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What is a Prop Bet

Just what is a prop bet, proposition bet, or side bet anyway? You have probably heard of them if you have looked into Super Bowl betting. And you have probably seen slide shows that suggest wacky, fun, and even profitable bets. Some of them can be as easy as your Saturday-night drinking games with your buddies. You know the ones, you are watching Saturday Night Live and every time the host says something about his career, you take a drink. It is one way to get through the monotony of the evening and wake up the next day with a headache that says, “I had a good time” – and “ouch”. A prop bet is essentially exchanging drinks for money. You bet a few bucks that something will or will not happen during the game. Anything at all will do. You can also bet that something will occur for a certain period of time or multiple times. If your bet is right, you get some extra dough.

And so Super Bowl Prop Bets are basically side bets, or in other words, bets on everything but the standard odds, money line, point spread, and over/under (Total). The all time most popular, and perhaps most favorite prop bet for the masses has to most likely be the Super Bowl Coin Toss, which can bring upon several types of bets, but the standard being whether it will fall on heads or tails. The Super Bowl is actually one of the sporting events with the most number of prop bets for that single game… some odd, crazy bets can come-out of this Championship game, such as how many Guitar Windmills will the lead guitarist do live? Will there be another “wardrobe malfunction” as with Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake? Will Quarterback ‘x’ get injured coming onto the field? Who will be named MVP (most valuable player)? And so on… these are just examples out of the air.

Prop bets get tons of action in the sportsbooks simply because they make the game much more exciting to watch – or even just add an extra fun element to your evening with your friends and family. You never know what will happen, but considering the examples above, it might be really easy to cover the bet and win some cash.

Sometimes serious, but mainly silly and good fun, these prop bets can be found for anything – sports, celebrities, politics, television events, and as seen above, specific events of a particular sport; we have even seen prop bets on soap-operas, such as “who do you think killed ‘x’ character?” There is literally a bet and market for everything and everyone – makes you wonder who has this type of job, just searching for good odd bets for the public.

“Will Brad and Angelina adopt another child?” – “Will Lindsay Lohan go to jail again?” – that sort of thing. These are more examples of prop bets within a huge selection of categories that have a lot of public interest. Obviously, for the Super Bowl prop bets, they are all about the Super Bowl day and game. So get your thinking cap on and try out something like “How many times will ‘x’ celebrity appear on TV since they will be present at the Super Bowl?” – “Will celebrity ‘y’ (attending the game) wear a sports jersey?” and so forth.

Suggestions for Prop Bets

Here are some suggestions for prop bets, based on previous Super Bowls, to get your creative juices flowing. You could bet on the length of the national anthem. You can bet that the singer of the national anthem will flub the words like Christina Aguilera did in 2011. In fact, looking back at the history of the national anthem during the Super Bowl, you can make a solid bet that something will go awry with it. Not sure who will win? Do not really care? Make a bet on the outcome of the game in a totally impersonal way that tries to predict if the end score is an even or odd number.

If you do have your eye on specific players and their performance, make a prop bet on it. How many receiving yards will one player get? How about betting on one team scoring in every quarter? You can pick the exact number of quarterback sacks or bet that the quarterback will get sacked more or less than he did during the season.

Another prop bet category is Super Bowl commercials. Whose commercial will air the longest? Make a guess based on past commercials and the biggest brand names. How many tech commercials will there be versus food commercials? What upcoming, ultra expensive, movie trailers will make an appearance? And so on…

If that were not enough, do not even get us started about half-time prop bets. There is probably at least a dozen prop bets you could make about its duration, the performances, whether it goes into overtime, if the performers keep all of their clothes on or if someone has a wardrobe malfunction.

With a few suggestions under your belt is easy to see the vast world of prop betting opening up before your eyes. Still stumped? Think of trying to create the greatest game-day drink-a-thon and what occurrences would prompt your friends to tip up their glasses in laughter, entertainment, frustration or disbelief. If you can do that, you are well on your way to inducing even the most reluctant football fan to sit down and pay attention to what is happening on the screen. If all else fails, you can make a bet that Monday at the office goes by in a haze of wishing you were back in bed and that you had not bet $20 that Betty White would stage rush the half-time show, because, really, what are the odds of that?

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