Strategy for ice hockey betting

Strategy for ice hockey betting

Ice hockey has its own rules: if you divide the playing time, not half, but third come out. In 3 times 20 minutes (net game time) two teams fight to get the puck into the opposing goal as often as possible. It’s a bit under-body, but in any case very quickly: the little black disc can fly over the ice at up to 190 km / h.

It is precisely these aspects that make ice hockey so interesting. In Europe, in addition to the Scandinavian countries, particularly popular in Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Russia, classic ice hockey comes from overseas: from America and Canada.

hanks to the global network, information about ice hockey can now be found at home for everyone and the runners are becoming increasingly popular in the area of ​​online sports betting. Not only the annual World Cup is a fixed program, but also the games of the national championships.

And wherever sports betting is played with enthusiasm, there are also considerations and ways to make it a little more successful with strategy. When it comes to the bare ice and the puck, four approaches have emerged that are particularly popular among ice hockey fans:

Betting on the 1st third

If you believe the statistics, almost 60% of all 1st thirds in ice hockey end in a draw. Even though draws are generally less common in ice hockey than in football, for example, a third is an exception. If it can happen – especially when two teams of roughly the same strength meet – that part of the ice age ends in a draw or without goals, this event is more common, especially at the start of the game.

The teams wait and see how the opponent behaves and how the game develops. There are now two approaches to betting on draws in the 1st third:

On the one hand, it is of course essential to get information about the teams involved: how has the game played in the last three to five games? Based on the evaluation of this data, first insights for the decision on the tip on the first third ends draw.

If this information is not conclusive enough for a tip, a live bet in this category can still be used. The first minutes of play can thus be waited for and new insights gained for the betting strategy. If this second variant, i.e. that of live betting, is preferred, it must also be clear that the experts of the betting sites also follow the game and adjust the betting odds accordingly. So if you wait, in a case that corresponds to the 60% draw statistics mentioned, lower profits due to lower odds must be expected.

Goal betting

Since in ice hockey , like in handball, there can be rapid changes in the game status – especially towards the end of time – it is often difficult to give a winning tip to one of the teams on the ice. Power play situations, empty net goals and time or game penalties drastically influence the course of the game and give even the smallest underdog the chance of a win.

A trend towards goal betting has therefore almost developed in the field of ice hockey betting. If you want to successfully place ice hockey bets with brains, a large number of sports tippers use classic goal betting . It is bet on how many goals will be scored in the game, but it does not matter which team scores the goals.

As already mentioned when betting on the 1st third, all relevant information is found here in the results of the past games: How many hits did each of the two teams involved score in the last five games? Who were the opponents? Did you play at home or in a foreign ice rink?

After answering the questions and evaluating the relevant facts and figures, a corresponding goal bet can be selected from a betting site. If the statistics do not provide clear information about the tip, it can also be worthwhile to wait for the first bully and thus for a live bet with this strategy.

The game can now be reacted to in real time : if several goals are scored in the first third (e.g. 3-5 goals), there is a good chance that this trend will continue in the last two thirds. An over-bet can then lead to a good mood and a positive outcome on the betting account.

Strategy for ice hockey betting
 Figure above:Excerpt from the ice hockey betting range at the betting provider Bet365 : the British bookie has a wide range of options for popular goal bets.

The same applies here: waiting can provide security for the tip. However, the earlier the tip is played, the better it is for the development of the betting odds . It should also be borne in mind that one-sided high tours in the 1st third may tempt the game to fall asleep a little despite the inhospitable cold on the ice. A continuation of the door series is then rather unlikely. However, if the many goals correspond to the statistics that around 2/3 of the first season ends in a draw and the goals are therefore distributed almost equally between the two teams, a goal-rich game seems to be continued.

In addition, it can be expected that a lot can happen, especially in the final minutes of the game: Especially when a team is only behind with one goal, empty net situations and further hits can occur.

Late live betting

While the first two strategies in particular closely examine the course of the game at the beginning of the dispute, it is necessary to wait and see here: statistically speaking, ice hockey still falls very much in the last 2 minutes before the end of the season and a score of just one goal difference often goals. The back team then usually takes the goalkeeper out of the field – this results in a so-called empty net situation. The goal is therefore not secured and the chances of a goal for the leading team increase.

On the other hand, the team now has one more field player who may still be able to score the decisive goal. The betting odds for goals in the last minute are accordingly attractive and it can be worthwhile to wait until the end of the season to finally refine the exciting finish with a late live bet.

There is actually no tie …

But be careful: both with exciting bets in the finish, and basically with tips on ice hockey, you have to look closely at what is now being tapped. In ice hockey, the regulations actually do not provide for a draw. If there is no winner in the third third after the end of the season, the teams must go into overtime (extra time). With all winning tips it is therefore important to pay attention to: the overall winner (including a possible extension) or the final score after 60 minutes, i.e. the final siren of the third third.

If a game is in overtime, the considerations regarding late live betting can of course start all over again: both teams are under pressure to score a goal, after all a winner must be found in the game.

As the explanations of the most popular and probably the most promising approach to ice hockey betting with strategy already suggest, as much information as possible about the game and its protagonists is of enormous advantage. Game developments and moves are easier to read if you are fully informed. Results from the last games also help to decide on one of the strategies mentioned and the corresponding tip.

In addition, knowledge can also be power over the betting odds offered. Betting providers pay attention to all aspects of the odds structure that have to do with the two teams and leagues involved. Especially ice hockey fanatical – maybe even Scandinavian – bookmakers therefore have bookmakers with a lot of specialist knowledge. In this case, it becomes difficult to gain a personal advantage or knowledge advantage in order to finally choose the best offer with a good betting rate.

Regardless of which strategy is chosen or which tip is to be played, an overview of the betting offer and a subsequent comparison are as essential as the previous process. Because good leagues such as the NHL or the Swedish league, where a lot of information is transparent, often mean tightly calculated odds for ice hockey-savvy betting providers. Championships that seem to be of less interest to bookmakers promise a good chance of better betting odds for the tipster. Insiders also have the opportunity to gain a head start in knowledge in order to place the winning tip.

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