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Best Tennis Betting Sites 2020

Even if not everyone has played, tennis is definitely a popular sport that is well known and is also recognized by the media. Of course, it helps if a player from your own country has great chances of winning the tournament, but even so, tennis regularly ensures that interested sports fans can find other sports in which not only teams are chasing the ball. Tennis is a traditional sport that is played today with many tournaments a year. Getting started quickly, even if you haven’t been that deep before when it comes to tennis betting. The Internet in particular offers enough information to be successful in tennis betting quickly. You can also look forward to exciting matches.

What are tennis bets?

Tennis is a sport that is played either in singles or doubles. Two or four opponents then face each other, whereby two teams are formed in doubles. Tennis together with its forerunner is an old sport and the origins can be traced back relatively well. Even before playing with the rackets, there were games in which a ball had to be carried by hand over a net. In 1874 a similar game was patented under another name. Officially, however, the first Wimbledon tournament started in 1877, as some rules were introduced here. At the same time, it also shows why Wimbledon is considered the most famous tennis tournament in the world. Today there are the big Grand Slam tournaments, but also many others. Actually, there are always opportunities almost all year round

What are the differences in tennis betting?

Tennis bets can be very different, although the way is of course always the same. There are differences in bet types, as there are more options than just the winning bet. A tennis match can sometimes last for several hours, as there are very different markets that can be considered. In addition, there are of course differences in the tournaments, which is mainly related to the players. For occasional bettors who are not really into tennis, the Grand Slam tournaments naturally offer ideal opportunities to try out the sport and sports betting. As a tennis fan, there are many other options.

Betting on tennis matches

If you take a look at the betting offer of a betting site, you can quickly find that tennis always has something to offer. This is because there are many different tournaments throughout the year in which the players compete against each other. Not only are the players who are at the top of the world rankings, but overall there is always something to look forward to. In tennis betting, of course, it starts with the individual bets. For example, you can simply bet on the victory of a player or a double. However, you will quickly notice that the odds can be more interesting than, for example, football. In tennis you can also score with the favorites. Of course, you can also easily combine bets from the large number of markets.

Tennis live betting

If players of other sports go into their well-earned after-work hours, tennis matches may still be running. Several hours are not uncommon, which is of course due to the fact that the game can generally take as long until someone has won with three sets. This can be extremely exciting and offer some betting options. And betting sites usually also have live tennis bets in the program, even if they are not really big tournaments. So while the game is running, you bet on the various possible events of the event and can sometimes benefit from very good odds.

Seasonal tennis bets

Classically, tennis does not have an entire season that runs over a year. There is a season, but it is divided into several tournaments that take place in these time periods. Points are awarded based on the games played there, allowing players to rise in the world rankings. So you can bet on tournaments, for example Wimbledon or the French Open. Sometimes there are seasonal bets where the question is whether a player will win a certain number of tournaments. The tournament bets do not end immediately with the first match, but continue to run, sometimes even until the final. But then with adjusted odds so that most of them also decrease for the favorites, since a win is more and more likely.

The different types of bets in tennis betting

A tennis match consists of much more than just a winner and a loser. The interesting thing happens between the first serve and the last point of the match and this is partly rewarded by tennis bets. There are therefore not just winning bets here, but also other types of bets with which you can make such a game even more exciting. Above all, however, you can also find more odds, which of course enables new chances of winning.

2-way and handicap in tennis

In other sports, draws are possible, but there is basically no such thing in tennis. There may be local regulations, for example for training games, but there are no draws in the competition. The point here is that in the end a winner is determined. Mostly because most tennis tournaments work with knockout systems. The winner goes one round further or wins the title at the end. 2-way bets are therefore quite normal in tennis, since either one or the other player is bet. But these bets can also be expanded with handicaps. One player is given a handicap or the other, usually the outsider, is already given a lead, so that the odds for outsiders and favorites can come closer together.

Head2Head tennis betting

Head2Head bets are a type of bet in which two opponents are compared. They are not so common in tennis betting compared to other sports, but they are sometimes. For example, any two players can be taken from a tennis round and compared with each other. The winner is the one who could tell more points. So if there are two matches in which a favorite meets an outsider, you could use Head2Head tennis bets to compare the favorites and outsiders to create other duels. This can result in equal opportunities for the opponents, who actually don’t play against each other.

Tennis betting with over / under

When it comes to over / under betting, it usually has something to do with points or goals. In the case of tennis, it can also be about sets. Basically, it is based on whether a certain number of points or sentences is exceeded or undershot. The question is therefore not the exact number, but only the tendency. For example, if there are more than three sets, over / under betting also has the advantage in tennis that the odds are interesting, but betting is not too risky, even if you can never know with absolute certainty what is going on Game will happen.

Tennis point betting

In football you can also predict the exact result, which is of course not always the same, but possible with the number of goals to be expected. This is not so easy with tennis, as there are games and sets in which the points are then distributed. But you can definitely rely on it. For example, the exact number of sets or the games within a set. This can vary somewhat from betting site to betting site, but in principle it is offered. It goes without saying that popular matches usually get more bets.

Special bets on tennis

In any case, tennis is big enough as a sport so that the betting sites come up with something from time to time to expand the offers. Special tennis bets can be very different things and indicate special moments in a match. Likewise, there can also be special bets that involve more than just the games and tend to focus on the season. For example, whether a player will win a certain number of tournaments this year. There are often these bets on the Grand Slam tournaments.

Where can you bet on tennis?

In any case, tennis is one of the sports that can actually be found at all betting sites. This is the advantage because tennis is actually very popular and is no longer just an elite sport. It also becomes easy because you can quickly get started. It also becomes particularly advantageous because there is always some tennis tournament on the pitch and you can therefore bet all year round. There is no summer break here and the Australia Open usually starts early in January. This makes tennis betting ideal if you are looking for special markets with betting sites.

You can also use your mobile phone to play tennis

In tennis, players have to be flexible if they want to adapt to the game. As a customer of a betting site, you don’t have to, but you can. Modern technology makes it possible that you don’t just have to sit in front of the computer screen anymore, but can also play tennis on the go. Most betting sites have apps or at least optimized pages, so there is no problem with mobile tennis betting. The advantage is that you can still place bets at relatively short notice, even if you are traveling, lying in bed or even standing in the stadium. Many online bookies also offer live tennis bets on the go

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