Strategy of corner bets

Strategy of corner bets

With online betting sites, the selection of bets is simply huge, you will primarily find football bets, but you can also bet on numerous other sports. In addition to the classic bets with home team victory, away team victory and draw, you can also place many special bets. In order to bet successfully in the long run, you should not bet based on your gut feeling, but should prepare yourself well for your bet and use the right sports betting strategy . A strategy takes time, but it is worth the effort.

You can’t always win with a strategy, but the chances of winning more often with a strategy are greater. A variety of strategies can be found on the Internet, you will find strategies for beginners and advanced users. You will find suitable strategies especially for different sports. Experienced sports bettors use proven strategies, change strategies according to their betting behavior or develop their own strategies. One strategy specifically tailored to football betting is the strategy of betting on corner balls. It is a special bet. To use this strategy, you should be very familiar with football and the teams. If you use this strategy correctly, you can make some money over the long term.

How corner bets work

Corner bets require good preparation so that you can make a profit. You should be well informed about the game and the teams. Different teams often tend to corner balls, while other teams tend to find corner balls a rarity. At least the last five games, but better still the last ten games, you should analyze and find out about it

  • tactical alignment of the teams
  • current form of the teams
  • Corner balls in previous games

You can find out more about the number of corners in previous games in statistics, some of which you can get from betting sites, for example at Tipico or Bet365. The coach can also change tactics if the team has lost a few games recently. You should make sure that this is the case with the teams you want to bet on. The tactical orientation often provides information about the possible number of corners. Corner games are particularly common in cup games and friendlies. You can place bets on corner balls as advance bets, but also as live bets. Even if you are watching a game on the go, you can place bets on corner balls because most betting sites have apps or mobile websites in the program.

Possibilities of betting on corner balls

Corner bets are primarily offered based on the number of corners, but you can also place various other corner bets. Which bets on corner balls are available depends on the betting provider; some betting providers have a particularly large number of bets on corner balls in the program. One option is to bet on the number of goals in the head-to-head comparison of the two teams. Betting on an even or odd number of corners is also possible, but you should refrain from such bets as they are fairly insecure and do not promise long-term success. Such bets are a matter of luck, in the long run there is a risk of losing. With some betting providers, betting on corner balls is still a niche, but such bets can now be found with most betting providers. If you want to bet on corner balls, you should look at the betting offer and also pay attention to good odds. You can place a particularly large number of bets on corner balls at Tipico and Bet365, where there are also excellent odds. With the popular betting provider Tipico you can place a wide range of bets on corner balls:

  • Which team scores more corners?
  • Handicap bet on corner balls
  • Which team gets the first corner?
  • Over / under betting on corners
  • Which team will score more corners in the 1st half?
  • Over / under betting on corners in the 1st half

Handicap bets on corners are still very rare, but such bets are offered at Tipico. Tipico is one of the specialists for betting on corner balls.

Examples of corner bets

Corner kicks are particularly useful when a team that is very offensive faces a defensive team. Here you can bet on which team will score more corners. Good odds apply here especially for handicap betting. To benefit from good odds, you should use the odds comparison. A team will score a particularly large number of corners if they put pressure on and play aggressively. In tight games, corner balls are particularly common in the final phase. Here bets on corner balls offer themselves as live bets, since you can watch the game and assess the situation well. It is difficult to predict corner kicks, even more difficult than with goals and results. You should only place the corner bet as a live bet if you really know a lot about football and can assess whether there will be any corners. Also bets on no corners in the next 15 minutes are offered, they can be placed especially when the game is balanced and takes place in the middle of the field. It is foreseeable that there will be no corner kicks if the teams fail to penetrate half of the opponent.

Earn money by betting on corner balls

If you are familiar with football, you can place bets on corner balls and select particularly profitable and promising bets. Since cornering predictions are difficult to predict, bets like this are always a matter of luck, but good preparation is essential if you want to be successful. You should use statistics, but also inform yourself about the current situation in the teams and the tactical line-up. Since the number of corners is very difficult to predict, the betting sites on such bets have excellent odds. High winnings on corner bets are especially possible for games that you can follow live.


Corner bets are available in different versions, depending on the betting provider. When betting on corner balls you can benefit from good odds as it is difficult to predict corner balls. Betting on corner balls is therefore only recommended for experienced football betting fans who are very familiar with football. If you would like to place bets on corner balls, you should thoroughly inform yourself about past games and the tactical line-up of the teams. A team that is offensive is more prone to corner kicks than a defensive team. Corner bets are particularly worthwhile when an offensive team meets a defensive team!

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