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Best Virtual Betting Sites 2020

The online betting sites have created a new betting category with virtual bets. The range of virtual bets, however, sometimes varies significantly between the individual betting sites.

While some betting sites have a decent range of virtual sports in their program, other bookmakers either completely do without virtual bets or they only offer virtual football bets.

We have tested the betting sites with regard to their range of virtual bets and compare the best betting sites for virtual bets.

What are virtual bets? Virtual sports betting explanation

With online sports betting sites, virtual betting is a separate section of simulated sports events . The sporting events are generated by software using a random number generator and are not depicted as real teams or encounters, but are completely fictitious . Different sports like football, basketball, horse racing, tennis etc. are simulated. In the context of virtual bets, an environment is created that is familiar from real bets. There are fictional sports leagues and championships, teams, players, drawn fixtures and matches with injuries and suspensions.

The games can be followed in animations that are similar to those in computer games. Corresponding statistics on points, goals, form, etc. are also offered.

The games and game histories are not based on real templates, but everything that is offered when betting on real footbal games , basketball matches or horse races etc. is simulated .

The bet placement works like real sports betting. Each virtual match has its individual betting odds and betting markets and you can place single bets, combination bets or system bets.

Difference between virtual betting and fantasy betting

Virtual bets are strictly different from so-called fantasy bets. Real teams and real athletes are used in fantasy betting. The fantasy here refers to the fictional pairing. In fantasy betting, you bet on a game that does not take place in virtual on this game day.

A comparison is made based on the goals scored by the individual teams against their opponents on the match day. In this respect, this team comparison is fictitious, but otherwise everything in fantasy betting is based on real people and real events.

Difference between virtual sports betting and eSports betting

Virtual sports betting is also not to be confused with eSports betting . In eSports competitions, teams of real players compete against each other. The course of the game and the outcome of the game depend directly on the individual decisions and actions of the eSports athletes. Nothing is simulated here.

Virtual football betting

In the context of virtual football betting, depending on the betting site, you can bet on club competitions or on world championships. The virtual team names are often based on real football teams, but don’t be confused by them. Only the statistics and strengths of the teams are relevant for the evaluation of the individual virtual football teams.

Similar to real bets, some statistics are also available for virtual football bets. In any case, you can see the table of a virtual football league and get an immediate overview of the performance of the teams in the current season. What further information is offered about a team varies between the betting sites and also the virtual football offers.

The difference with football statistics is that with virtual soccer betting you can really rely solely on the statistics and strength of a team. Even though similar team names could imply a supposed relationship, you always have to realize that the virtual football games are not based on real games and that they have nothing to do with each other.

The fictional character of the virtual bets is also clearly shown when you look at the live animations of the virtual football games. Depending on the software used, there are of course differences in the image quality. In general, however, the display is reminiscent of football games for the PC or the console. The playing time of 2 to 5 minutes and in particular the fact that several soccer seasons in a league or several world championships are played through in one day make the fictional character clear.

The virtual club competition is often represented by bookmakers only by a single club league. This is of course lean compared to the real football market, but it is easy to explain. Since the teams have nothing to do with reality anyway and the difference between teams can be broken down to a few numerical values ​​such as skill level, several club leagues are also not required.

Nevertheless, there are bookmakers such as Interwetten among the leading virtual football betting sites who have different virtual football formats in their program and thus offer a greater variety.

The virtual football games and the match days usually run continuously according to a predefined schedule, so that you can always bet on the next upcoming matches. For this purpose, a countdown is often shown when the next game begins and as long as you can place your bet on the game. Once a virtual football match has started, it can usually no longer be tapped. But that is hardly a problem, as there are always enough bets available on the upcoming games and the breaks between the games are very short.

In addition, you can also be entertained by the live game simulations without a betting tip. You can watch all running virtual games in the live stream and quickly switch between different virtual football live broadcasts.

This is entertaining not only thanks to the relatively large amount of action in the virtual football games, but also thanks to the comments on the moves, teams and game events when they are offered. The comments are of course also generated by software, but they are quite apt and make the whole thing more lively and significantly enhance the live animations that they are really entertaining.

Virtual Bundesliga betting

As said, the virtual football bets are not based on real teams or a real league. In this respect, one should not hope for virtual bets in which the games of the real Bundesliga are shown.

Basically, the bookmakers often only run a fictitious club league or a fictitious club competition in their virtual football betting range. Sometimes this fictitious competition based on the team names then resembles the English Premier League or the Champions League with team names that are similar to those of top European clubs.

At Bwin and Interwetten you can actually bet on football games from a so-called Bundesliga . Of course, the same naming inevitably evokes an association with the real models. The association is likely to arouse the interest of football fans and encourage betting. Therefore, we want to make it explicitly clear again that one should not be influenced by the supposed relationships between real and virtual teams in virtual bets. There is no relationship and you should not be confused by virtual Bundesliga bets either.

Instant football betting

So-called instant football bets are also widespread among virtual football bets. Instant football bets are a special type of virtual betting. The games are not scheduled. The football games do not run in succession and the player does not have to follow a predetermined game calendar.

The peculiarity of instant betting is that the user determines when the game starts.

Instant soccer bets work as follows:

  1. Go to the instant football category at the betting site
  2. Choose a desired encounter
  3. Select the appropriate bet
  4. Define wagering
  5. Start the game
  6. Follow the match in live stream and cheer until the end of the game

In terms of time flexibility, instant football bets are particularly attractive to customers and therefore represent an attractive additional type of bet among virtual bets.

To try out instant football bets, we can recommend Interwetten as a betting site.

Virtual betting sports

The virtual bets are now offered for a number of different sports. Entire fictional sports leagues and championships shape the virtual betting offer.

At any time you will find numerous virtual betting options for a wide variety of sports.

The most popular sports in virtual betting are:

  1. Football
  2. horse race
  3. Greyhound racing
  4. tennis
  5. Motorsport races
  6. basketball
  7. Cycling

Virtual betting strategy

For a virtual betting strategy you have to consider how virtual bets work and how the chances of success of a bet can be determined.
The human factor and a possible knowledge advantage about the performance of a team are completely left out of virtual bets, so that it almost becomes a pure numbers game.

The software uses the statistical values ​​of a team in the generation of the games so that they have a direct impact on the result. The probabilities of the different bets are also reflected directly in the offered betting odds. From a betting odds you can see how likely the success of the bet is. This is basically known from real sports betting.

The difference is that with real bets, many factors can only be estimated and the bookmakers also adjust their betting odds according to demand, while the virtual betting odds are calculated solely on the basis of fixed numerical values.

However, the virtual games always have surprises in store and they do not always go in favor of the stronger team by numbers – that would be boring. Rather, the random generator with which the simulations are created ensures that it remains exciting and that unexpected outputs also occur.

Since the strength and probability of superiority do not emerge in individual games, but only in a large number of games, we would pursue a virtual betting strategy in which we bet on a large number of favorite wins of the same team with lower stakes. In addition to a number of single bets, combination bets are a good way of making financial bets out of virtual bets.

Virtual sports betting betting markets

The number of available betting markets fluctuates greatly between the different betting sites. Virtual football bets are the most represented among the betting sites.

With the best virtual bookmakers you can expect between 40 and 50 special bets in addition to the simple winning bets. This is not enough to reach the 100 and more betting markets that can be found at some betting sites for top football games , but the most popular special bets are also covered. In addition to the typical three-way bet for virtual football, the betting program also includes the following betting options:

  • Total number of goals in the game
  • Over / Under Total Goals
  • Double chance
  • Half time result
  • Exact halftime score
  • Exact end result
  • Asian handicap
  • First goal

When it comes to special bets, the betting sites Unibet, Interwetten and bwin lead the market. They offer a good range of virtual special bets.

You can also bet on various special bets for the other virtual sports. However, the same applies here as for football betting. The virtual betting offer for a competition does not match that of the real top games, but there is always an attractive selection of betting options.

Virtual betting betting odds

The betting odds of virtual bets are modeled on those of real sports betting. Teams and athletes of the fictional sports competitions are equipped with different strengths, which can be read in statistics. From this, favorites and outsiders are also determined for the virtual bets, to which different chances of winning and odds are assigned. Of course, with special bets, too, the betting odds are adjusted according to how likely the result is to occur.

Of course, the betting sites keep a margin here too to earn on the bets. With the best betting sites for virtual bets, we found an average payout key of between 93 and 95 percent for virtual football bets . The odds of virtual football bets are roughly the same as those found for top 2.Bundesliga games.

It is noteworthy that the virtual football competitions of a betting site also have different payout keys. An example of this is Unibet with its three virtual football categories World Cup, Champions Cup and Soccer.

Unibet World Cup94.1%
Unibet Champions Cup90.1%
Unibet football94.3%

This gives you a comparatively good odds key for virtual Unibet football bets .

Unibet “soccer” category94.3%
Interwetten “Virtual Football” category93.9%
Bwin “Virtual Football” category93.9%

The advantages of virtual betting

Virtual betting is very popular with some players because it has certain advantages over real sports betting.

Virtual games and races run around the clock and you can tap on them at any time. There is no game-free time as in European professional football, for example, but the virtual sports competitions are offered all year round, even several times a day.

In addition, the planned competitions always take place – they are not postponed or canceled and there are always several games or races running at the same time, so that you can choose from numerous bets at any time.

Virtual bets are particularly attractive because you can watch all virtual competitions with live animation directly from the betting site. The virtual races and games are significantly shorter than their real counterparts. For example, virtual football games sometimes only last two minutes, and an entire season or a World Cup can be played within a few hours. The live animation and the entertaining character of the virtual sports competitions make the virtual betting very entertaining. Despite the shorter duration, the virtual sports competitions do not lose on goals, corner kicks, overtaking maneuvers etc., but are compressed. In concrete terms, the live animations are often a combination of the highlights of a game, which makes them particularly eventful and exciting.

Since the games and races are generated by software at random, the course and the outcome are completely unpredictable. If you are aware of this, it has the advantage that you can submit your betting tips based solely on the statistics of the teams and athletes and the betting odds. Further background knowledge is obsolete. This makes entry into virtual betting particularly easy.

For betting fans who simply love the excitement of a bet, virtual betting can generally be an interesting change that is always available.

+ Games only last a few minutes– Games can take a long time
+ Games only consist of highlights– Games are sometimes lengthy
+ Virtual bets are available 24/7– Games are not available 24/7
+ Games always take place– Games can be postponed
+ Virtual betting does not require knowledge– Knowledge is essential for correct tips
+ Live stream for all games– Live stream only for a few games

What are the disadvantages of virtual sports compared to real bets?

In addition to the advantages that virtual betting has over real sports betting, we naturally do not want to hide the disadvantages.

A sports betting atmosphere as you can feel when you bet on a real athlete or a real team with whom you identify, whose strengths and weaknesses, their experience and current level of performance are known, of course cannot arise with fictitious virtual bets.

The knowledge and experience of the athletes and a team do not give you an advantage either, because the encounters are completely random, controlled by the software. It is more of a game of chance, since you cannot predict it at all and, as with real sports betting, you cannot benefit from a knowledge advantage.

In addition, the variety of special bets does not match that of real sports betting. In the case of virtual bets, the same betting markets are always available and some exciting special bets such as scoring goals are completely missed here.

Generally, only a fraction of the often 30 sports of a betting provider are available in the virtual betting offer. In many cases, the range of virtual bets is limited to soccer and three or four other sports.

– no personal reference+ unique sports betting atmosphere
– you cannot score with knowledge+ benefit from a head start in knowledge
– only max. 50 betting markets+ up to 200 betting markets
– only a few sports on offer+ often 30 and more sports in the program
– Simulation can be expanded graphically+ Live streams are graphically better
– less rousing+ exciting experience

Virtual betting seriousness

Basically, you should only ever bet with sports betting sites that are trustworthy, checked by an official body and have a valid betting license. If you follow these precautions, you do not have to worry about the seriousness of the virtual bets.

We have tested all bookmakers and present the reputable players in our betting site comparison .

Since the games in the virtual bets are generated by chance, the course is of course difficult to understand. Of course, this can also arouse suspicion in some people, because it is so opaque. However, there is no need to fear virtual scams. Virtual bets still make up a relatively small proportion of bookmaker sales. Manipulation would lead to the withdrawal of the betting license and no provider could recover from the loss of image that it would make no sense for the betting site from an economic point of view.

As a player, you simply have to be aware of the virtual bets that the random number generator decides whether you win or lose.

Virtual betting FAQ

How do virtual bets work?

Virtual bets can be placed just like normal sports bets. You choose the game you want and then decide on a specific bet, whether it is a winning bet or a special bet. Then you place your bet and wait eagerly for the exit.

How are the virtual games created?

The virtual competitions are generated automatically by software using a random number generator. For this purpose, teams and athletes with point values ​​are created, which should reflect their strengths etc. and should make them comparable with each other. These skill levels also influence the probability of winning in the simulated games and the betting odds are also based on it.

Are virtual bets serious?

You should only ever bet with a reputable betting site with a valid betting license. We have the best of the reputable and licensed online bookmakers in our betting site comparison. With one of these betting providers, the virtual bets are also serious. The betting providers cannot afford anything else.

Who are the best virtual betting sites?

The following betting providers emerged from our virtual betting test as the best providers for virtual betting:

  1. Interwetten
  2. Betfair
  3. Unibet

Which betting sites offer virtual bets?

Bookmakers with virtual bets in the betting program can of course vary. Not all sports betting sites currently offer virtual bets. We recommend using our top 3 best virtual betting providers. These bookmakers have many years of experience with virtual bets, offer an overall convincing offer and are absolutely trustworthy.

Is there a virtual betting bonus?

We are currently not aware of a specific bonus for virtual bets, but the bonus offers for new customers can sometimes also be used for virtual bets. However, the specific bonus conditions of the betting site bonus must always be observed.


Virtual bets are always available, fast-paced and particularly eventful and that is what gives them their very own appeal. They are an interesting addition to real sports betting. The best thing to do is to watch a few animations of virtual games and competitions at one of the best betting sites for virtual bets. This is the quickest way to find out whether virtual bets suit you or not. It depends on personal preference, but in our opinion virtual betting definitely promises betting fun and it can also be financially as attractive as real sports betting.

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