Strategy for single bets

Strategy for single bets

As such, single bets are a simple matter: you choose a game and decide on a tip. The question is, what can or should there be strategy if you are convinced of the victory or defeat of a team and then simply place this tip?

Correct: the well thought-out selection alone, as well as the considerations behind it, which team should ultimately be tapped in, bring about strategic action. In addition, the total of the individual tips placed can, with a little thought, make a clear plus appear on the betting account than if the bets placed were simply based on mood.

The question must therefore be: What should you watch out for or what strategic considerations are there to be convinced of a team’s victory – or defeat – and to play the appropriate tip?

Security through the single betting strategy?

The single bet is one of the most popular types of sports betting. The reason for this is obvious: there is no complicated system behind it. Thus, even for newcomers – in contrast to the combination bet or system bet – it is clear what profit can be achieved with a successful bet.

In addition, the risk for the tip is more manageable: while with a single tip in the category three-way bet the chances of a successful tip are purely mathematically 1: 3 or 33.3%, this ratio changes to the disadvantage of the tipster with the increasing Number of tips in the combination or in the system.

Seen in this way, a little more security can be expected from the single bet: because in addition, the aspect must be considered that several individual tips cannot add the same amount of winnings to the betting account as a combination of the same tips – but on the other hand, one accident is enough or a single wrong tip is not enough to have to say goodbye to the whole bet , as is the case with the combination bet .

What should be the same here and there, however, is the attempt of the sports tip to gain an advantage by having as much knowledge about the sport and the teams involved. Because even if the single bet may appear less attractive than the tempting winnings from the combination or the system bet, the best solution can be selected and played with the appropriate know-how.

What strategic options remain?

As far as there is a definition within sports betting, individual tips are any bets aimed at a single sporting result. It doesn’t matter whether this is in the far future or in the immediate vicinity. Long-term bets as well as live bets count towards this type of bet. This naturally does not make the strategic approach easier.

The first step is therefore to clarify the following points: Which sport should you bet on? Which type of bet is generally suitable for a single bet? According to what considerations can this tip be played?

→ Select bet types by sport: PreMatch vs. Live or long-term betting

Each sport has its own criteria. While there are many points and rapid trend reversals to be expected in handball or baseball, betting in football can be based on the time factor (as this is not stopped when there are interruptions) and mostly on a better prediction of the outcome of the game.

These individual characteristics of the sports also provide a basis for decision-making regarding the type of suitable single bets.

Once the decision about the preferred sport has been made, considerations on the content level follow: Is a long-term bet appropriate? Here as well as when deciding on a game, there are special points to consider. If it is about a defined game or race, the next step is to get as much information as possible about the opponents involved. These help to better assess the probabilities for a pre-match bet or for a possible decision to go live.

One or the other advantage may also be used in real time: on the one hand, the first few minutes of play can ultimately bring decisive insights into the tip. From this point of view alone, the wait until after the start of the game can pay off. In addition, the odds can be adjusted by the live bookmakers in favor of the sports tip if the game is cheap:

If, for example, the favorite is behind or if it is 0: 0 for a long time, the odds for the favorite team will increase drastically and in this way a nice win can be made with a single bet if a favorite wins in the end is recorded (see strategy for live betting )

This allusion to the tip on the favorites alone brings up the last component that can be taken into account in advance of planned individual bets:

→ Favorite win vs. Outsider tip

In addition to information about the teams involved, it is also obvious to deal with the second component in sports betting: betting. There are numerous strategies and considerations that can be agreed for every sports tip player who decides to try his luck with single bets. For example, are tips on the supposed favorites preferred? Can bets on the outsider lead to long-term success?

→ Money management for single bets:

As already mentioned above, some sports betting enthusiasts shy away from single bets, because at first glance the win may not seem as attractive as with a combination bet . The other variant that is often used in practice is that instead of hesitation, the wallet is opened wide to compensate for this difference.


For example, if you take two football games where tip 1 has a odds of 1.5 and the second tip has a betting odds of 1.8, this results in the following difference with the same stake – here 10 euros -:

Single bet:

Tip 1: 1.5 x 5 euros bet + Tip 2: 1.8 x 5 euros bet = 16.5 euros. This corresponds to a net profit (profit minus bet) of 6.5 euros.

Combined bet:

Tip 1: 1.5 x Tip 2: 1.8 = betting odds 2.7 x 10 euros bet = 27 euros profit or 17 euros net profit. The net profit would be 10.5 euros higher than with the single bet. However, there is also a higher risk.

It is therefore important to use smart money management when using a single bet tip . On the one hand, this can be achieved with the best odds for each tip. While in a combination bet both tips have to be played by the same betting provider, the best betting odds can be used for two independent tips. The prerequisite is that there is a detailed comparison of the betting odds and that there are also betting accounts with several betting providers. In this way, part of the difference can be absorbed with less risk.

In any case, the basic principle is never to use the entire available budget for a tip or to choose the bet so that it can also be compensated for in the event of a possible loss!

All in all, the single bet, which at first glance may be scorned, brings a number of advantages over other types of bets. Nevertheless, it is not a license for the weather success. Here too, the planned procedure can make the decisive difference for the optimal trend curve on the betting account.

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