online sportsbooks in pa

Online Sportsbooks in PA

Advantages of Online Sportsbooks in PA

Millions of people enjoy legal online sportsbook betting – wagering many billions of dollars each year. The Internet offers many opportunities for Pennsylvania sportsbook betting . . . On this page, our staff of experts list for you the top online betting advantages you shouldn’t miss, with details on the best Pennsylvania sports books where you can benefit the most; plus, we’ll warn you about the offshore pitfalls that should be avoided.

#1 Online Sportsbooks in PA Advantage: Conveniance

Online sportsbook in PA allows you to wager 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Lines and odds are available early, and they’re conveniently listed on your computer screen, a single click away.

No need to fight through game-time busy signals and mumbled line readings. Find betting limits that are both higher and lower (sometimes as little as $1).

#2 Online Sportsbooks in PA Advantage: More Ways to Bet

Pennsylvania sportsbook betting offers the basics like sides, totals, and parlays, but also teasers and thrilling big-game props; plus, gambling on the most talked about non-sports events.

#3 Online Sportsbooks in PA Advantage: Cash Bonuses = Free Money

Online sportsbook bettors receive initial deposit bonuses and redeposit bonuses. One online sportsbook offers 20% bonuses on both initial and reload deposits. That means if you open an account with $500, you get $100 free. Redeposit $1000 down the road, and get $200 free. Online pennsylvania sportsbook bonuses are like winning your first bet EVERYTIME!

#4 Online Sportsbook in PA Advantage: Better Lines = More Winners

The more places you have to bet, the more chances you have at getting a better line. The average sports bettor unnecessarily loses thousands of dollars of wagers a year from betting poor lines. Every online sportsbook you add increases your chance at getting a better line – increasing your chance of not being the sucker who lays -3 instead of -2.5 on the Monday Night Football game. The square who limits his action to a single book unnecessarily loses 25 bets a year on average! Multiply your average bet times 25 and see the cash you could be gaining by simply adding more pennsylvania sportsbooks to your wagering options.

Another way to get better lines with online sports betting is reduced juice. The standard juice on a side bet is -110 (Wager $110 to win $100). But some online sportsbooks offer reduced juice less than -110, which means that you can risk less on every bet! Risking less means over the long run you win more.

#5 Online Sportsbooks in PA ADVANTAGE: Confidence About Getting Paid

Years ago, Internet sportsbook betting was risky. A bettor didn’t know much about the places he was sending his money, but now that has certainly changed. The top sportsbooks are legally licensed & regulated – some of the best are traded on stock exchanges.

There are typically two reasons why a bettor doesn’t get paid: The bookie doesn’t have the money, or doesn’t care about getting a reputation as a stiffer. The best online sportsbooks in PA are backed by much more cash and have a much more valuable reputation to protect than any local bookmaker – which means your money is safer. The top online sportsbooks offer free instant payouts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

I spend my entire working life finding out what’s important to know about pennsylvania online sports betting. As the owner of and the Sports Gambling Guide at About – I talk to most of the important people in the business on a regular basis. I use my insider expertise to first recommend only the most trustworthy books, and then to recommend the best advantages offered by each.

#6 Online Sportsbooks in PA Advantage: Getting Started is Simple & Safe

You can get started with Internet pennsylvania sportsbook betting in a matter of minutes. The sign-up process is quick and simple, and with the best online sportsbooks, your personal information is confidential & safe. Many sportsbooks claim to take credit cards, but for most successful processing is rare.

Nothing you do will add more to your sports betting success than adding a healthy number of the best online sportsbooks to your betting options.

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