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Best European Swimming Betting Sites 2020

2020 ends the Olympic cycle with the last major event in professional swimming in Hungary. Before the European swimming athletes go hunting for medals in the Far East, EM titles are awarded in several dozen disciplines. The framework conditions are ideal, especially for sports betting. On the first days of the tournament, preliminary round races in various swimming styles towards the finals will take place over different distances. This is followed by diving and synchronized swimming. As a result, the European Swimming Championships in Budapest 2020 offer many betting options that will be available during the European Championship. You can find out how you can bet on European swimming sport decisions as profitably as possible in my post. You now see a top provider for your tips.

Tap on overall winners and records

With the wide range of swimming styles that are held over different distances in the pool competitions, as many bets on winners are possible. The first tips for European Championship titles at the 35th European Swimming Championships from May 11th to 24th, 2020 can be submitted before the first heats start. There are favorites in almost every swimming discipline. Starting with the freestyle, where there are different track lengths from 50 to 1,500 meters, to the duels over 200 and 400 meters and in the 4 x 100 meter freestyle relay.

Of course there are many more competitions and distances for women and men in professional swimming. The fact is: If you know your way around and have the favorites for the European Swimming Championship betting, you shouldn’t think twice. In almost every swimming competition there is a top athlete that is usually impossible to get past. Finding the dominant swimmers is essential for long-term bets. Outsider bets are rarely worthwhile when it comes to awarding medals.

Furthermore, record bets are a welcome change on the long-term market. Whether in position swimming or freestyle, a swimming athlete from the world’s top achieves his top level and already shows best performances in the run-up to a new course record. A hot candidate is definitely the reigning Russian European champion Kliment Kolesnikow, who is on the world record level over 50 and 100 meters.

An overview of the most popular markets for swimming

By far the most popular bets on the European Swimming Championships will of course be placed on the winners of the individual races. This is mainly due to the fact that in the less spotlighted competitions, such as water jumping or synchronized swimming, bets are usually only possible on winners. For the most famous swimming competitions, bookmakers offer an extensive range of betting. I personally prefer betting on positions of ambitious participants. Most of the time it is shown in the run-up to individual swimming disciplines whether a few candidates can keep up with the favorite. Even if it is not enough for the overall victory in the end, a place in the top 3 is possible.

Of course, these tendency bets do not have the highest odds, but they offer some security compared to classic winning bets. Anyone who regularly follows the events in swimming and learns to correctly assess the participants will find the perfect conditions at the European Swimming Championships 2020 to compare the performance of individual swimming athletes in a direct comparison. In this regard, the Head to Head market is ideal for swimming betting and you can easily use these tips at the next provider.

The special features are important when typing

In general, the number of available bet types cannot be compared with the large international sports markets. For this, the European Swimming Championship 2020 has the advantage that there are many disciplines in the upcoming competitions, which through the heats and semi-finals result in a selection of the best swimmers who compete for podium finishes in the final. Thus, numerous swimming betting tips on the duels in breast and freestyle swimming as well as in position and freestyle swimming are possible. The best thing about these swimming competitions is that the athletes fight for medals at different distances. Victory bets on top favorites are sometimes possible in different swimming disciplines.

Even if it rarely happens that swimming bets on big favorites go wrong, without careful preparation, fatal errors can occur. As a rule, the best swimming athletes have only one or two show disciplines and still compete in other competitions. Under no circumstances should you be tempted by potential favorite odds here. From my experience, it is always advantageous to consult the results of the last races and international events of the past years. If the times are too far from the best times of the tournament winners, then it is rather unlikely that the athlete will achieve a top position in this discipline.

The most important thing about Europe’s swimming decisions

The supporting program of the European Swimming Championships 2020 is ideally positioned for sports betting. Each day of the competition, several competitions are about best times and progress towards the finals. New records are expected this year in the battle for medals in European swimming. After all, the Summer Olympics are already waiting, which is why it can be assumed that everyone from top performers to outsiders will be starting in excellent shape in Budapest. Incidentally, only after the upcoming title fights in the classic swimming sport as well as synchronized swimming and water jumping, the competitions in open water swimming and long distance swimming are held in the Balaton. By the way, do you already know the following top bookmakers?

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