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Online sports betting payment options

If you create an account with a reputable betting site and want to bet with it, you cannot avoid paying a certain amount into your player account first. But which method is the cheapest or most suitable for whom and offers maximum security? In the following article we want to give you a precise overview of the various sports betting payments and sports betting payment sitess to make your decision easier.

Sports betting payment providerDeposits and withdrawals possible?
Apple Pay sports bettingYes, but not with every provider
Bitcoin sports bettingYes
ecoPayz sports bettinYes
Giropay sports bettingDeposits only
MuchBetter sports bettingYes
Neteller sports bettingYes
PayPal sports bettingYes
Paysafecard sports bettingYes
Sepa sports bettingYes
Skrill sports bettingYes
Sports betting with a credit cardYes
Trustly sports bettingYes

Choosing a suitable bookmaker

Before you open an account with a sports betting site, you should get an overview of the possible payment methods that can be used with the respective sports betting site. Here the individual options and the sports betting payment sites offered vary. T. very strong. In any case, you should always make sure that the provider is certified. As a result, secure sports betting payments can be more or less guaranteed. In addition to the level of security for deposits and withdrawals, there are other factors that may be relevant to you. This includes, among other things, the speed of the respective processing, i.e. the time from initiating the deposit to making the money available in the personal betting account.

Keep an eye on accruing fees

There are also often small fees as soon as you make a deposit or withdrawal at your betting site. The fees for sports betting payments fall depending on the provider and the chosen payment method. U. very different. In some cases, this can result in very high additional costs for both depositing and later paying out the money you have won. However, you can keep these at a low level or even avoid them altogether by comparing the individual sports betting payment sites, their accepted means of payment and the fees charged before you open your personal account with one of them.

Pay attention to reputable sports betting payment sites

The selection of popular sports betting payment sites is now very large. Both the well-known industry giants such as PayPal and smaller financial institutions and service providers can be found among the offers, some of which have so far only been available in a few countries. In the following we will mainly introduce you to the largest and most important sports betting payment sites in this area. This should provide you with all the relevant information for deciding on a suitable sports betting payment site. Above all, we present the sports betting payments that are used most frequently by other customers and therefore enjoy the greatest popularity in Germany and neighboring countries and are the most popular among customers. In addition, we only want to introduce you to sports betting payments that are generally considered to be absolutely secure and have been evaluated by experts so that you always make the right choice here. Because especially when it comes to your money, you should be able to trust the presented sports betting payments that they are really serious and know how to handle your money responsibly.

The different sports betting payment sites in comparison

There are a large number of different sports betting payment sites today. It is not always easy to keep an eye on all advantages and disadvantages, as well as the individual conditions for your sports betting payments. Therefore, we first summarize the categories according to which you should choose a sports betting payment provider for deposits and withdrawals:

Security in sports betting payments via the individual payment sites

The most important criterion when deciding on a suitable sports betting payment provider is the security of the chosen payment method. This also includes data protection. It also depends on the data collected by the service site, which are used and saved in all sports betting payments. After all, it is always about particularly sensitive personal information. These must not fall into the wrong hands. All data that you transmit online to the respective provider should therefore only be transmitted and processed via specially secured servers and a well-encrypted connection. Outdated technologies can be a weak point. A reputable company that makes its money from financial transactions therefore only uses the latest protocols and encryption techniques. This is the case with the sports betting payment providers that we will introduce to you later in this article. Other payment methods should preferably not be used due to the possibly inadequate security for online sports betting payments. In general, you can also point out here that you should only choose betting providers with a valid license. 

Only then can you usually be confident that the sports betting payment providers offered there, with which the virtual bookmaker cooperates, have also been checked and classified as safe. Other payment methods should preferably not be used due to the possibly inadequate security for online sports betting payments. In general, you can also point out here that you should only choose betting providers with a valid license. Only then can you usually be confident that the sports betting payment providers offered there, with which the virtual bookmaker cooperates, have also been checked and classified as safe. Other payment methods should preferably not be used due to the possibly inadequate security for online sports betting payments. In general, you can also point out here that you should only choose betting providers with a valid license. Only then can you usually be confident that the sports betting payment providers offered there, with which the virtual bookmaker cooperates, have also been checked and classified as safe.

How fast do online sports betting deposits and withdrawals work?

Especially if you are interested in live games and in all likelihood want to bet on them regularly, it is important that the deposited money is available for playing as quickly as possible. In view of this, you should rely on a sports betting payment provider that processes the transactions immediately and without any significant time difference. Only then can you be sure that the amount sent is really available immediately. Of course, this is not possible with deposit methods for sports betting payments such as bank transfers. Depending on the bank, the classic transfer usually takes 1 to 2 working days. This is because a bank first manually checks every transaction that is initiated. If the provider of online sports betting is based abroad, this may delay the bank transfer. This somewhat antiquated variant of monetary transactions is therefore only for patient minds. On the other hand, if you want to place your bets quickly and without a long wait, it is better to choose a service provider for money transfers that specializes in online business.

Wait for your winnings to be paid out

By the way, slightly different rules apply in the case of payouts of the money you have won. Because as soon as you want the desired amount to be transferred, the requested payment is first checked carefully. With this, the provider of online sports betting wants to ensure that everything runs correctly. Delays of a few days are common in this procedure. However, this is not to be criticized for the providers of payments for sports betting. Rather, every reputable sports betting provider only confirms the required payment of your winnings after a precise manual check. You should keep this fact in mind if you need the money won or just want to have it at your disposal.

Deposit limits for sports betting payments

The individual sports betting payment providers also differ relatively clearly from one another with regard to the limits for deposits and withdrawals. As a rule, a minimum amount of 15 euros must be paid into the credit card. Deposits via PayPal, however, are usually possible with an amount of at least 5 euros. If you opt for a payout, most betting providers must request a payout of at least 10 euros. There is a simple reason that there are these minimum amounts for the individual deposits and withdrawals: after all, every transaction involves a certain amount of effort. This applies even if the processes are automated. Because of some cents, the payment would usually not be worth it.

Fees for sports betting payments

Different sports betting payment providers charge different amounts per transaction. That should also be taken into account when choosing the appropriate sports betting payments. As a rule, deposits via online transfer or with a special prepaid card are free. However, if you choose sports betting payment providers such as Sofortüberweisung or Giropay, you may incur a small fee. Payments with a credit card are usually also subject to fees. You can find out how much these additional costs for money transfer are from each online betting provider on the respective website. The individual payment methods and the fees charged are listed exactly there. The processing time that arises with every sports betting payment provider, is usually given here. Where exactly the table with the most important information about the methods for sports betting payments is located and how easy it is to find this overview depends on the design of the respective online offer.

Paysafecard sports betting

Sports betting payments can include: B. can be easily done with a prepaid card. These cards work exactly as known from a cell phone with a prepaid card. A well-known sports betting payment provider from this area is the Paysafecard. There is a certain amount of credit on the Paysafecard. You can purchase this virtual credit either online or in various local shops and then use the printed voucher code to make a deposit with the sports betting provider. If you choose to buy in a local store, you will receive the receipt with a 16-digit code, which you then enter when paying. The previously selected credit is then immediately available for your next assignments. If you buy the Paysafecard online, you will receive the code by email. In any case, paying with the Paysafecard and comparable prepaid offers is a relatively quick and very secure option. In addition, the Paysafecard is very suitable as a gift, since it basically corresponds to a voucher that you can then redeem when you want.

How exactly does the Paysafecard payment work?

In the deposit area of ​​the betting provider you have chosen, simply select the sports betting payment provider Paysafecard from the payment methods. Then you determine the desired amount for your deposit. This must correspond exactly to the value of the previously purchased Paysafecard. After that, all you have to do is enter the code printed on the card or received by email. After confirmation of the deposit, the amount is now fully available directly in your personal betting account. The advantage of this sports betting payment provider is clearly that you can make the deposit without having to provide any personal data or account details. So if you attach particular importance to security and the protection of your own data, this method is the best advice.

Disadvantages when using the Paysafecard

However, depositing with the Paysafecard also has a certain disadvantage. As a rule, the same systems with which the payment was made must be used for later payment of your winnings. In the event that you have only made anonymous deposits with the Paysafecard so far, it is difficult to withdraw. This payment method only works in one direction. So if you don’t expect to lose all your bets with your online sports betting provider, you have to submit your data. Because without the verification of your bank account, a reputable sports betting provider will hardly be able to pay out the desired amount.

The different transfer methods

Sports betting payments can also be made in a number of ways. The individual variants again have individual advantages and disadvantages, which we will introduce to you below:

The classic bank transfer

This type of sports betting payment is usually only used by casual gamers. You will be shown a bank account if you choose this deposit method and then transfer the desired amount there, stating your player account number. You can make the transfer online if you have access to online banking at your bank. Even today, this is not the case with every checking account. Those who have not yet registered for it can also make the money at the ATM for transfers or at the bank counter. With this well-known type of money transfer, it may take a long time until the receipt of the transfer has been registered and credited to your customer account. As a rule, this is 2 to 5 days. Weekends and public holidays cause additional delays. With some providers it can even take up to 10 days until the money is finally available for betting. The clear disadvantage with this type of deposit is the very long waiting time until the money has arrived.

Slowly but surely

Nevertheless, the deposit via classic bank transfer is still offered by almost all bookmakers on the Internet. The reason is very clear, because it is still a procedure with the highest standards when it comes to the security of the transaction. No data can be fished out here by criminals who could be doing nonsense with it. Furthermore, this payment method is also suitable for all those who cannot yet work with newer methods or are simply afraid of it. If you have no problem with the fact that the waiting time can be quite long, traditional bank transfer is also well advised for online sports betting payments. Another disadvantage is that many bookmakers have no information that the money has actually been received.

Transfer by voucher

Some providers of online betting also offer a payment slip as a special service. This already contains all the data that are necessary for the transfer. So you no longer have to enter them yourself and can simply hand in the transfer to your bank. In many cases, you can also print out the payment slip yourself and then arrange for the transfer to the account of the sports betting provider at your bank counter. The same bank details can then be used for all your payments. It should be noted, however, that the number of withdrawals that can be made without a fee is often limited. Therefore, you should rather have a higher sum paid out at somewhat larger intervals.

Deposits via instant transfer

The sports betting payment provider Sofortüberweisung also enables a transfer. However, this works somewhat differently than is the case with classic bank transfers. In contrast, the desired amount is transferred immediately – as the name suggests – with this procedure. The long waiting times of several days are therefore eliminated. The prerequisite for paying via Sofortüberweisung is that you must have online banking access and that your bank works together with the sports betting payment provider Sofortüberweisung. You can only deposit money in this way if your account also has the desired amount or a corresponding overdraft facility is granted. The provider checks this in real time so that no mistakes can happen.

Advantages and disadvantages of instant transfer

So you log into your bank account via the sports betting payment provider. This is also the main disadvantage of this option. You are sharing your personal data with a third party. As a result, the risk of hacker attacks is slightly higher than with classic transfers. The biggest advantage can be seen in the fact that the sports betting payments are processed directly by direct transfer and are therefore quickly available. There are usually no fees for both deposits and withdrawals, which is also a not inconsiderable advantage for you as a customer.

The sports betting payment provider Giropay

Sports betting payments can also be made via the transfer provider Giropay. In principle, this works like instant transfer. Giropay can also shine with the same advantages. So there are no fees and the transaction usually runs very quickly. There is no longer a long wait with this type of deposit until you can bet with your money. Giropay carries out the transfers directly from your account.

This is how payment via Giropay works

If you choose the payment method using Giropay, enter your online banking data in the mask of the sports betting payment provider and log in to the customer area of ​​your bank. The desired amount is then determined using the security procedure commonly used at your bank, e.g. B. Mobile Tan, transferred to the online sports betting provider. Here, too, the risk that data can be spied on is slightly higher than with classic transfers. There is also a disadvantage that the sports betting payment provider Giropay does not directly check whether the amount to be transferred is also available on the account. As a result, it can easily happen that you unwittingly overdraw your account without realizing it immediately. This usually results in very high interest rates that your financial institution charges for the overdraft facility. By the way, Giropay is the only deposit provider where this can happen. You should take this into account when choosing the most suitable sports betting payment provider for you. Another disadvantage: In contrast to the deposit, your withdrawals cannot be processed via Giropay. So you can’t avoid choosing an alternative as soon as the payment is made.

Sports betting payments via credit card

Basically, it is possible to deposit with betting providers with a credit card, but you have to consider which credit card providers the respective bookmaker works with. The selection is very large. Therefore, the offer must match your credit card. There are several advantages for you when paying by credit card. This is particularly safe and the amount is usually available very quickly. The disadvantages: Many credit card providers such as B. Visa or Mastercard charge fees for deposits that are between 3 and 5 percent. With some betting providers it is also possible to make a payment via credit card, but here, too, fees may vary. In addition, there is also the restriction in sports betting payments with a credit card that a minimum amount must usually be paid in, which is usually between 10 and 15 euros or even 20 euros. This is usually not the case with other payment methods.

Sports betting payments via e-wallets

E-wallets are accounts that must be created in advance and to which money must first be paid. This will then be passed on to the betting provider. The disadvantage is that you have to open a virtual account with the respective sports betting payment provider and have to provide a variety of personal data for it. You can then top up this account and then use it for all deposits and withdrawals from the bookmakers. Some sports betting payment providers in this area also charge fees for this payment method.

Payments via PayPal

PayPal is probably one of the best-known e-wallet providers. To use the service, simply go to the PayPal website and open an account by entering your personal data, unless you already have one. You can then optionally easily verify the account with your mobile phone. You will receive a code on your phone and enter it in the corresponding field on the website – your identity for this sports betting payment provider is already confirmed. You can then add a bank account, a credit card or both to the PayPal account. The bookmaker can then automatically debit the amounts you deposit from this.

Paypal: advantages and disadvantages

The biggest advantage of this payment system is that PayPal is enormously established. Almost every online shop offers the payment system. It is considered mature and very safe. PayPal checks the bookmakers before they work together. Therefore, you can also assume that betting providers that work with the sports betting payment provider PayPal will work reliably. The use of PayPal for sports betting payments is also completely free of any fees. Once the account is created and the payment methods are linked, this method works very quickly. Some sports betting providers have integrated the system to such an extent that payment can be made with just one click, if you want.

The sports betting payment provider Neteller

Neteller has made a name for itself as an e-wallet provider, especially in the gaming sector. If you have created an account with Neteller and use it to make sports betting payments, these are usually free of charge. But there are also some bookmakers who charge fees for it. Neteller has implemented special security procedures, which make payments particularly secure against hackers and phishing. The encryption technology protects your data, which you enter directly at the betting provider. Neteller also offers a bonus program. You collect points for all sports betting payments through this sports betting payment provider and can then exchange them for rewards. So you get some of your money back in the form of a bonus. Using Neteller is also a major disadvantage. For all sports betting payouts, fees amount to a proud 7.50 euros. Therefore, you should only have very large sums paid out so that the fees are not too significant. If you are registered with different betting providers and use all of them, then it can be worthwhile to have a Neteller account. This sports betting payment provider is represented on almost all common platforms and can therefore be used almost anywhere.


Skrill has also become a well-known sports betting payment provider that works in the same way as PayPal and Neteller. You also create an account with your personal data here and can then use this balance to deposit with sports betting providers. You can deposit into the Skrill account using a bank transfer or credit card. Then log in to Skrill via the betting provider and make the desired payment. The main advantage of this sports betting payment provider is that all deposits and withdrawals with Skrill are always free of charge. In this way, you can even have smaller amounts paid out without incurring a fee. Security also plays a central role at Skrill. Here, everyone who opens an account must provide their identity e.g. B. prove with the help of a copy of your ID. Sports betting payments with Skrill are considered very secure.

Disadvantages of Neteller and Skrill

The payment providers Neteller and Skrill, which come from the same company, have a decisive disadvantage. Almost every betting provider does not offer a sports betting bonus on deposits made with these payment methods . You should always keep this in mind when using one of the two payment methods!

Sports betting with Bitcoin

Bitcoins are also often used for sports betting payments. It is advantageous that all payments are processed completely anonymously and at lightning speed. Your data is therefore optimally protected. In the meantime, however, the market is developing in such a way that fewer and fewer betting providers allow sports betting payments with bitcoins. You can only get bitcoins through special exchanges on the Internet. The value of a coin is slightly above the value of real money, but the course is always subject to strong pregnancies. The sports betting payment provider Bitcoin not only enables very fast deposits, but also withdrawals that are processed within a few minutes. No other sports betting payment provider can offer this. In addition, sports betting payments with Bitcoin are free of fees.

The sports betting payment provider Ethereum

Like Bitcoin, Ethereum is also a so-called cryptocurrency. However, this currency is somewhat more complex and is designed to maintain a stable exchange rate in the long term. There are currently very few providers that allow sports betting payments with Ethereum. However, it can be expected that this will change in the future. Because this means of payment should make deposits and withdrawals even faster and also free of charge. All data is always complexly encrypted when paying by Ethereum, so that a particularly secure sports betting payment provider comes onto the market.

The sports betting payment provider Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a payment service from Apple. This has established itself extremely quickly due to the popularity of the group and is now very often used for Apple Pay sports betting payments. You can use Apple Pay not only for sports betting payments, but also in many online shops. This makes it twice worth creating an account here. All you need is a mobile device from Apple and you can link a credit card to the account in the Apple Wallet to enable sports betting payments.

What is the best option for sports betting payments?

Sports betting payments can therefore be made using numerous methods. But which sports betting payment provider is now the best? You cannot answer this question in a general way. Ultimately, it depends on what special requirements you have around sports betting payments. If you are concerned about your data and want to protect it in particular, then you are best advised with classic bank transfers or a sports betting payment provider from the prepaid area. No data is recorded or sent online here. However, the money in sports betting payments is not immediately available in this way. Sports betting payments via e-wallets clearly have the advantage that they are processed quickly. They are very secure and can also be used in online shops and for other payments over the Internet. Here, however, it is important to pay attention to the fees charged by the online sports betting provider or the payment provider. In addition, the limits set should not be too low or high for you personally. From the sum of the individual pros and cons, you can choose the optimal payment service provider for you and are well prepared for your next sports betting.

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