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“Do we want to bet?” This question has been voiced or thrown at everyone many times. It is human nature to get excited about the possible outcome of situations. The ambition to insist on one’s own opinion meets the play instinct from childhood. In addition to the personal exchange of blows, the sport offers excellent opportunities to place a bet. In the sporty version, there is also the factor X, which determines the result. This is difficult to calculate in advance, which in turn brings enormous tension into play. This thrill has long since become socially acceptable and is lived out in betting shops, online through internet betting or at game shows on TV, depending on your taste. It wasn’t always that easy, although the bet itself has been around for as long as mankind.

The history of sports betting

Betting has been around since sports competitions. The possible outcome of the most varied of disciplines has always fascinated people. Even in ancient times, the Olympic Games, which took place in the sacred grove of Olympia in summer, offered opportunities for betting. As historians found, there was an Olympiad every four years between 880 BC and 393 AD, and the people, with the prospect of fame and fortune, mostly put all their possessions in the victory of a competitor. The fascination of sports betting continues through history. Whether chariot races or gladiator fights, the Romans loved the kick of the competition. The Romans were not alone in this. Horse racing developed in England in the 18th century, which first gave the opportunity to give up a wide range of sports betting options. In addition to the winning horse, it was also possible to bet on certain exits. The whole thing also had a nice side effect, because the major events could be financed by the income from the missions and thus grow. The competition fever was sparked and is spreading rapidly in Europe. In 1810, a horse race was held in Germany for the first time based on the British model.

With football becoming increasingly popular, football betting was finally born in the 19th century . As a game that fascinates so many people and the end result of which can be so unpredictable, that was only a logical consequence. No wonder the English launched the first football bet in 1921. After the Second World War, Germany went with “Toto”, also known as the 911 bet. In the state-organized bet, it was possible to speculate on the sporting outcome of the team on the pitch and at the same time the German sport should be supported with the income.

First betting shops, the birth of bookmakers and the beginning of a new era

In England, betting was still illegal until the mid-19th century. So there was no place for the so-called bookmakers. The turning point came in 1853, although the official legalization of the bookies was still a long way off. The first bookmakers came on the market. Ladbrokes is one of the best known companies that is still doing well today. The traditional bookie has existed since 1886 and initially had horse races on offer, later Ladbrokes expanded the range and also offered dog races. The crazy British invested around five percent of their salary in sports betting. The path of professional betting was unstoppable and more and more bookmakers were opening up on the island. The still active bookie William Hill opened his first betting shop in 1934.

The big boom spilled from the island to all of Europe. In contrast to today, where you can place an internet bet at any time with a click, the way was much more difficult. The bookmakers had to send the betting slips and odds to their customers by mail. The German Bookie Intertops is the best known example. Founded in England in 1983, the German-speaking bookmaker moved to Salzburg in 1893. In 1996, Intertops revolutionized its range and was the first in the world to have online sports betting in its portfolio. Internet betting heralded a new era. Thanks to the Internet, bets could be placed quickly, conveniently and at any time from home. At the turn of the millennium, bookies flooded the industry with internet bets on offer. On their websites, they lured their customers with a wide range of betting tips, thereby also expanding their reach. Thanks to the internet bet, a completely new market with almost inexhaustible potential was sent. Nowadays, business continues to thrive, which is particularly evident in the evolution of live betting. In addition, all bookmakers offer their own app.

Betting online vs. Offline

What used to be the way to the betting office is no longer necessary today. Betting fans can place their tips conveniently at home on the couch or on the go via smartphone . More and more players are switching from betting shops to internet betting – but why is that? Is it pure convenience or is there more to it? We have listed the differences:

The offer

While the individual betting offices often only have a few leagues or special bets on offer and are often prescribed to individual bookies, the selection of internet bets is almost limitless. Online betting fans can bet on just about any sporting event imaginable. With the software, events can be reacted to more quickly online, and the appropriate odds are displayed at a rapid pace. Especially tips on spontaneous developments, from which live betting is becoming increasingly popular, are possible. Since access to the Internet is unlimited, the entire range of offers cannot be topped. In football, there are so many leagues available online to place an internet bet that you haven’t even heard of in most betting shops.

Bonuses and other extras

When it comes to internet betting, it is common practice to attract customers with attractive starter kits. With the so-called deposit bonus (e.g. 100 percent up to 100 euros), betting fans get a generous amount of starting capital and can start right away. So the players can wonderfully acclimatize to the bookie, thoroughly explore the range and develop their own betting strategy. Not only new customers benefit from such bonuses, bookmakers can also come up with great promotions online for existing customers. You won’t find any such offers in the betting shop. On the contrary, there are sometimes start-up costs, such as the registration fee (Oddset).

The odds

Another big advantage that the Internet bet brings with it is the odds comparison. Instead of visiting every single bookmaker individually, the network offers numerous pages that provide betting fans with the best possible odds for every desired event in seconds. Due to the competition, it often happens that internet betting offers better odds than the betting shops. A comprehensive comparison of odds is usually moderate to impossible in betting shops. Or it would mean going to multiple venues. No wonder that internet betting is becoming increasingly popular. Who wants to walk around for hours when you can get the most promising odds anytime, anywhere with one click?

Surebets – the safe option

Betting with the prospect of not losing your bet? So-called surebets promise what sounds like a dream. You bet on the live victory of the underdog and finally this is in front and you want to be on the safe side to place an additional win / draw bet on the other team. This would be unthinkable in the betting office, since it would mean the guaranteed loss of the betting site. With internet betting, however, this is not a problem. Online you simply switch to another bookmaker and you can secure yourself immediately.

Limit betting

In contrast to betting shops, which are suspicious for larger amounts, it is much easier for you to bet several thousand euros on a result with internet betting. However, caution is required here. It is best to read the small print in advance, because you are often downgraded after a few big wins and only a maximum of 100 euros are paid out.

Conclusion: Internet betting cannot be beaten

If you can do without the special and inimitable atmosphere that prevails in the betting shop, there is actually no reason to go there nowadays. Internet betting is rightly on the rise and offers a larger range at better odds. With sure bets and bonuses, betting fans can get started carelessly and in large sums, anytime, anywhere.

FAQ on internet betting

Are internet bets safe?

Of course, it all depends on where you place them. To be able to offer bets legally in Germany, every bookmaker needs a license. These are awarded by different institutions. 
Many betting providers have their license from the Malta Gaming Commission or from Gibraltar. 
But there are many other governments that issue gaming licenses, the only thing that is important is that everything is done correctly. Just because a bookmaker gives a license number does not mean that it exists at all. It is best to check for yourself whether the right provider is hidden behind the license number.

What are the advantages of internet betting?

Internet betting has the great advantage that you can place it anytime and anywhere. 
No matter whether you are lying on the couch at home or driving to work on the bus, you can place bets from your smartphone at any time. In addition, you always get the latest odds, of course. So you no longer have to go to the betting shop and quickly get a ticket, but can take your tips at home in peace.

What are the disadvantages of internet betting compared to betting shops?

Actually, they have only one disadvantage – and that is hardly significant. The payment process at a betting agency is of course more direct. You hand in your banknote and receive your winnings. With internet betting, you must first verify your account before a withdrawal is possible. luckily, you only have to go through this process once. Once your account is verified, you can make withdrawals in just a few clicks. In contrast to the betting office, you will of course not get any cash, but will get your credit transferred to your betting account, PayPal account or similar.

How do I verify my internet betting account?

The verification process may vary in small details from bookmaker to bookmaker, but they are all subject to the same legal requirements. The betting site is obliged to ensure that you are actually the person who places the bets. Therefore, they require a photo of your identity card or your passport and a power bill or the like, which contains your address, for verification.

Can everyone place internet bets?

No. As in the betting shop, betting on the Internet is only permitted for adults and that’s a good thing. After all, betting can also become an addiction. Should you be a minor as a finger away from sports betting!

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