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What is a SSA bet 

An SSA bet, short for single stakes about, is a bet in the category of Up-and-Down bets, which is a type of ‘any to come’ bet. So starting at the beginning an ‘any to come bet’, often called a ‘if cash’ bet, is a conditional bet. A bet in which future bets are dependent on previous bets. An Up-and-Down bet is one such conditional bet, it is a wager on two selections and consists of two separate bets. A same stakes single bet will be placed on each of the 2 selections. If either of these two bets wins, a single bet will then be placed on the other selection. With SSA bets this stake will be the same as that was put on the first bet (with different types of Up-and-down bets different stake amounts maybe placed for the second bet).

SSA calculations 

I wouldn’t be surprised if the previous section scared most people off from reading further, but in truth an SSA bet is a lot trickier to describe in words than it is via an example. So let’s look at the maths behind SSA Bets and then move on to some examples. Or of course if it seems to hard just use our betting calculator to work everything out for you.

So an SSA is 2 bets and each of these bets are made up of 2 parts. The second part of each bet is dependent on the first part winning, the below list shows this better.

Bet 1

– Part 1: Bet on selection 1.
– Part 2: Bet on selection 2 if part 1 wins.

Bet 2

– Part 1: Bet on selection 2.
– Part 2: Bet on selection 1 if part 1 wins.

Therefore the maths for both selections winning is

((Stake x selection 1) – Stake) + (Stake x selection 2) + ((Stake x Selection 2) – Stake) + (Stake x selection 1)

And the maths for only one winner selection is

(Stake x Winning selection) – (2 x Stake)

Example of how our SSA calculator works 

Now let’s clear everything up with a simple example. We’re going to say the bet has 2 winners at odds of 3.5 and 5.5. The amount staked is going to be £10. So let’s fill the data into out formula.

((10 x 3.5) – 10) + (10 x 5.5) + ((10 x 5.5) – 10) + (10 x 3.5)

= 25 + 55 + 45 + 35

= 160

But remember £160 is the return from the bookie. The profit will be -£20 as that is the money you staked on the bet.

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