Super Bowl Coin Toss Betting

super bowl coin toss betting

It is obvious that people bet on which team is going to win the Super Bowl, hence one of the most bet on games of the year, and in the world, not just the US; but, there are a lot of factors involved in a game. You can make a bet on just about anything related to football strategy and the teams’ performances during those four holy hours in which the world gathers around their favorite flat screen to view the most popular North American sporting event.

what is the Super Bowl coin toss?

That said, one favorite betting option is based on the Coin Toss, which is a Super Bowl prop bet, although you should be able to find similar bets for other sports, such as in soccer/football matches. Just what is the Super Bowl coin toss? It is the way the opening kick-off is decided. The ref (referee) stands there and he throws the coin up in the air and either team captain or rep calls out either heads or tails. Whoever wins the toss gets to decide whether they want the opening kick-off or whether they are going to hand it to the other team and decide on the field side. It is a fairly simple procedure that ensures there will not be any arguments about one team getting an advantage over the other. We leave it up to fate and the Gods of the Super Bowl game – for lack of better wording.

Bet on the Coin Toss

This is actually a good way to get in on Super Bowl betting fun even if you do not have a clue about what team is favored to win, about any of the teams that is playing, or even football in general. It is something you can participate in when you are not attached to who wins or loses the game. Here is why it is a good idea to participate. The Super Bowl is a way for people to come together (no joke) and it is a way to connect with your friends, coworkers, neighbors, or whomever. No one wants to stand in front of the water cooler the day after the big bowl and not have any reason at all to discuss it. If your office does not have a coin toss betting pool, make one and see your popularity rise like a rocket, or at least open yourself up to making some social connections at work. The rocket analogy might be a little dramatic.

There is more than one way to bet on the coin toss and you can save yourself the trouble of looking up statistics in your high school math book; your odds are always 50/50. Here are just a few options to give a try. Bet on who will win the Super Bowl coin toss. Bet on which team will take the kick-off. Bet on whether the winner of the coin toss will take the kick-off or pass it. Bet on which team the ref will pick to call it first. Bet on which team calls heads and which team calls tails, and of course, you can always bet on whether the coin toss comes up heads or tails, too.

So consider this greatly entertaining and easy betting option for the Super Bowl and any other sport for that matter, and make your bets through any of our recommended top online sportsbooks here, providing you with the top in services, security, and bets, within other points.

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