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Best Online Sportsbook Sites USA 2020

How to Choose a Sportsbook

You’d think that with the hundreds of sportsbooks online, finding one would be simple. But that’s not the case. There are a couple of reasons why.

#1 – Sportsbooks don’t offer the same thing. Each book offers odds on different sports. They might have different bets, promotions and banking options.

#2 – Starting an online sportsbook isn’t as difficult as a brick and mortar shop. It takes a small investment and some technical aptitude.

This makes it easier for scam artists to launch faux sportsbooks to take advantage of unsuspecting punters.

So it’s worthwhile to choose a sportsbooks, the right sportsbook.

But that leaves us with a question; how do you find a solid, reputable book?

The first thing I recommend doing is asking yourself a few questions:

  • What sports do I want to bet?
  • How much do I want to bet?
  • What banking options can I use?
  • Do I want to bet on live sports?
  • How do I want to bet – computer, tablet, phone, all 3, what?

The answers to your questions will narrow down your options.

From here I suggest reading reviews. BUT YOU HAVE TO BE CAREFUL.

Many sportsbook review sites tout sportsbooks on the back of the commission they will receive. History has shown that almost always ends with players getting screwed. They make a deposit and never see their money again.

So you should compare sportsbook ratings from one site to the next. It should strike you as odd if one site rates a book an ‘A,’ but other books rate it a ‘C.’ I would trust the majority (assuming the same company doesn’t own all those sites).

When you’re done you should have a handful of sportsbooks to choose from.

At this point I recommend signing up to at least 2, if not 3 of them. The reason is so that you can compare odds and get the best price on your bets. This is a good idea, even if you don’t bet professionally. Saving money will preserve your bankroll (so you can make more bets). You’ll get to take part in tons of exciting promotions, too.

All that said; would you like an easier way?

Just use our recommendations. They’re the best all around US sportsbooks. Sign up or read our reviews to learn more.

All the Bets, All the Games; Confused?

Betting on sports can be confusing at first, you have decimals, fractions, positives, negatives and all sorts of constantly moving numbers. On top of that, each game you want to bet on has different rules.

We have hundreds of articles to help you through the mayhem of betting that may seem confusing at first but becomes second nature. Pro sports bettors literally have it down to a science where they have people covering every single sport, and every single player to ensure they come out on top. Whether you’re going to that level or not, the articles on this site have all been written by professionals!

Safety of Online Sportsbooks

Online sportsbooks is safe, secure and very fun. Chances are you know many people who enjoy to bet on sports online even if you’ve never talked to them about. So many people are doing it nowadays, you’d be hard pressed not to know more than a few people into sports betting online. You can see the wide selection of reputable online sportsbooks at many sites, but at this time we give you the tools before you bet.  Here are some brief tips;

  • Bet at online sportsbooks where that have no history of legitimate non-payment
  • Visit online forums to see whom might be rogued
  • Play at the largest sportbook sites available.  They will have no problems paying if you score!
  • We have many articles for sports betting.  Here is one of our more popular ones; betting mistakes.
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