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Best Simulated Reality Betting Sites 2020

In the following article we explain what simulated reality sports betting is. We show you how they work and what you have to consider when placing a bet. One thing in advance, with simulated reality bets you shouldn’t overdo it with your bets, since this is not real sports betting but rather pure gambling in which the result is hardly predictable. Simulated reality sports betting can be an alternative to normal sports betting, but should definitely be viewed as a game of chance and should be played carefully. Below are some betting sites that offer simulated reality sports betting.

Simulated reality betting is becoming increasingly popular

The Bundesliga ceased operations in mid-March due to the pandemic, which applies to most leagues in Europe and the world. Major sporting events such as the 2020 Olympic Games or the UEFA European Championship have been canceled and postponed to the next year. With simulated reality bets, more and more betting sites are bridging the phase to Bundesliga betting are possible again. The form of betting is becoming more and more popular and enables you to place bets every day as you are used to. Here you tap on virtual games that are processed based on countless game data and statistical evaluations. Depending on the site, the range of simulated reality bets is just as varied as that of ordinary bets by experienced bookmakers. The best thing to do is to try out simulated reality sports betting yourself, although you will hardly feel any difference to the previous betting feeling.

How simulated reality bets came about

The virtual game principle is not new to many betting sites. Many had provided a virtual betting area before the pandemic. Here you could tap results of virtual leagues every few minutes, the games were evaluated according to the statistical probabilities of victory, loss and draw. These types of bets were more likely to be associated with gambling and were a more complex variant of gambling.

Simulated Reality sports bets are based on this basic idea, but are significantly more complex and closer to real fun. This already shows the scheduling, since the virtual matches do not take place every few minutes. Instead, the betting sites adhere to the actual game plan in their simulated reality bets, so there is a maximum of one or two league games per team per week. The data sets for evaluating the virtual games are also more extensive and ensure an absolutely realistic simulation with the latest artificial intelligence.

Simulated Reality Sports Betting – explained step by step

Did you discover for the first time that a betting site offers simulated reality bets and want to learn more before trying it out? With our explanation, we show you step by step how exactly the simulated reality sports betting works and how the simulation is created.

Basis: historical records

There is a wealth of data records for every club worldwide, which are used as the basis for gaming behavior in simulated reality sports betting. The current season is just as important as the results and tactics of the past few years and decades. This applies in general and in particular to games against the respective team that forms a current pairing in simulated reality betting.

Perhaps a club traditionally plays very defensively against certain teams, is particularly strong away or has its favorite opponents. This and much more information can be found in tens of thousands of data sets that are used as the basis for the virtual sports bet.

Further basis: current statistics

Now the history of a club or a particular pairing does not say everything about the current state of a club. Maybe this had a particularly good or bad phase before the break. Perhaps the fight against relegation releases new forces or a long series of injuries is slowly over.

All of this is reflected in current statistics that are used like historical records for simulated reality bets. The combination of all these data sets creates a complex tableau of probabilities that are simulated virtually during the game and flow into every single game situation.

The result: a virtual sporting event

Simulated Reality bets are an event that is played like a regular football game or other match. It has a duration of 90 minutes plus injury time and is simulated by the betting site in all details. Events such as duels or shots on goal take place every minute and are evaluated according to the data records and their statistical probabilities.

What a lot of calculations and dealing with statistics mean in the background, you see as a betting friend in the form of a real football game. You can follow the virtual processes of the simulation, with some betting sites live betting is possible in response to current game developments. Especially with large sites of sports betting, there is a high level of computing power behind every simulation, so that a wealth of events and developments ensure an absolutely realistic gaming experience.

When do simulated reality sports betting take place?

In March and April 2020 it is difficult to predict when most leagues will resume normal operations. The same applies to games in the Champions League or Europa League, which may always be rescheduled in the summer. Most betting sites therefore had to keep their schedule to a minimum, so that almost no games take place in football, tennis , ice hockey etc.

Simulated reality sports bets solve this problem and are intended to help bettors think about their favorite hobby every day. For this reason, sites of simulated reality bets adhere to the intended schedule, which would apply in all leagues if the season were to run regularly. In the case of the 1st Bundesliga in Germany, you can place simulated reality bets on a game on Friday evening. There are five games on Saturday in the afternoon and one in the evening, the remaining games take place on Sunday.

Experienced sports bettors know the times for simulated reality bets from the head, as these correspond to the original times of the respective leagues. This covers many of the well-known leagues and betting markets for which regular games would otherwise have taken place. Which and how many simulated reality bets are offered at the familiar time depends very much on the size of the betting site. Get an overview here and maybe give a new site a chance who has a particularly wide range of simulated reality bets for you.

What types of bets are offered?

For most betting sites, simulated reality sports betting is currently the only way to delight old and new betting fans. The range of bets is therefore growing steadily, as are the types of bets that can be placed. Below is a brief overview of the most important forms of simulated reality betting that await you on all major platforms.

Pre-match betting

This is the traditional form of betting that you also know from conventional sports betting. The bookmakers set their odds for victory, loss and many special bets in advance. Place your bets on these simulated reality bets, at the moment of the virtual kick-off the possibility of placing bets ends. After the match, you can only hope that your previous decisions were correct.

Live betting

For many betting fans, being part of the excitement during a game is the decisive factor in sports betting. Simulated reality bets are no exception, which is why many platforms rely on live bets. With these you can place your bets during the match, whereby you can expect changed odds depending on the game development. Simulated reality bets of this type are currently being established by more and more providers, with the odds being generated by experienced bookmakers with technical support in virtual simulation.

Single, combination and system bets

If you hope for particularly high payouts on simulated reality bets, combi and system bets should not be missing. These are also available from most betting sites and can be placed as prematch bets or live bets. Combine multiple virtual betting events into a single sports bet, the total of which is created by multiplying the individual odds. Or you can use a familiar system in simulated reality sports betting, in which individual false predictions continue to ensure a payout.

The combination of several simulated reality bets into a total bet is virtual as well as real with many bettors under discussion. Some swear by betting exclusively on single bets. Others like to take the risk of a combined bet and hope to achieve a particularly high final odds. Check even with Simulated Reality bets which variants suit your preferences and make this dependent on your risk tolerance and the account balance on your betting account.

Simulated Reality Betting: Sports and Leagues at a Glance

Whether single or combination bet, for you as a betting friend, a large selection of sporting events is important for your simulated reality bets. Here the individual betting sites differ considerably from each other. You already know these differences when you compare the individual bookmakers that cover different markets and sports.

In the case of simulated reality bets, most bookies limit themselves to the common sports and ignore real exotic products. With these it is often difficult to obtain comprehensive data sets for a perfect simulation of the events. For these reasons, simulated reality sports betting can be found especially in the major sports, specifically:

  • Football
  • Handball
  • ice Hockey
  • basketball
  • tennis

The exact range of bets to choose from depends on the size of the platform and the number and experience of bookmakers. You can roughly base your selection on what you will find in the regular betting offer of the respective platform. You can of course find some standards on every website as simulated reality bets, e.g. B .:

  • Bets for the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga
  • International Football matches from England, France, Italy, …
  • Handball Bundesliga games
  • Matches from US leagues like the NHL

A large selection is important to the individual providers so that bets are offered day after day. Especially for experienced weather, it is important that they can deal with a betting offer every day. Maybe you too have clear strategies and habits that you follow when betting and that also work with simulated reality betting. If you are looking for a betting site for simulated reality sports betting for the first time, pay attention to this and have fun with virtual bets every day.

Are simulated reality sports betting serious?

If you are used to placing bets normally and are now thinking about simulated reality bets, a change is inevitable. The virtual matches are comparable to conventional games. Nevertheless, every sports weather knows that it is actually just a simulation. It is all the more important to be sure that the virtual games are simulated safely and reliably and that there is no manipulation of the data and game progress.

For this reason, you should pay attention to the reliability of the site for simulated reality bets. The betting site should be officially licensed and convince you with a strong customer service and a wide range of bets. Roughly speaking, if you put your trust in a well-known and certified platform for ordinary bets, you can do the same for simulated reality bets. Before registering with a betting site, check how serious they are and which ratings they have received on the Internet. This is most likely to ensure that you enjoy an absolutely safe and reputable gaming experience when playing simulated reality.

What types of bets are offered as simulated reality sports bets?

We have already mentioned above which sports you can place simulated reality sports betting on and that they work as single, combination and system bets. In addition, a wealth of special bets and variants await you at each individual event, which provide variety in simulated reality betting. The same applies here: how varied the betting fun is depends largely on the bookie. Most platforms are just getting started with simulated reality sports betting and should expand their offerings significantly in the coming days and weeks.

You are familiar with the most important types of simulated reality bets as an experienced betting enthusiast through conventional betting. Below is a brief overview of the most common ways you can place simulated reality bets and hope for great winnings:

bets This is the most important and most common way in which bettors rely on simulated reality bets. In football betting and many other sports, you place a classic three-way bet here. Determine whether you want to bet on the victory of one of the two teams or on a tie.

Handicap betting
Handicap betting makes simulated reality sports betting more exciting, which means a clear victory for one of the two teams on paper. This team gets a handicap, for example by one or two goals ahead of the other, which leads to more even betting odds.

Over / Under Betting
With these simulated reality bets you bet on a certain number of goals or points that one team or both teams score together in the match. Here you determine whether the total number of goals is above or below a number specified by the betting site.

Goal betting
As with over / under betting, you can place simulated reality sports betting on the exact number of goals. Here, the odds are significantly higher than with over / under betting, which also applies to sports betting for real events without simulation of the game.

Correct result
For even higher odds, you should rely on simulated reality bets where you can predict the exact result. For this purpose, also deal with the statistics and data of the last games, in order to perhaps guess the exact number of goals scored on both sides.

Other special bets
Depending on the bookmaker, you can enjoy a number of other options to bet on special events during the game. This ranges from the number of corners to possible red cards or penalties. For bets of this kind, however, you need a bit more luck than statistical understanding.

Are simulated reality bets a permanent alternative for weather?

In times of missing sports events, many betting platforms are happy to be able to offer their customers a wide range of bets with simulated reality bets. It is currently difficult to estimate whether the principle of simulated reality sports betting will remain an integral part of the platforms for months and years. When normal game operations are running again, a virtual simulation of the individual matches is no longer necessary.

The future of simulated reality bets is currently difficult to estimate. This will mainly depend on the popularity of sports weather. Perhaps some would like to permanently measure themselves against the bookmakers when it comes to evaluating data sets and statistics. Random events are also planned for virtual matches, but many sports fans feel that real sports events are associated with significantly more risks.

If the interest in simulated reality bets declines, they should quickly disappear from the betting offer. Some bettors will be bothered by the fact that it is just a simulation anyway and that there is no authentic feeling for a game. You should also be surprised whether simulated reality bets can still be placed on the Internet in a year or two.

Simulation of own tournaments as new potential

With the introduction of simulated reality betting, all betting platforms have created a new structure for placing bets. Once created a framework for the virtual simulation of football games and more, the betting sites can always fall back on this special structure. This offers potential for betting in the future that has never existed before.

It is conceivable that betting sites can hold their own tournaments on a virtual level. In these tournaments it is possible to put together teams whose records and statistics are based on reality. Especially during the summer and winter break, this could give bettors completely new opportunities for simulated reality betting while normal league operations are at a standstill.

Whether such tournaments will become established will be seen in the distant future. In theory, however, it is conceivable that online bookies of simulated reality sports betting set themselves apart from their competition with their own tournaments and thus create a strong argument for registration and permanent betting on their own website.

Bonus for simulated reality sports betting

A wide range of simulated reality bets is currently an important argument when betting providers want to win new customers. After all, a large, virtual offer should ensure that fun in sports betting arises right now. In addition, the desire should be awakened by a betting bonus that new customers of the respective bookie receive. The sports betting bonus for simulated reality bets is comparable to a conventional bonus and should be checked carefully before registration.

How does the betting bonus work?

You will receive your bonus for registering with a site of simulated reality bets in the usual way. You have to deposit a first amount into your betting account after registration. The bookie adds a bonus to this amount, usually your own deposit is doubled up to a fixed upper limit.

You must now unlock the money provided. To do this, you have to wager the bonus amount several times on simulated reality bets. If you succeed, the bonus is part of a real credit and you can withdraw it. There are deviations in the conditions for free spins depending on the site. This starts with the frequency of how often you have to wager the bonus amount for a free spin. The minimum quota of permissible betting events also plays a role here, 1.70 is a good guideline.

Some sites of simulated reality sports betting are currently trying to win new customers with particularly attractive bonus offers. Since so many sporting events and games have been canceled since March 2020, only a few people are concerned with sports betting. This could change with a particularly attractive bonus and active promotion of simulated reality bets. Therefore, check regularly on the Internet whether particularly strong bonus promotions are waiting for you and arouse your desire for simulated reality sports betting.

Customer service is important for simulated reality sports betting

The principle of simulated reality betting is easy to understand. Even so, newbies and seasoned bettors keep asking questions about how exactly a platform will implement these types of bets. The respective betting site should address this with a strong customer service. Every provider should assure you of e-mail, on the phone or via live chat, comprehensive information on the particular type of bet and its exact procedure.

Therefore, check with a site of simulated reality sports betting which options you have for personal contact. This also applies to new customers who are considering registering on a betting platform for the first time. In the current situation, every bookie is happy about new customers, so a strong service should be a matter of course for them. Find out for yourself or look on the Internet to find out what other weather experiences have had with customer service, especially when it comes to simulated reality betting.

What goes without saying: You should benefit from the customer service offered in German. Most betting platforms are active internationally and therefore speak many languages. If a certain betting siter does not offer German support, continue to look around on the Internet. You will quickly find a contact person for simulated reality sports betting who will convince you with his German service.

Discover comprehensive explanations online

Of course, it doesn’t always have to be a personal conversation if you want to find out all about simulated reality betting. You will also find a wealth of information on the websites of good betting sites that would like to help you get started with this betting option. Here you can familiarize yourself with everything you should know about simulated reality betting.

Many platforms are just introducing simulated reality sports betting, so that maybe not all information is detailed here. On international platforms you will find explanatory texts mainly in English that have not yet been translated into all languages ​​of the betting platform. This is also a sign of how important customer service is to the bookmaker in the current situation. Do not compromise here and also receive all information in writing about simulated reality betting in German.

Pay attention to the seriousness of the betting site

The topic has already been mentioned above: Your betting site for simulated reality betting should be reputable and well-known. An internationally recognized licensing is a decisive criterion, the same applies to the tested, technical security. Especially when real money flows into deposits or withdrawals, this should take place in an absolutely secure, digital environment.

Since some betting sites try to present their simulated reality betting offer as the main reason for a quick new registration, you should be careful. Do not let yourself be captivated by huge bonus payments and check all certificates and ratings online before registering. Especially for newcomers to the scene, it is advisable to gain initial experience with a big name in the betting scene. This applies to simulated reality bets as well as conventional betting.

Recommended comparison of betting sites

Certificates and the licensing of a betting provider are only one of many aspects when comparing betting sites . We recommend all betting fans to check the entire platform in peace and quiet and pay attention to the overall impression in addition to simulated reality bets. These include:

  • wide selection of deposit and withdrawal methods
  • comprehensive range of bets, virtual and real
  • fair bonus conditions for the welcome bonus
  • many communication channels in customer service
  • comprehensive explanations in German

Many newcomers to betting make the mistake of paying attention to the bonus alone and not having much to do with the betting site and the actual betting offer. Since there is a smaller number of betting markets than usual in simulated reality betting, there should still be enough variety for serious gaming enjoyment.

If, as a beginner to betting, you have a hard time comparing yourself, use the Internet. Our website advocates a comparison of the best-known betting platforms. You will also find independent reviews of actual customers of the individual bookies, which describe advantages and disadvantages. In the latest reviews you can even find information about simulated reality sports betting. Depending on the provider and rating, tutorials in video format help you to understand this type of betting and to master it quickly.

Our conclusion on simulated reality betting

Even if many leagues are resting and sporting events are canceled, you do not have to do without your betting fun. Simulated reality bets are a serious and exciting alternative, where you can cheer and win in real time. It is important to choose a reputable and experienced partner when choosing your simulated reality sports betting. In addition to a large selection of bets, this stands for professional and strong implementation. With your own comparison, you will quickly find suitable platforms with which you will develop new enthusiasm thanks to simulated reality sports betting!

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