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Best Virtual Tennis Betting Sites 2020

For some years now, the best betting sites have been offering you, in addition to their extensive sports betting program, the opportunity to bet your money on sports generated by computers. In many bookmakers, football is also number 1 in the virtual world, but most also offer virtual tennis betting. Some of you are certainly already familiar with the fictional games and take advantage of the non-real tennis bets. For those of you who have not yet dealt with this very special possibility of betting, we have everything you need to know about the fictional tennis duels on this page.

In the following sections we will look at how virtual tennis betting works and compare the virtual world with real sport. We also introduce you to the bookmakers’ betting offer and show you who is the best betting site for the fictional tennis duels.

What is virtual tennis?

The virtual tennis games are an imitation of the real games. However, the complete gameplay and the end result are the result of a random number generator. At the beginning of each game, as you are used to from the real tennis world, you can choose your favorites from numerous bet types and bet on the corresponding odds. Research on the form of the player, the surface, the head-to-head balance or other data are completely irrelevant. Although the names of the fantasy players are similar to those of the real ATP and WTA tour, they have absolutely nothing in common with them and their skills. The entire process is determined by random generators, making any approach to developing a promising betting strategy invalid. The odds offered exactly reflect the actual probabilities. So it is clear that virtual tennis betting is a pure game of chance.

A single tennis match is usually completed within two minutes and then the next duel starts immediately. Thus, new games are on the program every three to four minutes. In addition to the winner of the game, you can also challenge your luck by betting on the exact set result, the total number of games or the number of sets. Betting is only possible before the games, live betting is not offered due to the short playing time.

Comparison with the real game

When we compare virtual tennis with the real game, some major differences immediately catch our eye. The main focus of the version generated by the computer is speed. In just a few minutes, you can choose from new games around the clock, which will be completed and settled within a very short time. Annoying rain breaks or breaks due to darkness don’t bother you. In addition, any betting fraud in the form of game manipulation is excluded. Since coincidence determines what happens, you don’t need to spend time evaluating statistics or player data.

The atmosphere on the center court or the incredible tension and drama of a highly competitive match between two big champions, which we can also feel on television, cannot replace a virtual version. The emotional involvement, for example when the German exceptional player Angelique Kerber contests a Grand Slam final, speaks clearly for real tennis. Live betting lovers also get their money’s worth here. With extensive research, good tennis knowledge and the right strategy, you can only increase your chances of winning in the real games. With a head start in knowledge and the associated detection of value bets you actively contribute to the success of the weather. If this is too much work for you and you want to have pure luck decide on the outcome of your bets without great tennis knowledge, then virtual tennis bets are a good alternative for you.

The software used

Betting sites who offer you virtual sports in their program are dependent on external providers. They have specialized in the creation of special software that should give you an exceptional level of realism and statistical depth. The best known provider is Sportradar. With its Betradar brand, it offers bookmakers numerous services. Be it in pre-match and live betting – or in the area of ​​virtual sports. Among other things, use Interwetten , for exampleand bet-at-home the virtual tennis offer from Betradar. In order to make its virtual tennis simulation look as real as possible, Betradar analyzed over 25,000 actual tennis games and can therefore offer its customers tennis action in the form of two alternating tournaments. In these, the entire tournament is shown compressed in 30 minutes.

Betting offer and odds

With all betting sites you have the chance to bet on new games every three to four minutes. While some bookmakers, such as bet365, offer a game every three minutes, other companies such as bet-at-home bet on complete tournament series, each of which starts with the round of 16. This gives you the opportunity to choose your favorites from eight simultaneous duels. Especially fans of combination bets get their money’s worth here. In the betting markets, the fictional variant offers significantly less than real tennis. The best sites offer you up to eleven different markets. These include the popular set bets and various under / over options for the number of games won.

Bet-at-home offers you two parallel tournaments on grass and hard court, which are completed within half an hour. You can spread your bets over a total of 60 games within an hour. The competitions start in the round of 16 and go over two winning sets. The odds offered by bet-at-home are slightly below those of their offered real games.

You have to consider that

Placing bets on games by Djokovic, Nadal or Kerber and betting on fictional games are definitely two pairs of shoes. That is why we have summarized the most important points for you, which you should definitely consider before you deal with the topic of virtual tennis betting.

  • Researching player statistics is not necessary as there is no meaningful information about the virtual athletes.
  • Do not invest time in the search for value bets! The odds reflect the players’ chances of winning.
  • Don’t be afraid of manipulation. The software used by the licensed providers is subjected to the strictest tests and is absolutely secure.

Are there any other virtual sports offered by the Bookies besides tennis and football?

In addition to football and tennis, the best bookmakers offer a number of other sports. So you can also place your bets on basketball, cycling, speedway, car racing or horse racing.

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