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Best Virtual Football Betting Sites 2020

Virtual sports bets are always taking place, they are ahead of classic sports. That’s why we show you in detail what virtual football is and what virtual sports betting is all about . We also give important tips. Not to be missed is of course a tip for the best betting site with virtual football and possible virtual betting strategies, which on closer inspection are not that different.

What are virtual football bets?

As an introduction, we want to briefly answer a few terms about virtual football. What virtual football is and how the game is structured – we have put all this information together for you. Virtual football is a fictional Football variant. Virtual football is not about real players, real teams and real events . Rather, a computer generates the entire event. Most good betting sites who offer virtual football, complete leagues with teams and players are generated, which then compete against each other on the specified game days. You probably know the principle from football simulations like FIFA or Pro Evolution Football. In the meantime, these have not only become club teams at national level, some bookmakers have even held international competitions comparable to the UEFA Champions League or the UEFA Europa League and even made national teams available. The selection increases from year to year.

Each player on the team has predetermined strengths and weaknesses. Accordingly, each team has its own characteristics . This can be possible weaknesses on the defensive, abnormalities in standards or problems in the development game. In addition to tactical weaknesses, injuries and bans due to yellow cards or expulsions are also included. In the end, however, the random generator decides on the basis of the specified parameters how the games end. Ultimately, it’s not all that far away from the real football world, even if, of course, the human factor is completely lacking. For sports betting fans, virtual football has a few very practical advantages.

Virtual betting – very close to real football

You can’t get much closer to the real league feeling than with virtual betting. This type of virtual betting is on the rise with many new bookies , even if it is less about sports betting in the classic sense. But that is usually the case with virtual bets, it only gets a little more precise here.

Explanation – This is how virtual works in betting

Anyone who is proficient in English also directly understands what it is about: Simulated Reality. This is exactly what these new betting markets cover. Due to its long tradition, great popularity and intensive documentation, football has amassed an immense amount of data. Especially in popular leagues and competitions like the Bundesliga or the Champions League. Virtual bets take advantage of this.

SR bets, as they are also called, always have a real example, the game plan of which they take over. For example, the 1st Bundesliga in Germany. Dates, teams and meetings are taken over 1 to 1. You can therefore bet on the teams you know at the usual times. The games are then simulated over the full 90 minutes and injury time .The course, i.e. every duel, every header duel and every result of a goal shot is drawn on the basis of statistical game data. These are based on historical data of the individual teams, as well as on previous duels between the two and the general course of the season. The evaluation is much more complex than with other virtual football variants because simply more data can be used here. In this way you can experience and bet on a classic course of the season. You can also use our Kickform tool for this . There we provide you with forecasts for the largest football leagues. These are also based on the evaluation of a huge amount of historical data.

The most popular competitions for virtual betting

Since as much data as possible must be available to be able to simulate the games realistically, most sites limit themselves to the most popular sports such as:

  • Football
  • tennis
  • ice Hockey
  • basketball

And even within these sports, the bookies focus on the largest and most popular leagues such as the Bundesliga, Champions League or Premier League. This ensures that there are enough data records and that the simulation is possible.

These betting options are offered to you

The possibilities that are offered to you, like the simulation, are very close to classic sports betting. You can place pre-match or live bets . These can be placed in single bets, combinations or system bets. In general, you can bet on the result, place over / under bets or place goal bets . The exact offer is of course always dependent on the bookmaker.

The simulation quotas are in no way inferior to the real ones

The heart of the sports bet is of course the odds and here you have to be careful if you want to bet on virtual games and real football games, for example. Basically, odds on SR bets will often be very close to real odds. This is due to the fact that home strength or previous seasonal trends are included in the quota. However, you cannot be “smarter than the bookie” here, as you can sometimes be with virtual betting. Because external influences play no role in virtual betting. In reality, 5 minutes before kick-off, an entire team may have expressed their suspicion to the coach, which can indicate poor performance. Nevertheless, it will have no impact on the course of the SR, since here only statistics decide.

Live streams or live simulations

As with other virtual sports, the virtual games are simulated and animated. You can then follow these games at most sites. You have to decide whether you can now call these live simulations ” livestreams ” in the classic sense. It feels more like you’re watching someone play FIFA.

Some bookies also offer cashouts, bet builders and other features

Not every bookie also offers their betting functions for simulated reality. However, these features work just as well as normal sports betting. You can also put bets together as there are several betting options available. And the cashout can also be implemented wonderfully, since the games are simulated over the full 90 minutes and you have the chance to remove the trust from your tip. Ultimately, however, the bookmakers decide which games they want to offer you cashout and co.

More virtual football bets

In addition to virtual bets, there are also a number of other betting options with animated football games. We introduce them to you below.

Novel Virtual Football Betting – Instant Football Betting

Another type of virtual football is the so-called instant football betting. Here you will be shown a simulation of a real game that you can bet on. The provider Interwetten has this type on offer, for example. The actual statistics of the games are also presented to you. You can then make about 1X2 bets , double chance Bet the exact end result or over / under betting the goals. Accordingly, you can combine the bets on the betting slip. When the bet is completed, you will be shown a virtual game. It’s a bit like watching two players watch FIFA. However, you will only be shown the most relevant scenes, which you can then skip. With some providers you can even test in play money mode.

Virtual Football League betting

If you want to get as close to league betting as possible, we recommend the Virtual Football League. You can bet on them at bet-at-home, for example . This is a simulated league season. At bet-at-home, around 16 teams are sent to the virtual field in a total of 30 game days. What is special, for example, is that all eight games that result from this are started simultaneously on one matchday. Such a match day lasts four and a half minutes. So at the end of a “season” you only get 140 minutes of simulation. The betting markets are bets on the winner, the final result and also goal betting. As in the real Bundesliga, lightning tables and live tickers are provided in addition to the statistics of the game you are currently watching. This creates a real “Saturday afternoon” feeling.

Betting odds in virtual football

You will see the great advances in virtual football in the betting odds. While these have been somewhat lower in the infancy of virtual football, you can now expect solid and balanced betting odds thanks to software developers such as the British company StatsBomb . The betting odds basically do not differ from real football. A typical virtual football league is structured roughly like the top division in Germany or other European nations. In a game between a favorite and an outsider, there is also a particularly attractive win rate for the outsider in virtual football. Results tips can also be particularly lucrative, just like in real football. Virtual football is modeled on real football in its essential elements, so that there are no significant differences in betting odds.

If you were to present all the results of a virtual football league to an expert without mentioning the virtual teams and the virtual players, that expert would not be able to tell whether the results were real or the results of a virtual football league. The results are all balanced and show no serious outliers . The same applies to the betting odds. This is precisely why virtual football is an interesting alternative or addition to real sports for many sports betting fans.

Which virtual sports bets are there besides virtual football?

Virtual football betting dominates clearly in Europe – but what about other virtual sports? Which sports could be of interest to you? If you look at the portfolio of virtual sports at your sports betting sites, you will be able to see relatively quickly that the selection is still clearly limited. While football is clearly the current figurehead among virtual bets, the following sports have been available since the beginning of virtual sports betting:

  • Horse and greyhound races
  • Ball sports (tennis, basketball, etc.)
  • Motorsport
  • Cycling
  • US sports

Greyhound and horse racing in particular have shaped virtual betting over a long period of time because the software for team sports was not yet at the necessary level. In the meantime, however, there is a clear trend that the software manufacturers also place greater focus on team sports and place great value on an appealing gaming experience for your eyes.

Are there any virtual betting strategies worth mentioning?

Of course, the question remains whether there are any notable strategies for virtual betting and, if so, how exactly to use them. The big difference that you have to keep in mind from the start is the fundamental difference between classic sports betting and virtual sports betting. While the human component plays an important role in real football games and should not be neglected, it is simply not available in virtual football betting. Therefore, the virtual betting odds for Virtual Football can be calculated precisely based on the existing fixed values , while sports betting providers and their providers, such as StatsBomb ,can only make estimates. However, we should note that, thanks to advanced companies such as StatsBomb or InStat, these estimates have become more precise in recent years, which for you will be reflected in lower quota jumps and differences between favorites and outsiders.

There are also some important points in Virtual Sports that can help you bet more strategically. Especially the newcomers among you should place smaller bets first so that you can get a basic understanding. If you’re already a bit more advanced, you can also use betting strategies. One example is the Martingale strategy, in which you double your bet after each loss. The Fibonacci strategy is more budget -friendly which you can also use for virtual sports. Here you also adjust your bets after every win / loss, but according to a slightly different pattern along the Fibonacci number series. Our detailed guide explains how this works. It is also worthwhile for your money management to test the Kelly system , but you need some previous experience here. We have also created a guide for you.

Virtual football, fantasy, esports & real sports – what are the differences?

In virtual football, the processes are much faster than in real football. For example, a complete game at Interwetten takes just 4 minutes and 35 seconds. A complete season can be run through within 150 minutes. Depending on the bookmaker and software, there are clear differences in the details. But in general it can be said that virtual football is much faster and the action factor is significantly higher. But you have to do without reality. You do not know the players who are virtually playing for you. So you also lack the possibility to suffer with individual players or to be angry with individual players. Much of what the typical football experience is for many fans is largely missing from virtual football. You need a lot of imagination to have nearly as much fun in virtual football as in a real football game. You can compare this with a fictional soccer manager, for example.

With virtual football, bets can be as lucrative as with real football. There are no fundamental differences, because even in a real football game you never know exactly what the result will be. However, there is an advantage in virtual football: the strengths and weaknesses of the players are clearly measurable. This is not really the case with real football. There can be no doubt that real football games are more fun in direct comparison than virtual football. But that’s not really the question either: if you like to bet on Bundesliga games, for example, you might not always want to wait until the next Bundesliga game comes up. Virtual football can be a nice addition if you want to have fun with sports betting without waiting for real football . At this point, however, we must briefly note that virtual football or other virtual betting have no parallels to eSports or fantasy betting . Unfortunately, in some forums or customer reports, fantasy bets are still incorrectly reconciled with virtual bets. Both are different things.

Conclusion: Attractive addition to the sports betting market

Finally, we want our short guide to virtual sports betting and virtual football betting with a brief conclusion. It should be noted that virtual football is an attractive addition to real football and that other sports are now also shown in a very appealing and exciting way. The software of the different sites is getting better and better and is now at a very high level for the viewer’s eye. We in our editorial team were also amazed at how high-quality the movements of players and athletes are now. Compared to video games such as FIFA or Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), the graphics are absolutely above the expected standard. So if you are interested in it, we can absolutely recommend you to get your first experience with virtual sports betting.

As far as current sports betting sites are concerned, we can recommend Interwetten without hesitation for your first experience. Based on our experience during our test phase, Interwetten is currently the best sports betting site for virtual football in German-speaking countries. Interwetten is a well-known bookmaker that has been on the market since 1990 and works seriously in every respect. At Interwetten, virtual football is explained with extensive help texts , which is why beginners in particular will be in good hands at Interwetten. In addition, the software works perfectly and the graphics are extremely high for all virtual sports.

Another hot tip from our editorial team: The lucrative Interwetten bonus for new customers is ideal for getting started with virtual football.

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