Strategy for handball betting

Strategy for handball betting

Handball is a sport that is characterized above all by speed and many goals. Rapid attacks, a form-fitting game and many shots on goal or goal throws make the battle of 7 players (6 field players + 1 goalkeeper) for victory after 2 × 30 minutes an exciting experience for fans – and now also for sports players.

In the past, especially of interest in large tournaments, betting on league games has become very popular. The handball sport has experienced a significant upswing in recent years – what has remained is the fact that games are often difficult to predict and are therefore not an easy matter for enthusiastic fans of handball.

However, if you take a closer look at the betting offer and what is happening in the world of handball betting, you can still filter out some indicators and tricks that, if used as planned, can help you to win more. With the appropriate background information, the properties of “fast, goal-shaped game” can be used to the advantage of the sports tipsters.

As always: information is everything

Information is at the beginning of every scheduled sports betting strategy . As with king football, tennis or Formula 1 betting, the first thing to do is to find out as much information as possible about the teams involved. The following factors play an interesting role in handball:

→ The teams: general condition of the players, acute injuries, suspension, host or away game, change of coach?, Other relevant events that could have a significant impact on game performance, …

→ The results:  which results were last achieved by both teams. Maybe there is a team that has a run right now? When analyzing the results, it is of course not only important to focus on victory, draw or loss, but also to include the opponent. If you lose to the leader of the table, it has a different meaning than a loss to the last.

→ The head to head:  head-to-head means the balance in a direct comparison. How many times have the two teams faced each other? When was that and how did these games end? If the last direct duel is already in the past, this point cannot be given too much importance, since the teams and their team composition have probably changed significantly.

→ The goals:  The goal of the handball game is to score as many goals as possible, at least more than the opponent. When analyzing the hits achieved, valuable insights can be obtained for the further procedure in sports betting. It is important to note: How many goals has the team scored in the last five games in total? How many of them were made in front of your own audience and how many were made in other halls? A calculation of the average tendency of the goals scored in the last home or guest games can be of crucial interest.

Many of these relevant data and facts are made available on the platforms of the betting sites in statistical tools. In addition, the World Wide Web of course has all the information about handball. If these are put together, the difficult situation of betting on handball is probably once again evident – because if a three-way bet is to be played, the following scenario is preprogrammed in most cases:

Statistically speaking, a handball game rarely ends in a draw. Since a goal is more or less decisive for victory or loss and there is no delay, as is possible in football (30 minutes of play = total, the clock is stopped when interrupted), there is a winner in most matches. Due to the many goals and the possible quick turnaround at the end of the season, a winning tip in pre-match bets is often a difficult decision.

However, if the decision is made easy for the sports tipster due to the initial situation, a clear favorite is in the game. However, this also means that a winning tip on the supposedly much better team usually hardly offers any really profitable betting odds.

The number of goals can decide

One way to avoid this dilemma is to use special bets. Good betting providers in the field of handball betting, such as Bwin, Bet365 or Tipico , equip their range of betting options with an appealing selection.

If you want to keep a supposedly clear favorite with a winning tip, it makes sense to take a closer look at the range of handicap bets . Here too, successful analysis requires precise analysis work and preparation based on the information collected.

The over / under bet in handball:

However, the over / under bet is widespread and popular among handball bets . This is not a bet on the eventual winner of the game, but the total number of goals scored is the focus of betting. For the evaluation of the over / under bet, the sum of the hits of both teams is formed. The tip was then, for example: More than 58.5 goals will be scored. If the game finally ends 31:29, this results in a total of 60 goals, the bet is won. If at the end it is 30:28 on the scoreboard, the 58 goals mean in this case the loss of the bet.

With the detailed analysis of the opponent, as well as the goals of the past games, a tendency emerges for the team to be bet on. Attention, it is important to note that teams may hit the net more often at home than in a foreign handball hall.

In addition, a closer look at the betting offer at several betting sites sometimes even shows a gap in how almost risk-free the under / over betting type can be used: although most betting sites keep an eye on the betting offers, there are quite different betting options in handball Limits for the over / under bet. For example, while one provider offers the tip “more or less than 54 goals”, the same game with another betting provider has the over / under bet with 50.5 goals. This difference can be used if the betting odds are suitable .

An example:

Belgium and Germany meet in a handball game. Bet provider A offers the over / under bet with a odds of 2.20 for 54 hits or less. Betting provider B has the same bet for the game with a limit of 52.5 goals and a odds of 2.10 if more than 52 hits are scored.

If individual tips are now played at both betting providers with a bet of 15 euros, there are the following three profitable options:

Game outcome:∑ Number of hits:Determination of profit:
27:2855 goalsBet A’s bet is lost, but thanks to the second tip there is a profit of EUR 31.5. Less the stake of 30 euros (2 × 15) ultimately remains a small but fine net profit of 1.50 euros.
25:2752In this case the bet of provider B is lost. The winning tip of less than 54 goals brings in 33 euros (odds of 2.2 x 15 euros). As a net profit you can look forward to 3 euros.
The optimal case: 26:2753 goalsBoth tips work out and bring a total of 64.5 euros in profit (winning bet: 1 31.5 + winning bet 2: 33 euros). Less the stake, you can cheer over 34.5 euros.

The main challenge with this strategy is finding a suitable betting offer. It is important to filter out two offers that have the best possible range for over / under betting and also bring the corresponding betting odds with them.

Less arithmetic with live betting

All sports tipsters who do not want to perform a mathematical performance of this kind before the tip also have the option of tips with a high tension factor around handball betting : live betting .

In real-time betting, two possible strategies are often used for handball games:
→ late live betting:

Late live bets aim to ensure that the varied information about the course of the game can be used. There is a delay until the end of the season in order to be able to read a tendency from the game. If this shows up against the passage of time, a winning tip can be played in the live bets.

Late live bets sometimes bring lower winnings, since the online bookmakers naturally also adapt these to the course of the game. However, there is a lower risk than with a bet before the start of the game and overall , if this approach is followed consistently, nice positive tendencies can arise on the betting account .
→ Favorite as a late starter:

With this approach, it is important to have a finger on the computer mouse at the start of the game. Because backlogs of supposed favorites are used at the start of the game. If the clearly favored team is behind after a few minutes of play, the odds in the live bets are adjusted accordingly and thus there are higher chances of winning even with favorite winning tips.

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