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Best ATP Betting Sites 2020

Again and again you read something about ATP tournaments in tennis, which also makes sense. The ATP is the Association of Tennis Professionals and is an association under which the male tennis players of the world compete against each other. The female counterpart to this is the WTA. The ATP World Tour is held annually under the name of the ATP, which includes tournaments throughout the whole year in which the players can compete. There you can collect points to rise in the ATP world rankings. The ITF, the international tennis federation, which also lays down the rules for tournaments and games, is still above the ATP. If you want to bet on tennis, you basically cannot avoid the ATP bets, especially since the world’s best players are represented here.

ATP betting

Professional tennis has been played since the 19th century and has an important mark with the first tournament at Wimbledon in 1877. The ATP is almost a hundred years older and was founded in 1972. The reason for this was that it was better to get the male players and the tournaments under one roof. Later the ATP Tour was launched, which is still available today under the World Tour expansion. Approximately 60 tournaments are held each year, which gives a good cut and shows why ATP betting never gets boring. The Masters tournaments are part of the ATP Tour, but not, as is often assumed, the Grand Slam tournaments such as Wimbledon or the US Open. The most important tournament is the ATP World Tour Finals, which takes place at the end of a season.

Single and combination bets on ATP tournaments

The ATP World Tour essentially consists of the Word Tour Masters 1000, World Tour 500 and World Tour 250, which ultimately results in around 60 tournaments. Of course, there are a lot of games that you can bet on. Not all of them are prominently cast, but those who are tennis fans will be able to find markets for themselves. It is good at the tournaments that you can get very good information practically before the start in order to be able to give better tips in this way. For tennis, the betting sites usually have a lot in their pockets, which also applies to the ATP tournaments. Here individual bets are on the agenda, which offer all kinds of possibilities. Of course, combination bets are also possible, with which you can get even more out.

ATP live betting

Chasing tennis games can be very exciting, especially since there is no specific time in which a match has to end. The game is played until one player has won three sets. This can sometimes be very exciting, especially if a player can still turn a match. But where it is exciting to watch the games, live betting shouldn’t be missing and most betting providers also offer it. Maybe not for the smallest tournaments of the ATP World Tour, but overall there are plenty of ATP live bets where you can try your luck with the constantly changing odds.

ATP seasonal bets

An ATP season usually starts in January and ends around November. A season does not only include one title, but several to be played for. Every tournament is a fresh start and points can be collected at every tournament with which one can advance in the world rankings. ATP season bets are basically the bets that refer to the tournaments, which player may end up undefeated. For most tournaments, the appropriate ATP bets are also offered by online bookies. Sometimes there are overarching seasonal bets, which are about how many titles a player can win in the entire season.

Advantages of ATP betting

Tennis is a popular sport with many possibilities. There are many tournaments throughout the year and, accordingly, markets that are served by most betting providers. So you always get your money’s worth, if you are a tennis fan and it is only about sports betting in general, it will not get boring that quickly. Tennis is closely linked to the ATP and vice versa. Thanks to the many tournaments, there are a lot of tournaments, which offers an enormous number of options from the perspective of tennis betting.

Different ATP tournaments

There is basically no boredom with the ATP, which is simply due to the number of tournaments and the participating players. So if you are looking for betting markets that are productive almost all year round, you can always take a look at the ATP World Tour, which is not disappointing in this regard. The advantage of this is that there are very different tournaments that also include players of different strengths. Many tournaments have different favorites, which enables a variety of odds and markets. As a beginner you can slowly work your way down from the stronger Masters tournaments.

Track ATP tournaments

It would be too easy if just looking at the ATP world ranking would be enough to determine which player will win a match. But it’s not quite that simple. Sometimes not even when it appears to be a real top favorite that meets an outsider. In the end, the form of the day or tournament often decides and it really only helps if you really follow the tournaments to get an idea of ​​them. This is the only way to really assess the players. At least on the Internet there are also good ways to see the tournaments to get more information for successful tennis betting.

Many types of bets on ATP bets

After football, tennis is definitely the sport in which you can’t go wrong with almost all betting sites. There are many different types of bets that can get a lot out of an event. So you don’t just have to tap the winners alone, but have many other options, such as set bets. There are also enough seasonal and live bets. In other words: The ATP World Tour offers a lot of options that are also supplied by many betting providers.

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