mobile phone number and payments are confirmed using an SMS code.

Another payment method is the Paysafecard. For a time, dubious offers were made here in which credit was made available for paid calls. We strongly advise against this offer as the charges for the call can become excessive. You should buy a credit card at the nearest petrol station or kiosk.

Instead, Trustly is a really good alternative. Deposits and withdrawals are quick and easy with this service provider. The interface in this case is the immediate transfer, so that deposits are made immediately, withdrawals (flash transfer) usually take up to 10 minutes. This makes sports betting much more fun when the money ends up in your own account without a long wait.

iPhone owners use the counterpart to Google Pay, namely Apple Pay. It is the exactly identical service under a different name, so that Apple Pay Google Pay is in no way inferior in terms of speed, security and payment process. The only difference: There are already some casinos, such as the 888 offer, that can be used to deposit with Apple Pay. So it’s definitely time for Google to follow suit.

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