Sports radar enforces the relevance of betting data

DraftKings and Sportradar are planning a future together

As one of the largest data providers in the sports betting industry, Sportradar is constantly working on optimizing existing technology. Due to the ever faster technology and the enlargement of the betting market, the number of possibilities to get in touch with the interested fans of sports betting is increasing rapidly. In the course of the change, the market leader in the field of analysis of sports data presented a new OTT white paper. Under the slogan “The Future of the OTT Experience”, Sportradar tries to bring the rights holders of sporting events closer to the modern viewer. In the process, emphasis was placed primarily on detailed data and statistical knowledge, which should be given higher priority in visual sports broadcasts.

Optimize for next generation typists

The new approach is based on a greater variety of data and more efficient analysis that Sportradar makes available to partners from the betting industry. With targeted analysis tools, bookmakers can optimize their actions to ultimately increase engagement. The inclusion of betting content and advanced knowledge can use the OTT white paper to ensure a growing spectrum within the modern target group of sports betting enthusiasts.

At the same time, the increased engagement enables the new audience to stay on platforms longer due to the goal-oriented data. Considering the fact that Sportradar has data rights in almost all major leagues as well as international competitions, the advantages in the competitive landscape can be used by betting sites over large parts of the betting program.

One of the most renowned licensees is the German bookmaker Bet3000, the cooperation goes far beyond market surveillance and betting odds suggestions. On our site, interested betting friends get the chance to open a betting account with a lucrative new customer bonus at Bet3000 and get to know the world of betting.

All parties benefit from statistical accuracy

The comprehensive data are important across all competitions. On the one hand, a league association can more easily steer the media landscape in the direction that promises the greatest benefit; on the other hand, bookmakers can support this strategy and use information from the analysis of sports radar to retain betting players and do so as profitably as possible.

The representatives of the industry should ultimately benefit to a greater extent from the increasing importance of sports data, which is of course also directly related to the increased engagement in the acquisition of new customers in terms of the interest of sports betting providers.

In the end, the betting player also benefits, because with more precise data acquisition and, above all, more variety, the betting program also becomes more profound over time, which gives the player more options to type and analyze.

Sportradar writes the future of the betting industry

As a pioneer in trend-setting links between data, results service and video streams, Sportradar has investigated how, with the inclusion of betting content and expanded knowledge, interaction with the modern betting community can lead to closer ties in the long term.

Taking gamification into account, the aspects of personalization in the entire industry were examined and the extent to which these data feeds can help to act in a profit-oriented manner. It is also interesting that the test phase involved working with big names.

Based on comments and analyzes from Sportradar customers, such as Onefootball, the Bundesliga top club Borussia Dortmund and the European Volleyball Association, some recommendations have already been identified.

Insight into the cooperation of the company

Sportradar works with the sports industry at various levels. The football market naturally plays an important role, here partnerships are maintained with FIFA, UEFA, the DFB and also with Serie A as well as AFC, AFF and CONCACAF. Outside of football, Sportradar is closely linked to the international tennis association, the International Cricket Council and the England and Wales Cricket Board.

Sportradar is also responsible for data collection in the DKB Handball Bundesliga and in the EHL as well as in the Professional Squash Association. There are also partnerships in the American sports market with the popular associations of the NBA, NHL, MLS and MBL. In addition there are the racing series of NASCAR and the PDC Professional Darts Corporation as well as World Snooker Ltd.

The list is of course much longer, which means that partners in the betting industry benefit from an enormous data pool, which guarantees betting at the highest level. The best German betting sites with attractive bonus offers can be found in our informative lists.

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