Successful sports betting

Successful sports betting

It is a fact that the majority of sports weather has to live with failures day in and day out. The reasons for this are two-sided. On the one hand, there is a lack of necessary sports knowledge, on the other hand, betting errors are made.

Below we have put together ten tips that should help you with successful sports betting. From now on you will certainly not get every bet slip right, but in the long term the suggestions are useful to land on the winning streak:

1. The right financial start is important

In our experience, successful sports betting begins before the first bet is placed. The decisive basis is a seriously calculated bankroll , i.e. your start-up capital. At this point it is important to be honest with yourself. Only deposit money with the bookmaker that you do not need for other things in life. Never make the mistake of viewing sports betting as a profession. At some point you may have the chance to act as a betting professional, but never in the starting phase.

2. Without strategy there is no success

In any case, you need a betting strategy. Anyone who bets on other sports, leagues or betting markets and options every day without a system from the gut will definitely fail. We do not want to recommend a sports betting strategy to you here. You can succeed with different systems . It is important that you follow your line over a longer period of time. Only after weeks and months will you see whether your path is the right one.

3. Money management is elementary

In addition to the betting strategy, money management is elementary. Your assignment scheme must match your financial circumstances. In practice, it makes no sense if you bet 50 percent of your capital on one tip. The rule of thumb of successful sports bettors is that a maximum of five percent of the balance should be played on a betting slip .

4. Value bets – the less known leagues than gold donkeys

Of course, the value bets are promising. Specifically, this means that you estimate a probability of a result higher than the bookmaker , i.e. the betting provider offers you an above-average rate. You will very rarely find the value bets in the top leagues. The offers for the Champions League or the Bundesliga are usually very, very precise. The betting odds match the teams’ chances of winning. In the lower leagues or in the field of frame sports, however, the situation is different. Here you can easily beat your bookmaker with your knowledge. Try to focus on corresponding niche markets sooner or later .

5. Favorite bets – a deadly mistake

It is a cardinal error, which is practically committed by every beginner in sports betting. The first tips are put on the supposed favorites. Of course, it makes sense for teams like FC Bayern Munich or FC Barcelona to win their game, but in the long run you won’t end up in the green with favorite bets. “Super-safe” betting odds of 1.2 or less fall almost every day. The risk is out of proportion to the possible “lean” return.

6. Combined bets, yes with a but

A second major mistake is the combination bets with which the profit is to be pushed. In our experience, the betting professionals generally only rely on solo tips and not without reason. Every additional selection of bets on the betting slip carries an additional risk. You can only combine events on one ticket that you would also play as a single bet. Furthermore, your station wagons should be limited to two or three games . Longer game series rarely lead to the desired success unless they are secured by a system betting strategy.

7. Eliminate greed, patience brings success

If you want to successfully bet sports, you have to turn your greed off. After a few weather episodes, many users switch internally to “professional mode” and increase the bet amounts without any need. Logically, more brings more – but this shot usually backfires. Always stay with a defensive betting structure and prefer to have the winnings paid out. In the negative case, patience is the most important lucky charm. For example, anyone who works with doubling strategies catapults themselves to the sidelines. The exact opposite is true. The stakes must be reduced. Try to equalize a retracted minus with small steps.

8. Sports betting professionally as a business

We have already advised you that you should not see betting as a profession. At one point, however, professional business conduct is necessary – in bookkeeping. Make statistics for all your tips . On the one hand you keep an eye on your income and expenses at all times, on the other hand you see the errors in your betting strategy and can readjust if necessary. A profit and loss account is part of successful sports betting.

9. Keep multiple bookmaker accounts

Only those who consistently bet on the best betting odds will land in the long term. We therefore recommend that you have an account with several bookmakers in order to be able to react to the corresponding differences. In our experience, four or five bookmaker registrations are sufficient to always be in the top field. When comparing betting odds, you always have to consider which calculation model the bookmaker applies to the German sports betting tax.

10. Sports betting psychology – losers become winners

If you want to successfully place your sports betting, you have to be ready to lose in the first step. Psychology actually plays a role in the daily betting business. The moment you transfer your capital to the bookmaker, you should write it off internally. Be prepared for corresponding losses . It usually goes particularly well afterwards and you make attractive profits.

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