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In general, betting, like sports betting, is the simplest form of gambling. However, you will not find dice and cards like in Monopoly, but in sports betting the gaming device is the ticket. One of the interesting betting strategies for sports betting is the bet on the favorites. This strategy can be used particularly well in tennis, as we show below.

Betting on the favorites

Mostly all betting sites offer tennis bets and here the bets on the favorites. The advantage of this betting sport is that you can bet here almost all year round, since tennis events take place for twelve months and not, as with football betting , a summer break is taken. The biggest major events in tennis are the four Grand Slam tournaments. The Australian Open takes place in January and in between other major important tournaments. It continues in

  • May with the French Open
  • in June with Wimbledon
  • in September with the US Open.

All games taking place are listed on the betting portals. The odds in tennis betting are based on the world ranking of the favorite. Making tennis bets means fevering until the end and internalizing that this bet is only won when one of the two players has decided the match, even if the course of the game may give rise to euphoria.

Betting on the favorites

Betting on the favorites, here on the winner of the tennis match, does not bring particularly high profits in the course of the bet, but here the risk of winning the bet is smaller and you can easily earn good money little by little. However, the favorite you are betting on should be checked carefully and taken into account that the injuries to the favorite or the flooring could result in failure. And since tennis is an individual sport and no other player can step in or be replaced in the event of injuries or problems with the surface, as in a team sport, you should make sure that you get as much information about your favorites as possible . If the betting customer is a little more willing to take risks, the opponent could be bet as an outsider. The percentage chance that the favorite wins is well over 80 percent. This means that the chances of winning are very good here.

When starting small bets, a good strategy should be covered at the beginning. The bet must be placed as early as possible and should not be a priority as a live bet for the beginner. The earlier you place your bet on the favorites, the higher the betting odds. The betting sites must also be compared in advance. Take the previous Australia Open, for example, in January 2016, where Serena Williams was a good favorite for women, who also had to defend her title. Here, for example, the odds were 4.00 in the bet on Williams. But as in the case, the favorite is not always in first place in the world rankings.

A good strategy in advance is also to get tennis information, which you can find free of charge on the Internet. These are put online a few days before the start of the game season and should be included in the selection of the bet. To

  • the creation of a betting account and
  • the deposit of the bet

the bet can then be placed. If you have informed yourself beforehand and have made a thorough analysis of the favorites and checked whether the selection is also the favorite with a good odds, the bet can be placed. The information about the playing surface in a tennis match is also of great importance before the bet. So games take place on sand or hard flooring, which not every player likes. There are also differences among the best in the world and should be included in the selection before the bet.

For beginners as well as for security, betting can also be secured here. Either you place a new bet with the same betting site and here on the outsider of the tennis match or you open a different account, also with a well-chosen betting provider and place the opposite bet on the outsider there. However, this does not mean a big win here, but keeps the loss within limits if the bet is lost or a small win would still be possible, since the betting rate for the outsider is higher than for the favorite.


The most important part of the tennis bet on the favorites is the preparatory work of the betting customer. Starting with the examination of a suitable online bookmaker, analyzing the favorite, but also that of the opponent in the match and the associated influences,

  • like injuries to players
  • the existing flooring on which you are playing
  • the current form of the player
  • and ultimately also the odds value,

good conditions are created to win the bet. If the doubts about the bet placed are still too great, a counter bet should be made, either with the same or a different betting provider. A bet can be placed on the bet for the outsider’s win so as not to lose the entire bet, should the favorite not win the match.

At the betting provider, the betting customer should perhaps also pay attention to one or the other betting bonus that is offered, since in some cases the little extras can add a little more.

For tennis fans there are countless betting offers and exciting odds on the worldwide web. With a little time and patience, you soon found the best online bookie and a good betting odds for yourself and can now wait for your victory as a match winner with the tip.

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