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Pennsylvania is the largest sports betting US market in the world, and US punters are a big part of it. As such a huge market, there are several sportsbooks on the internet that cater to the United States. The most important things to consider when signing up are safety & security. Are your funds safe? Do they pay out big winners without a hassle? Are they financially secure? There are more sportsbooks that fall into the ‘no’ category than the ‘yes’ category, so we’re very picky about who we recommend.

At Betbubbles, we only recommend the best websites on the world wide web. The Pennsylvania sportsbooks listed on this site have the best reputations in the industry, and are some of the largest, most secure books in the world.

It’s also very important to shop around for the best prices and odds. Over the course of time and hundreds of bets, small advantages can amount to thousands of pounds in your pocket. If you take your sports betting seriously, register at several of the best online PA sportsbooks and compare odds before every bet.

Best Sports Betting PA on the Internet

To attract a large base of US customers, the sportsbooks offer more leagues & games for sports that US punters are interested in. They also offer more betting variety, live betting, live streaming video, and special promotions for these sports. Some of the special promotions might include free bets or bonuses exclusive to PA residents.

For PA punters who are mostly interested in football, cricket, rugby, Formula 1, tennis, EPGA golf, and PA horse racing, we recommend,,, and For popular US sports like NFL & NCAA football (American football), NBA & NCAA college basketball, MLB baseball, and NHL hockey, each of the sites mentioned above are solid choices. However, we also recommend for those sports because they’re a PA focused sportsbooks with an excellent variety of betting options.

How to Read the Odds

In the United States, most punters prefer fractional odds over decimal or American odds. At most online sports betting PA sites, punters can select how they want to view odds, but PA sites typically default to fractional. Fractional odds are simple because we learned them in grade school. Here’s how they work:

  • Manchester United: 1/2
  • Draw: 3/1
  • Manchester City: 6/1

Above is a typical 1X2 football bet, and Manchester United is the favourite. For every £2 wagered on them, £1 profit would be won (£3 total return). For Manchester City, every £1 wagered would return £6 in profit (£7 total return). If the match were to end in a draw, punters who bet the draw would receive £3 profit for every £1 wagered (£4 total return). So, the right side of the fraction shows us the wager amount, and the left side shows us the potential profit. The wager which pays the lowest profit is the favoured bet.

Live Sports Betting PA

One of the most exciting developments in Pennsylvania sports gambling on the net in recent years is the growth of live betting. PA Sportsbooks that offer it are constantly expanding their live betting options, and those who don’t are falling behind. This niche is growing very quickly, with sportsbook offering more sports, more games, and more betting markets all the time.

Live bets are prop bets that can be placed while a match is happening. For example, you could bet on the total number of runs scored by the next batsman in a cricket match, or who the next tryscorer will be in a rugby match. In football, you can bet on which player will be the next goalscorer, which team will be next to score, first or last player to score, which team or player will get the next penalty, and all sorts of other things. Pennsylvania Sportsbooks on the internet have become very creative, now offering dozens of different types of live bets for all of the most popular sports.

Punters can also wager on most of the same things as they can before a match, like final results of a match, totals, and handicaps. The difference is, the odds change as matches play out. When one team takes a lead, their odds become shorter. When the opposing team falls behind, their odds become greater. This can create some interesting wager opportunities for sharp punters.

Placing Wagers on Your Mobile Device

With the growing popularity of internet-enabled smartphones, more punters are wagering from their mobile phones than ever, in particular placing bets on your iPhone. To accommodate handicappers, most online sports betting pa sites have created versions of their betting software that are compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and other mobile devices. When you login to your account from your mobile device, the software automatically detects the device you’re using and gives you the appropriate version. Mobile software is typically lighter in weight as well, meaning that they load much faster than in the past. This makes it easier to view odds and place bets.

Combined with live betting, punters can place prop bets from their mobile phone while they watch the match from the stands. With the rapid growth of live betting, even the most boring games can be a lot of fun.

Is Making a Bet From Your Mobile Phone Safe?

We can’t speak for every PA Sports Betting online, but the most reputable Pennsylvania sites use the latest mobile encryption technology to secure all private information. Real money deposits and withdrawals are protected with the same technology. Before signing up to play, visit the mobile section of the bookmaker you’re interested in and look for information on the type of security they employ for making wagers on your mobile phone. Most websites post information about the type of anti-spyware and antivirus software they use on their servers, along with the type of encryption technology they use.

Remember, the most reputable PA betting sites want to keep their positive reputations intact, so they do everything they can to make sure their software is free of viruses, trojans, and spyware. We can’t give you a guarantee, but if you stick with the more respected PA sites in the industry, your mobile accounts should be perfectly safe. We bet on our own mobile devices every day.

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