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Best Tennis Betting Sites

The best tennis betting sites that prioritize a number of features important to tennis bettors, such as lucrative bonuses, a range of customer support options, multiple betting types, high quality software, reliable real money banking methods and more. At the best tennis betting sites online, you’ll also find player guides, frequently updated statistics sheets, wagering guidelines and more. These types of resources allow you to place smart, informed bets at the best tennis gambling sites.

Tennis betting is hugely popular with fixed odds bookmakers and we explain the various different ways that you can bet on tennis and how to do it profitably with our tennis betting tips.
Tennis betting has exploded in popularity in recent years, thanks in part to the introduction of live streaming, which allows customers to watch the match which they are placing a bet on live online. Firms like bet365 and Paddy Power show matches from virtually every tournament, including Grand Slams such as Wimbledon and the Australian Open, every week and so the sport has become a real presence in the world of gaming.

Why you should bet on Tennis
The first, and most obvious reason, to bet on tennis is because it is fun. If you can watch a top level competitive sports match online for free, a small wager will only serve to enhance your enjoyment. Many people have players that they like and dislike but few are avid supporters of particular tennis stars, in the same way that they are fans of a particular sports team. This means that it’s rare (unless it’s Andy Murray at Wimbledon) to have any real reason to support or boo a player, a bet on a tennis match changes that.

The second reason to bet on tennis is that there are profits to be made. There are only two possible outcomes in a tennis match and even the more specialised Asian Handicap markets don’t offer the possibility of a draw, which means that tennis betting is both simple and, if you know your stuff and follow tennis betting tips from experts on, can be hugely profitable. Bookmakers don’t always get it right and with tennis they are either right or wrong, there is no middle ground, which means opposing a price can be well worth doing.

Types of Tennis bet
Tennis is a relatively simple sport to bet on. As we’ve already outlined, there are only two possible outcomes, so picking a winner is just a case of selecting who you think will win the match. There are also, however, several other types of tennis bet that can be placed, the most common of which are listed below:

An example of some of the types of tennis bets available at bet365

Set betting
This is just what the final set score will be. In a standard tennis tournament (ATP/WTA Tour & Masters 1000) the matches are best of three sets, which means that there are four possible outcomes (2-0, 2-1, 1-2, 0-2) but at Grand Slams the men play best of five, which gives a further two possibilities and, of course, better odds on each. Generally set betting is a good idea when you are looking to either eek out better odds on a favourite or oppose the fancied star.

Game Handicap betting
Handicap betting is slightly alien to some bettors but it is in fact very simple and it is probably most common in tennis. The big bookmakers will all offer odds on an individual match and they will also set a Game Handicap line. Thus the bet is not only will the favourite win, but by how much. The odds on this bet are generally around even money either side and the bet is most popular when the game features a big named player. There may not be any point in backing Novak Djokovic to beat Nicholas Mahut at odds of 1/50 but there could well be value in backing him to win by more than 8 games.

Generally, handicaps will be set in such a way that there can be no ties, and so you will see Novak Djokovic (-8.5 Games) rather than Novak Djokovic (-8 Games). The half game is simply a function to ensure that there can be no draw. In this example Djokovic would need to win by 9 clear games to win the bet.

Calculating game handicaps is relatively easy. It is simply a case of subtracting the losing player’s score from the winner’s score. If Novak Djokovic did beat Nicholas Mahut 6-1, 6-2 then the total margin of victory would be 12 (6+6) – 3 (1+2) = 9. In this case he would have beaten the handicap line and those who bet on Djokovic (-8.5 Games) would win their bet.

Total Games betting
This bet is somewhere between Set betting and Game Handicap betting, in so far as it is a bet on how many games will be played in the match, but it is set up in a manner similar to the Handicap betting, with a line featuring a half game to avoid any ties. The outcome is based, like Handicap betting, on calculating the number of games in a match. Usually the line will be set by the bookmaker and the odds on each side (Over or Under) will be roughly around even money.

For example, in Andy Murray v Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon, the Total Games betting line was set at 38.5 Games. Murray won the match 6-4, 7-5, 6-4, which is a total of 32 games. In this case those who backed the Unders would win their bets.

Outright Tournament bets
This is as easy as you would imagine. You simply decide at the start of a tournament who you think will win and you place a bet on that player. Most bookmakers will accept win or Each Way bets on all ATP and WTA tournaments, with Each Way paid at 1/3 odds for the first two places (reaching the final)

How to be a profitable tennis bettor
Betting on tennis is fairly straight-forward to do but, as with all betting, it is not necessarily easy to be profitable at. Like any other sport, the key to tennis betting is research. There are various online Head-to-Head calculators available, which let you see how two players match up, while the importance of watching as much tennis as possible cannot be overstated.

Thankfully, the advent of live streaming means that, more than ever, tennis fans can follow the sport in great detail, just by having a betting account. Bet365 are the obvious leaders in live streaming and anyone without an account is advised to open one as soon as possible but Paddy Power and Betfair also screen live tennis matches and as long as you have a funded account you can watch on your PC, laptop, iPad or phone. The more that you watch, the more informed you will be!

Of course, it’s not always possible to watch every single ATP and WTA tennis match but that’s where sites like come in. We have teams of writers who watch the key matches, study the form and are able to provide information to supplement any bets that you may have been considering making. If you do your own research and also read our daily previews and tennis betting tips then we’re confident that you’ll be able to become a confident and profitable tennis bettor.