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Best US Sports Betting Sites 2020

The increasing interest did not go unnoticed by online bookmakers, of course. Meanwhile, almost every betting sites offers bets on the “Big Four” of US sports.
In order to facilitate the time-consuming search for the best US sports betting sites, we have carried out an in-depth evaluation and checked best betting providers for US sports.

Best betting sites for US sports betting

Who has the best US sports bets on American football, baseball, basketball and ice hockey in the program. Test, tips and betting strategies for NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB.

The US sport has long outgrown the niche existence in Europe and is enjoying increasing popularity – even among tipsters!

The main driving force remains the annual Super Bowl in the NFL, which not only arouses enthusiasm for American football among local sports fans , but also for US sports in general.

This is determined by the four major US sports leagues NFL (American Football), NBA (Basketball), NHL (Ice Hockey) and MLB (Baseball).

US sports betting markets

There are several betting markets in the various US sports that are particularly interesting and that stand out from the crowd. A look at the NHL or NBA shows that moneyline bets are particularly popular . Here users rely on the winning team. 

Otherwise, the following betting markets enjoy almost great popularity and are among the best known for US sports betting:

  • Spread betting
  • Handicap betting
  • Over and under betting

US Sports Betting Tips and Tricks

In general, there are of course a number of US sports betting tips and tricks such as the constant exchange of information. To place successful bets on the various US sports, you should get regular information and know much more than just the most important information. 

An example:

The NFL has become increasingly important in the past few months and the hype is also evident in betting. Many betting friends have already placed US sports bets – although there was no knowledge of the rules or the teams. 

Accordingly, the following applies: Taking the hype with you brings nothing. Sound knowledge of US sports is important. Knowing the rules is only a basis. In order to place successful bets on the NFL, NHL or NBA, you need some backround knowledge. 

The following general US sports betting tips and tricks help and show what is important when betting:

  1. Rules: Rules of the game are the basis for all types of bets; That is why it is essential for tipsters to have sufficient knowledge.
  2. Healthy risk management: betting fans should set a limit and only place bets that they can easily handle
  3. Favorites can also lose: In US sports such as American football, there is often no clear favorite. Tips on the odds underdog can sometimes be more rewarding than in football. 
  4. Compare odds: General tips also include odds comparisons. Users should take their time and compare accordingly. This allows tipsters to get the most out of bets. 
  5. Use betting provider comparison: Around the US sports betting several accounts with the different bookmakers are recommended. This means that users can benefit twice from the odds comparisons. 

US Sports betting on the NFL

NFL betting occupies a special position around US sports and has become an integral part of betting providers. The NFL (National Football League) is now the most popular of the four major US sports leagues. This is sometimes due to the mode, although the balance of the teams is also an important indicator. 

At the end of every NFL season, the Super Bowl is the final. Here millions of spectators are looking forward to the event and the cash registers are also ringing at the betting providers. 

NFL bet types

With regard to NFL bets , the types of bets presented below are particularly popular. Accordingly, there is a brief overview including an explanation. 

  • Victory bets : This is the classic bet on the winning team. This type of bet is particularly popular and is also represented in other sports.  
  • First-to-Score betting : This is about the team that scores the first point.
  • Handicap bet : Here, a team starts with an imaginary point advantage. Handicap bets are usually placed on favorite teams. Here the artificial disadvantage leads to an improvement in quotas. 
  • Total points : A bet on the total number of points means that the bookmaker sets a limit on points. The following applies: The points scored by both teams count. The bet then turns to the question of whether the specified value is exceeded or fallen short of. 
  • Field Goals : Similar to Over / Under: deals with the question of whether a team exceeds or undercuts a certain number of field goals . 
  • How to score first : This bet is all about the game event, more precisely the way the first point is scored. For example, the first points can be scored using a field goal. But bets on a touchdown or other game event are also possible. 
  • Halftime bets : Halftime bets can appear in different variations. This means that bets can be placed on the winning team in one half, but the total number of points per half can also be billed. 
  • Bet on the lead : will a team ultimately emerge as the clear winner? When betting on the lead, tipsters have the opportunity to bet on the final point advantage. 
  • Long-term betting on teams : When betting on the NFL, users have the opportunity to predict the winner of the Super Bowl. 
  • Long-term bets on players : Player bets are just as popular. Missions on the MVP are particularly popular.  

NFL betting tips & tricks

From the point of view of the tipsters there is a lot to consider about NFL betting. We have compiled the most important tips and tricks for betting on the NFL below. 

The rules are the foundation :

There has been a lot of hype about the NFL, the Super Bowl and betting on it recently. Users who previously had not had much to do with the sport are now betting on the NFL. But this is usually only conditionally recommendable – which is due to the lack of knowledge. Therefore, users should first deal with the circumstances and teams. 

This also includes the tasks of the players. So users should know how a successful defense works or what the job of a quarterback is. The score of each game event is also important. 

There are no clear favorites :

Although teams have been able to play consistently well in recent years, users should always keep the uncertainty in mind. Due to the draft system, the NFL is not only one of the strongest leagues in the world, but is also realistically balanced. Therefore, players should use all statistics when betting.

Live betting often makes more sense :

Not always, but in certain situations, a live bet is preferable to a pre-match bet. 

In summary:

For a well-founded assessment, users should make sure that:

  1. The rules of the game are clearly understood and internalized
  2. The tasks of the different players are clear
  3. The odds are deceptive. Users must note that the league is much more balanced 

NFL betting strategy

There has been a real hype surrounding American football betting in recent years and this boom has long since arrived on the European continent. The special attraction in American football bets is the balance of the league. But the will to type the right result also has its charm. 

Users should be aware that combination bets usually promise more profit but are more risky. In a balanced league like the NFL, this can cost a bet or two. Those who want to take a strategic approach should take this to heart. In some cases, single bets are the better option. 

But system bets are also recommended because the risk can be reduced with this type of betting. American betting odds are at an excellent level, especially in the NFL, due to the popularity of the league. Accordingly, users can still secure attractive winnings with system bets even with one or two failed tips. 

NFL betting explanation & mode

The NFL (National Football League) is one of the most important sports leagues worldwide. It is also the league with the highest turnover, with figures of more than $ 12 billion a year. The spectators also crowd into the stadium and ensure another high.

The average number of viewers in 2017 was more than 67,000. This value is remarkable and shows how much attention the NFL is enjoying. In addition, the number of spectators is in many cases far higher than that of many European football top leagues. 

Within the four major US sports, the NFL is on the 1 with a clear lead. This is also due to the NFL mode. The NFL as we know it today is made up of 32 teams. The division is divided into two conferences, the American Football Conference and the National Football Conference. 

These two conferences are divided into the divisions, in which four teams compete. The allocation is made to East, North, West and South. Every season in the NFL begins with the regular season before it goes into the playoffs.

The six division winners and the best two other teams from each conference (wild card teams) are qualified for this.

The playoff mode, also called post season, has some special features: For example, the best four teams of the basic round have a walk-through in the first round. There is also only one knockout game; there is no second leg.

The team with the best conference record from the regular season to the Super Bowl is always at home.

The respective conference winners then meet in the final.

NFL Teams & Divisions

AFC EastAFC NorthAFC SouthAFC WestNFC EastNFC NorthNFC SouthNFC West
Buffalo BillsBaltimore RavensHouston TexansDenver BroncosDallas CowboysChicago BearsAtlanta FalconsArizona Cardinals
Miami DolphinsCincinnati BengalsIndianapolis ColtsKansas City ChiefsNew York GiantsDetroit LionsCarolina PanthersLos Angeles Rams
New England PatriotsCleveland BrownsJacksonville JaguarsOakland RaidersPhiladelphia EaglesGreen Bay PackersNew Orleans SaintsSan Francisco 49ers
New York JetsPittsburgh SteelersTennessee TitansLos Angeles ChargersWashington RedskinsMinnesota VikingsTampa Bay BuccaneersSeattle Seahawks

US sports betting on the NBA

The North American NBA is by far the strongest league in basketball . And it is also the most popular: that is due to the past and legends like Michael Jordan or Dirk Nowitzki, but also to the quality of the teams and players, which is significantly larger than that of other international basketball leagues.

NBA bet types

When it comes to betting on the NBA, there are a few things that users need to consider, especially since there is a large selection of betting options available. The following overview shows which these are and what is behind them:

  • Money Line : The winning bet known in Europe is known in America as the Money Line. This is about the winning team that emerges from the game. In contrast to football, there are only 1 or 2, as there is no tie in NBA betting. 
  • Spread betting : Apart from moneyline betting, spread betting is one of the most popular betting options within the NBA. Ultimately, spread betting is nothing more than handicap betting, because here too, a team gets an imaginary lead in an NBA game. 
  • Over and under betting : Every good bookmaker offers over and under betting in his NBA betting program. This type of bet is one of the main bets of every NBA match and is extremely popular. All about this betting market is about the question of whether the opponents exceed or fall short of a total number of points. The best bookmakers can place over and under bets not only on regular time, but also on the different quarters. 

These are essentially the three main markets. There are other bets related to these betting options. So users can also bet on the following markets:

  • A player’s score
  • A player’s assists
  • A player’s rebounds and blocks
  • Players with the highest number of points, assists, rebounds or blocks
  • Head to head betting 

Long term bets

Long-term bets play a special role, which users like to place and which play an important role in the betting markets. Here is a chance to bet on the NBA Champion or the winner of the Best of 7 series.

Aside from the main betting markets, fans of betting can also place NBA Finals bets. But the NBA playoff bets are also very popular. In addition, there is the possibility of placing NBA live bets in all games. 

But users can also place a bet on the following betting options: 

  • What matchup will there be in the NBA finals?
  • Who will win the division?
  • Which team wins the Eastern or Western Conference?
  • Which team will make it into the playoffs?
  • Which team fails and does not reach the NBA playoffs?
  • Which player will become MVP in the regular season?
  • Who will become a defensive player / rookie / sixth man of the year?
  • Who will be Coach of the Year?
  • Who delivers the most assists

NBA betting tips & tricks

There are a number of tips and tricks around the NBA betting, which increase the chances of positive betting slips. First of all, this includes choosing a suitable betting provider. Our list of the best NBA betting providers serves as an aid. 

Otherwise, users should heed the following NBA betting tips to be successful in the long term:

  1. The right preparation: A very important tip within NBA betting is the right preparation. The rules have to be clear and it is also extremely helpful to know the skill levels. 
  2. Past statistics play an equally important role in successful betting. Game statistics and lineups are also important indicators for being able to assess the progress of a game as accurately as possible. 
  3. The current squad is also crucial. Are there important players who are injured or banned? These indicators can decide games.

NBA betting strategy

With regard to the NBA betting strategy, there are two strategies that are promising and that can be used to achieve good profits. We explain in more detail which strategies are meant by this:

Strategy playoffs

After the regular season, the playoffs are on the program. But before the time comes, the last games of the basic round are on. The teams fighting to move in make a special effort here and try everything to achieve success. This can also be seen in the NBA betting odds, which are particularly attractive at the end of the season. 

With regard to the NBA strategy, it is advisable to rely on teams with a good defense. Even a deep squad is usually an advantage because the players coming in are fresher and not infrequently make a difference. 

Strategy stress factor

The second strategy within NBA betting is about stress. In the NBA it often happens that a team competes twice within 48 hours. Accordingly, it is only logical that the players in the second game are not 100% fresh. 

Especially players who have played through appear drained and have little power. Therefore, they do not perform properly and this is an opportunity for the opponent. But the overall score is also lower in such cases and consequently users can make a profit here. 

In concrete cases, this means that if teams had to play several games within a few days, it is conceivable that the overall score would also suffer and therefore be somewhat lower. A bet on Under is therefore regularly a good choice and can bring the hoped-for success. The odds for this type of NBA betting are usually at an above-average level. 

NBA betting explanation & mode

The NBA was founded in 1946 and is now one of the strongest leagues ever. The Boston Celtics have won the title 17 times so far, followed by the Los Angeles Lakers with just one less title. The mode that is practiced in the NBA is particularly interesting.

Basically, the NBA today consists of 30 teams. The breakdown is based on the Eastern and Western Conference, with 15 teams each participating. But that’s not all, because there are three divisions within a conference and five teams take part there. 

In the Eastern Conference it is the Atlantic, Southeast and Central Division. The situation is different in the Western Conference, where the divisions are called Northwest, Southwest and Pacific Divison. 

As in other sports, the NBA season begins with the regular season. This starts in October and goes into the playoff phase in April.

The best 8 teams from each conference qualify for the post season. The victory division is irrelevant in the case of pure qualification for the playoff. 

In addition, the games take place in a so-called best-of-7 series. The team that first achieves four victories moves up to the next round.

NBA teams & divisions

Atlantic Division (Eastern)Central Division (Eastern)Southeast Division (Eastern)Northwest Division (Western)Pacific Division (Western)Southwest Division (Western)
Boston CelticsChicago BullsAtlanta HawksDenver NuggetsGolden State WarriorsDallas Mavericks
Brooklyn NetsCleveland CavaliersCharlotte HornetsMinnesota TimberwolvesLos Angeles ClippersHouston Rockets
New York KnicksDetroit PistonsMiami HeatOklahoma City ThunderLos Angeles LakersMemphis grizzlies
Philadelphia 76ersIndiana PacersOrlando MagicPortland Trail BlazersPhoenix SunsNew Orleans Pelicans
Toronto RaptorsMilwaukee BucksWashington WizardsUtah jazzSacramento KingsSan Antonio Spurs

US sports betting at MLB

The MLB; also known as Major League Baseball, is the best quality baseball league in the world. At the same time, it is the highest division in the United States and can look back on a long history. Apart from the National League, the MLB is also the oldest division, at least when compared to the four major sports leagues from the USA. 

With the New York Yankees, the MLB is the most famous team in baseball, which is also due to the 27 titles. In the following, betting fans will learn more about the types of bets as well as useful tips and tricks. 

MLB bet types

There are a number of betting options for fans of betting. However, since there is no tie in the MLB as a result, users do not have to worry about this. Unlike other sports, there are only three types of betting in baseball that tippers place particularly often. This means the winning bet, i.e. moneyline as well as the spread and over / under bets. Explanations on this are already noted in the NBA bets.

MLB betting tips & tricks

In addition to the regular customer, well-founded knowledge is the basis for MLB betting and it is advisable to obtain results and to study the most important statistics – and above all to know what conclusions can be drawn from which “stat”. After all, US sports are literally overflowing with numbers and it is not always easy for local sports fans to identify which acronym says what or how the statistics are to be interpreted correctly.

It can also be helpful to find out from the leading advice sites. Of course, the prematch bets are particularly popular, but a look at the long-term bets is also worthwhile. As part of the tips, it is recommended to look at the squads and winners of recent years.

On this basis, users can then bet on the champion or the winner of the National or American League. These are essentially the most important tips to consider when placing MLB bets. In addition, it is worth comparing quotas, because users can benefit from the best conditions. 

MLB betting strategy

Fundamentally, it is important to note that MLB bets have a significantly lower performance density than other sports. For this reason, the gradient within the quotas is also far less intense than in other sports. 

As part of the MLB betting strategy, users should therefore note that the actual favorites often lose. It is therefore advisable to know the statistics and to deal with the form of the respective teams. 

Statistics make this very clear – the best performing teams do not start out winning all the games of the season, but usually only get around 55 to 65 percent. In order to bet as successfully as possible, a clear strategy should therefore be developed. 

Combined bets are generally not very successful with MLB bets. The situation for single and system bets looks much more lucrative. The latter in particular is a purposeful procedure since one or two positions of the betting slip can also be lost. 

MLB betting explanation & mode

As far as MLB betting is concerned, the mode is particularly interesting. This basically works according to the same subdivision as for the other US sports. Accordingly, there is initially the regular season, in which the 30 teams play for the play-offs. 

Just like with the other big US sports leagues, there is also a division here. Thus, 15 teams each play in the National and American League. Within this composition there are three divisions with five teams each. 

The mode within the regular season provides that the winners of the respective divisions receive a fixed place for the play-offs. In addition to the 6 teams, each league is joined by the two best “non-division winners” who fight for the remaining playoff tickets as part of a wild card round. Said teams compete in a separate decision game and try to secure a wild card.

In contrast to other sports in America, the field of participants in the play-offs is quite small with only 10 teams.

In the play-offs there is also no encounter between teams that have previously played against each other in the two leagues. 

The winners of the American and National League finally move up to the World Series. Then they fight for the title there. The team that first achieves four victories wins the World Series. 

MLB Teams & Divisions

American League EastAmerican League CentralAmerican League WestNational League EastNational League CentralNational League West
Baltimore OriolesChicago White SoxHouston AstrosAtlanta BravesChicago CubsArizona Diamondbacks
Boston Red SoxCleveland IndiansLos Angeles AngelsAtlanta BravesCincinnati RedsColorado Rockies
New York YankeesDetroit TigersOakland AthleticsNew York MetsMilwaukee BrewersLos Angeles Dodgers
Tampa Bay RaysKansas City RoyalsSeattle MarinersPhiladelphia PhilliesPittsburgh PiratesSan Diego Padres
Toronto Blue JaysMinnesota TwinsTexas RangersWashington NationalsSt. Louis CardinalsSan Francisco Giants

US sports bets on the NHL

One of the hottest leagues worldwide is the National Hockey League, also known as the North American NHL. The history of what is now the best ice hockey league worldwide goes back a long way and began in 1917. In contrast to the other leagues in US sports, there are some differences at the NHL, which we will discuss below. 

NHL bet types

The differences start with the NHL bet types. While there is no tie in the NBA or MLB, it looks different in the NHL.

That is why there is a three-way bet . Here, betting fans must note that this result occurs after the regular season.

Otherwise there are the following betting options when betting on the NHL:

  • 2-way bet : The classic 2-way bet is identical to the moneyline bets in the NBA. However, there is a small difference, because an extension or a penalty shootout are very well included in this betting market. 
  • Spread betting : Just like with the other US sports, there is also the possibility of placing a spread bet with the NHL. This type of bet gives a team a head start. 
  • Over / Under betting : One of the most popular betting options, because when betting on the number of goals, winnings are excellent. The number of hits that appears on the scoreboard after the end of regular playing time applies. 

NHL betting tips & tricks

If you want to place bets on the NHL, you should read one or the other tip.

With a few tricks and a little time, users can increase the number of betting slips won. The tips and tricks that are meant by this are briefly listed below:

  • The basis for NHL betting is knowing the ice hockey rules
  • The definition of important terms such as face-off, power play or box play should be internalized
  • Game mode is important when betting on the NHL. But more on that later
  • Knowing about the winners of recent years
  • Changes within the teams – which players are new, have stopped performing or have left the club
  • Form curve (especially in ice hockey there are longer winning but also defeat series from time to time)

NHL betting strategy

Ice hockey betting is not only entertaining, it is not always an easy task, especially at the NHL level. Due to the high level, the speed of the game and the large number of games (especially in the basic round), it is not always easy to land the right tip.

It is therefore all the more worthwhile with NHL betting to find the right strategy before you start betting.

By far the most important: collect information. English-language websites in particular offer a lot of material for this. In German-speaking countries, on the other hand, there is unfortunately often very little information material.

If you want to prepare for a game, you should especially browse Canadian sports sites. In the mother country of ice hockey, the topic is not surprisingly given a lot of attention.

Strategic NHL tipsters should also get away from betting exclusively on three-way bets. In ice hockey in particular, the classic winning bet is endowed with a risk that cannot be neglected: overtime.

All too often, tips don’t work out because no winner could be determined in the regular season. Since there is an overtime in every game in which no winner could be determined, unlike in football, many teams in the final phase are often still lacking the will or risk appetite to still play for the winning goal.

It is therefore advisable to select betting markets that are settled after a certain event has been completed: for example, via XY goals or Team A scores a goal.

NHL betting explanation & mode

The NHL mode differs only slightly from the other leagues in US sports.

For this reason, a brief explanation of the mode is sufficient. At the beginning of each season, the regular season is the basic round.

During this time, the total of 31 teams try to secure one of the coveted 16 spots for the play-offs.

The location of the league is identical, because the league is divided into two conferences and several divisions.

But there has been a difference since the 2013/2014 season. Since then, the teams have played in four divisions and the division is odd, which makes the NHL somewhat different. 

After the regular season, the play-offs continue, for which the best three teams in each division (2 × 3) plus the two best remaining teams qualify for each conference.

The game is played in best-of-seven mode.

At the end of every NHL season, the Stanley Cup final is the end. 

NHL Teams & Divisions

Atlantic DivisionMetropolitan DivisionCentral DivisionPacific Division
Boston BruinsCarolina hurricanesChicago BlackhawksAnaheim Ducks
Buffalo SabersColumbus Blue JacketsColorado AvalancheArizona Coyotes [nb 3]
Detroit Red WingsNew Jersey DevilsDallas StarsCalgary Flames
Florida PanthersNew York IslandersMinnesota WildEdmonton Oilers
Montreal CanadiensNew York RangersNashville PredatorsLos Angeles Kings
Ottawa SenatorsPhiladelphia FlyersSt. Louis BluesSan Jose Sharks
Tampa Bay LightningPittsburgh PenguinsWinnipeg jetsVancouver Canucks
Toronto Maple LeafsWashington CapitalsVegas Golden Knights
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