Tennis Betting Strategy

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Tennis Betting Strategy

If you are planning on making live tennis wagers during a specific match or tournament, there are a few things to keep in mind. While the live wagers offered by sportsbooks are similar to more traditional pre-match wagers, there are some key differences. By using the tips below you can make sure you get the most out of your live tennis betting experience. Choosing the correct sportsbook is the fundamental first step, so be sure to check out our Tennis Betting Websites page for more information.

Wait for a few games to be played

The whole point of live betting is to be able to place wagers as the action unfolds, so there is no sense in jumping in too early. Watch the first few game of a given match, and take note of how each player is performing and any trends you might see developing. While you are watching the match you should also be keeping an eye on the live updated odds. It is good practice to not have a predetermined plan for when you are going to make your first wager. Rather, let the odds come up on the screen and jump in when you feel that the wager lines up with your feelings on the match.

Don’t fight yourself

It can be easy to make so many bets during a match that you lose track and starting making wagers that are mutually exclusive (can’t both be winners). Be sure to keep close tabs on all of the wagers you have outstanding and try not to double-cross yourself.

Consider hedging a big win

That last point goes out the window in this one very specific scenario. Imagine you bet on an underdog early in the match, and that underdog is getting close to pulling off the upset and landing you a big win. As the match gets close toward the finish, consider a smaller bet on the other player to hedge your big win. This way, you still win if the underdog pulls it out, but you can ensure a smaller win if the favored player manages to come back and take the match.

Listen to the analysis

The commentators announcing the match for the television station are highly experienced in tennis either as players or coaches. Listen to what they are saying during the match and use their observations as a guide to direct your live wagering. They are often good at spotting trends in the points and indicating what player they expect to have an advantage over the long run.

Live tennis betting is a little bit different than traditional betting, but can be even more exciting. Use these tips to put yourself ahead of the competition and in line for big winnings.

Make sure to consider these factors when looking at your live betting options.

Popular Players

Often the betting line will be skewed toward players that are more popular than their opponents. Wagering lines are established with the intent of getting even money on both sides of the wager. Therefore, if one player is more popular than the other and draws more bets from casual fans, the line will be more in their favor than it should be. By considering placing your bets on lesser known players that may be up and coming, you can find good value in your bets. Just make sure to get these kinds of bets in early in the match before your lesser known starts demonstrating his or her true talent.

Good players in bad weather

When a match is expected to be threatened by weather, and includes one of the very best players, consider making wagers on the match being quite short. Using the under on total games in set and total games in match could be great choices. The best players are often capable of dominating when needed, and the threat of rain can encourage them to make quick work of their opponent and get off the court as soon as possible.

Developing injuries

Live betting lines are pretty quick to catch on to obvious injuries, but by spotting minor physical problems with one of the players you can gain an edge. If you notice a slight limp or any other indication that the player is less than 100%, consider wagering on their opponent for the balance of the match.

Don’t chase falling odds

Sometimes when live wagering on a tennis match, you will wish you had gotten in on a wager earlier when the odds were better. Resist the temptation to get in on that wager later in the match when the odds aren’t as good. Missed opportunities are bound to happen when live wagering – it’s just part of the game. In the long run you will be better off just learning from your mistakes and not compounding them by making bets later on a worse odds.

Like anything else, live tennis wagering is an art that must be learned over time. Start out with conservative bets and watch the odds closely throughout the match to see how they change. Once you start to learn the ropes, you will be more confident to trust in your instincts and make some great wagers.

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