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Best Live Betting Sites 2020

Do you not only want to place sports bets, but also watch matches live? Then live betting is perfect. But which bookmaker has the best live betting offer for you? We’ll tell you! On this page you will find the best live betting sites that have made a name for themselves in the area of ​​live betting.

It is important to convince in various criteria. The most important thing is the selection of live bets that are made available by the respective site. The more different sports and games you have to choose from, the better for you. The betting odds also play a major role in live betting and have been heavily included in the sports betting test.

Shortly after the turn of the year 2000, there were already the first sports betting sites to explore the live betting market. Not only was a completely new idea born, it was also immediately implemented. In this way, the portfolio of online bookmakers could be expanded with attractive new options that offer plenty of variety, especially for sports betting users.

Betting tips can therefore no longer only be given before a game, but also during it. That increases the excitement, the fun and ultimately the feeling of sports betting.

But many other bookmakers – especially the largest in the industry – have already jumped on this important train and offer a wide portfolio of sports betting. Many bookmakers surpass themselves in their offers and the technical finesse with which live betting is realized. A sports betting provider that has no live bets up its sleeve is missing a great opportunity.

In order to evaluate the various live betting offers, we have developed appropriate criteria that are particularly important to you. In this way we can offer a best comparison that takes into account the quality, the offer and other criteria of the bookmakers.

Live betting test – our criteria

In general, when evaluating a sports betting site, it is always important that not only the general offer is important, but also the appropriate presentation of the possibilities. So when it comes to live betting, we focused on the following key questions:

  • Which betting program is offered by this site?
  • What is the betting size in combination with the time factor?
  • What betting options are available for real time betting?

Special factors in live sports betting

There are things that are particularly important when it comes to live betting in the sports betting business. In the test, we therefore focused primarily on these special requirements so that the individual peculiarities are taken into account.

  • the time pressure in live betting
  • the intensity of the experience
  • the decisions and information that are very fast moving
  • especially quick reactions to events
  • a quick exit of bets
  • a wide range of bets – seven days a week and 24 hours a day
  • Provision of information that must be as up to date as possible
  • intuitive and simple operation for users

Apart from that, we also looked at the odds in our analysis – these, of course, should not be missing from a live betting test. What about odds levels with live betting from this site? How are the quotas handled when time becomes critical?

The offered betting program of live betting

The first and most important point in live betting is the offer of the bookmaker. This decisively decides how lucrative a registration would be. Due to the fact that we can track and receive information about all types of sports from anywhere and at any time, a lot helps that the portfolio of the betting providers should also be correspondingly extensive.

Not only professional games are relevant for sports betting users, but generally all games that could be of fundamental interest. Good sports betting sites therefore ensure that their own offer is very varied and diverse – especially in the live area!

It is therefore important to us in the test that the selected sports betting bookmakers have a few live bets on offer almost at all times. This is almost always possible due to the time differences and is simply a good quality feature. Football games usually dominate in this case, but tennis and other ball games are also very popular with sports betting users. These sectors in particular should therefore be expanded accordingly in order to count among the best live sports betting sites.

In our comparison of sites, we therefore pay attention to, among other things

  • the live events offered per day
  • the different sports for which live betting is possible
  • the different tournaments and games in the performance classes and leagues

Of course, the range of live bets fluctuates very strongly – this is due to the real-time factor and is completely normal. Especially when it is not just about football and tennis, smaller events in particular cannot always be included in the betting offer.

Extra points:  An online bookmaker who not only picks the best games, but also has a large range of live bets in store, provides extra points. Sites who do not offer any restrictions in terms of pre-match betting or in-play tips are also rated particularly well.

The betting options for live betting

The exciting thing about live betting is the fact that you can not only place classic pre-match bets as is otherwise the case, but that there are many more options for you.

The background:  Even before the game starts, you can only place sports bets on “fixed elements”. On the other hand, when it comes to live betting, the betting sites are much more flexible and can deal with the situations in the game and offer new betting options that were not previously considered.

With a good site of live sports betting, it is therefore important that not only many sports and games are offered, but also betting options. For example, the site William Hill often has more than 50 betting options on offer in the past, even for simple friendly games without meaning.

The standard variants should therefore be available from all sites of live betting, but a good bookmaker also offers a much larger portfolio of options. This is the only way to ensure that the players enjoy a lot of variety. There are extra points in our test for those providers who offer a particularly large variety.

The live betting odds offer

The next factor in the live betting test is the odds offered by online bookmakers. Live betting alone is already exciting and full of thrills. You often have to decide for or against a tip in a matter of seconds or minutes and keep a cool head despite the time pressure.

With this time pressure, you don’t want to have to worry much about odds, so they should always be fine with a good live betting site. We included the following factors in our rating:

  • The quality of the betting odds:  This is primarily the payout key, as this value provides information about how much profit remains with the bookmaker and how much ends up with the player. A higher payout key is therefore rated better. The best sports betting sites have a payout key of 95 or even 96 percent.
  • The odds variation:  Of course, the odds for live games are not the same for all games, leagues and days. The type of sport, the performance class and other factors must always be taken into account. Nevertheless, the drop in quotas should not be too great if the level of performance drops – for this reason, we also address this factor in the quota test and rate stability overall better.
  • Current information:  Live betting is really fast-paced, which is also a challenge for the sports betting site. In seconds, new information in the game has to be reacted to and new possibilities have to be provided. In our test, we therefore also address the question of how well this provision works and how confidently the fast pace of live betting is dealt with. Most of the time, the changes that are being made to odds or opportunities are indicated by symbols or colors, so that players can see in real time that the bookmaker’s team is making updates.

The online bookmaker’s live betting service

The best betting offer and the best odds are only really worthwhile if you choose a betting site that also offers good service. A bookmaker on the Internet should always work in a customer-oriented and friendly manner.

With real-time betting in particular, you simply don’t have time to search for offers or information and to browse a provider’s website. It is therefore better that the service is so well structured from the start that you can get to your destination quickly and easily.

This can be the easy finding of information, but also the good handling and usability of the offer. The service is generally divided into five different points:

  1. an event overview with a calendar look
  2. different display options
  3. additional information through statistics and live scores
  4. Broadcasts through live images and video streams
  5. easy placing of bets and good usability

Important:  The live betting offer should also be easy to handle on the go. Many sites enable mobile users to take advantage of the entire live betting portfolio on the go. The developers are adapting to the smaller devices and changing both menu navigation and operation – this ensures that the live betting experience remains relaxed on the smartphone and tablet.

Point 1 – the calendar

When it comes to real-time betting, many good bookmakers have a wide range of offers – this applies to sports and various games and leagues. In order not to lose the overview, overviews of events are the best means of choice. Most betting sites rely on a professional calendar, which often provides information about the relevant betting options days before an event.

Such calendars are particularly suitable if they not only present events for the next 24 hours and also allow filtering. A search function can also make sense with the large number of tournaments in order to guide users quickly and effectively to the right result. Bookmakers therefore perform better in the test if they offer a well-designed calendar that is peppered with extra information (e.g. live images).

Point 2 – the representations

Sports betting users receive an overview of the upcoming events in the calendar. But what about the current bets? You also need an overview of this to keep an eye on everything that is of interest to you.

These representations are implemented very differently by the bookmakers. If you want to be absolutely sure that the design and the type of presentation meet the taste of the user, you can easily make individual setting options. This allows the sports betting players to decide which view is most efficient for their own betting experience.

The offered views themselves differ depending on the need. The following display types are often included:

  • Calendar:  In this calendar view, the individual games are sorted by their date and time.
  • Events:  Here users can find an overview (usually in the form of a list) of the live events that are currently taking place.
  • Individual:  Would you like to take a closer look at a single event? Then the single option with all betting information is the best choice.
  • Multi: In  this view, select several live events and have the information and betting options displayed in parallel.

A good bookmaker also has a search function ready for the user, since this means that you can find a specific event even faster. Personalized views are also partially offered by the companies, so that users can decide even more individually which views they prefer. The named views can be saved by default after registration and do not have to be changed every time you log in. This also saves time again! However, while using the bookmaker page, you can always choose to change the view for certain situations, despite a default.

Point 3 – the additional information

For a betting fan, a good information base is the be-all and end-all. Especially with live bets, the information can decide about your own betting outcome. Betting sites have also recognized this essential importance and continue to expand their range of information.

Every good bookmaker therefore not only offers live bets, but also has the appropriate tools up your sleeve that can help you make a bet. This can be live images at some events, animations, statistics and also a live ticker that reports on the latest information about the game.

The types of presentation of this flood of information are very different among bookmakers. Some sites present the information in the live betting center and use different channels for this. It is important that the large amount of information is clearly and conveniently prepared and presented. This is the only way to ensure that you can find the information you need at any time and, above all, quickly. Small seconds in the real money betting business can help ensure that a chance for a bet is missed or unfortunately missed.

A little tip:  If you don’t have activated loudspeakers by default, you should turn on the sound at the bookmaker of your choice. Some sports betting sites offer not only visual information for users, but also auditory signals. Especially if you want to follow many different events in parallel and keep an overview, audio signals (e.g. for goals scored) are worth their weight in gold.

Point 4 – the transfers

If you are not watching a game yourself on site or via live stream, there is another way to be at least as well informed as possible: live images. Of course, live scores and up-to-date statistics on the game also play an important role, but live images give you a particularly intense impression of what is going on.

Especially for games that are very much in the interest of users, but are not broadcast on TV, live images are a perfect opportunity to still be visually informed. Big events are usually always on TV, but live images from sports betting sites are useful for games that are not broadcast on TV.

This is another service for bookmakers to assert themselves against the equally strong competition in live betting. For really good bookies, live images are also indispensable because they represent an essential service in the overall package of live bets.

Internet live streaming – you should know that

The term “stream” comes from English, but has meanwhile become Germanized and is used as a synonym for Internet videos. TV stations also offer streams in their own media libraries. This gives users the opportunity to watch videos from previous transmissions or even real-time transmissions on the Internet. Consumption is possible via a stand PC, laptop, television sets (which have Internet access) and of course all types of mobile devices (e.g. smartphones and tablets).

However, the trend of internet transmissions is not only evident in the sports sector. Movies and series in particular are streamed by users. Statistics show that in 2015 more than a quarter of the entire population in Germany used internet streaming services.

What is primarily used for entertainment in films and series has become indispensable in the sports betting business. Sports betting users must and always want to be informed and get an idea of ​​the situations and events that are taking place on the pitch.

With a live stream, the desire for regularly new information from users is satisfied. For a good betting site, such an offer is definitely a part of it, even though the live streams offered  vary considerably from bookmaker to bookmaker  .

Therefore, whether a user decides for or against a certain real-time bet depends largely on whether and which streams and live images are offered by the bookmaker. The latter can therefore guide the decision in part so that events are assigned certain priorities.

Most of the sites also offer the live streams and live images only to users who are also registered with the bookmaker and have an active betting account. Simply registering, but otherwise being inactive, is therefore often not enough – the user must also place bets at certain intervals or have a certain balance on the betting account in order to be activated for the extra repertoire of information.

Point 5 – handling and placing bets

No matter what the offer is about on the Internet, the customer service of a provider should always be excellent . This is no different with betting sites, so we will also focus on this point in the test. The customer friendliness of a bookmaker is not only evident in personal contact, but also in the betting itself.

Especially with live bets, bets should be placed in real time or without major delays . The bookmaker should also avoid hurdles that are simply annoying and shouldn’t have to be. In a live bet in particular, seconds often determine a possible chance.

To speed up the placing of bets, some bookmakers therefore offer suitable options. In the betting slip, certain pre-settings are made at good betting providers, which only need to be minimally defined by the user (with the tip and stake).

It could be a default, however, that the odds changes are either accepted or not accepted on the betting slip – so a selection does not have to be made again.

If placing a bet is quick and easy and does not lead to complicated or annoying queries, this was rated positively in the live betting test.

Information about mobile bets: Since mobile devices, including tablets and smartphones, are now used almost everywhere, good mobile access to the bookmaker is just as important. Live bets are therefore not only frequently made on the PC, but more and more from mobile devices every day.

The trend continues, which is why bookmakers have to adapt their betting offer and the display and betting options even better to the small mobile devices. However, it is important to know that when testing the live betting sites we do not specifically address the mobile usability, but rather the general live betting offer and the other criteria mentioned. Not every sports betting user is interested in placing real-time mobile bets at the same time, so extra points would not be useful in this regard for an optimal and objective result.

Four extensive sections in the live betting test

Overall, we evaluate four different criteria in our comparison of the live betting sites, which, however, are divided into further subcategories. This ensures that we can carry out an objective and comprehensive assessment of the online bookmakers and ultimately present you with the best live betting offers.

  1. The range of live bets
  2. Betting options for live betting
  3. Live betting odds
  4. The service

The goal of a good betting site is to deliver a good sum or a good overall package. The betting selection of live bets should go both broad (sports) and deep (betting types and leagues). The betting odds also contribute a lot to a good bookmaker and should always be designed to be attractive to users. Other test criteria include good service, pleasant comfort on the side, as well as a large degree of clarity and range of information. Only in combination can a bookmaker really function as the best site, since one aspect alone is not enough to really satisfy sports betting users. If you choose a bookmaker, on the other hand, you want to enjoy full service and comfort.

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