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Live Betting

Live betting is one of the many innovations afforded by the rise of online bookmakers. Live betting allows you to gamble from the comfort of your home as you enjoy a match on your television. You could even make bet live from inside a stadium, via your mobile device, as you watch the team you support perform right in front of you. It is available for almost any sport imaginable – football, cricket, rugby and many others.

You can also watch live streams of games being played while live betting. The best live streaming service is on offer at Bet365 who stream a massive 30 000 games per month!

How does live betting work?

Live betting is a form of gaming that has reached enormous popularity now the industry has moved predominantly online. Utilising the rapid nature of the Internet whereby information can be passed across the world in milliseconds, live betting allows punters to place wagers on sports events as they happen. You do not have to place your bets prior to the beginning of the game; you can make them as the match is underway. It does not matter whether you are 10 minutes in, 30 minutes in, or 85 minutes in.

Because the betting is determined by events happening live, it provides players with a greater scope of things to gamble on. It is not just the overall result or who will score the first goal anymore; live betting can include everything from free kicks and corners to penalties. There will be dozens of opportunities to place a bet throughout the duration of a game.

The bets themselves are placed in the same ways as you normal would. Bookmakers will determine live odds on particular events as they, too, watch the match. You are then invited to bet on them if you predict the event will happen. If you are correct, you will win the money relative to the odds. It will appear in your account within a few hours. If you are incorrect, your money will go directly to the bookmakers.

However, the major difference with live betting is that the odds can adjust as the match transpires. They may fluctuate depending on the score line, injuries or overall performance of each team. Unlike other forms of betting where the odds will stay static for long periods of time, they change in real-time with live betting to accommodate for what is happening from second to second.

It can be an incredibly fun to bet live. It is urgent, action-packed and you can see the impact of every decision you make just moments after the bet is placed. It also offers unique betting opportunities you would not find elsewhere, from guessing a team will grab a late equaliser in stoppage time to estimating a defender will be sent off with a second yellow card.

What are the benefits of live betting?

A bookmaker’s odds prior to the beginning of a game are based only on the predicted form of a team, taking into account a number of factors such as recent results and player abilities. However, as the game is underway, a team’s true form will reveal itself. A side at the top of the league who the bookmaker thought would be strong, quick and organised might, for some reason, be having a bad day. The odds of them winning may dramatically decrease as the bookmakers witness their disappointing play on the field.

A major benefit of placing a bet live as opposed to making one before a game is that you can take advantage of these scenarios. You may still think this aforementioned side is capable of pulling off a win despite their lackluster performance, and with the odds now far better than they were before, the winnings you will receive if you are correct are much greater. Similarly, the odds on a new, young centre-forward scoring may be high prior to kick-off, but if you notice a great deal of promise in his opening few minutes on the pitch, you might want to put some money on him scoring. It makes the potential rewards from betting even greater than ever before.

What is the best strategy when you bet live?

The golden rule of live betting is, of course, to watch the match in sync with the real-life event. Although many people place live bets while they listen to a game on the radio, audio coverage does not allow you to take in everything that is happening on the pitch. You’re better off to watch the game from the television or through live streams online.

Bookmakers’ odds will, in part, be determined by other players’ trends throughout a match when they participate in a live bet. Those hoping to be successful in live betting should remember this and try to use it to their advantage. Live bettors are prone to react on one or two scoring major scoring chances, thinking the game will continue the same way. You should think about the events which lead into those scoring chances.

Were they personal mistakes by the defenders? Were they a result of a team playing a high defensive line and  being susceptible to pacey strikers? If the chances were a result of a random event such as a personal mistake or a tactical one of playing high defensive line, the latter will be more indicative of events to come. Tactical choices such as high line will result in more scoring chances on both sides of the pitch. Use this as your advantage in live betting.

Having resilience is one of the greatest assets to a successful live bet though. Without it, it can be easy to let your emotions cloud your judgement and end up chasing losses – especially in the excitement of a dramatic match. Coming up with a game plan and sticking to it will prove beneficial in the end.