Best ATP Indian Wells Betting Sites

Best ATP Indian Wells Betting Sites 2020

When it comes to top tennis, our test winners are already the first port of call for many German tipsters. For you, they not only cover major national leagues, but also all major tournament competitions such as the Indian Wells Masters. As your personal ATP Indian Wells betting site, they not only provide for an extensive portfolio of ATP Indian Wells bets. In addition to betting on ATP Indian Wells, we want to help you build up appropriate expert knowledge in tennis. Get inspiration from our ATP Indian Wells sports betting tips and re-tap our professionals’ predictions as long as you are on the way to becoming a sports betting professional when it comes to tennis betting.

Of course, you can also expect consistently high ATP Indian Wells sports betting odds and an ATP Indian Wells betting bonus for your personal profit maximization when betting on the tennis tournament . If you rely on our recommendations as your strong partner for betting this important men’s tennis tournament in the future, you can expect the best Indian Wells Masters bets from our test winners. We’ll tell you how to get the most out of the WTA Indian Wells Open bets or BNP Paribas Open bets!

Find the best online sports betting for the BNP Paribas Open

The so-called Indian Wells Masters or BNP Paribas Open is one of the most important men’s tennis tournaments. It takes place in California annually in March. It is the first tournament of the ATP World Tour Masters 1000 to be held each year. Since 1996 it has taken place at the same location as the women’s tournament. We are talking about one of the biggest tournaments of our time. 96 players are taking part. We are also talking about one of the largest Masters tournaments on the World Tour. Only the tournament in Miami offers an even larger field of participants. Due to the large number of participants, we are talking about the only two ATP tournaments that last longer than a week. 

The game is played over two winning sets in best-of-three mode. By 2006, the finale had been expanded to a best-of-five mode, now you are back at the best-of-three. As promised in the introduction, the best bookies of our time don’t just provide you with the best ATP Indian Wells sports betting odds, an ATP Indian Wells betting bonus and ATP Indian Wells betting tips. Your personal ATP Indian Wells betting site should also help you develop important expert knowledge. Because you will need this in order to be able to reliably predict your bets on ATP Indian Wells in the future.

This is how you build up valuable expert knowledge

Place your bets on ATP Indian Wells with our top recommendations and you are guaranteed to rely on a strong partner. Here you get a lot of expert knowledge with which you can successfully place bets. This makes it easy for you to get started with ATP Indian Wells. Our top recommendations provide you with tools for maximizing your profits so that you can make profitable winnings from day one. This makes it much easier for beginners to get started. We will briefly introduce them to you. Of course you will also find top odds for your ATP Indian Wells sports betting at recommendations. 

The higher the odds, the higher your potential profit. Not only the odds contribute to your profit maximization, but also an attractive sports betting bonus.With additional credit, you can place more WTA Indian Wells Open bets – and hopefully make more profits. Beginners can try out new betting options and sometimes risk a little more. The additional credit compensates for wrong decisions. The third and perhaps most important tool to maximize profits are the ATP Indian Wells betting tips. This tool is also particularly important for beginners. But even experienced tipsters no longer want to do without our tips and can still get one or two valuable information to place even more successful bets.

These tools also serve professionals

As a beginner, you first have to build up your professional knowledge. Therefore, it makes sense to accept ATP Indian Wells sports betting tips. The easiest way to get started is to simply tap these tips. You should do this until you have built up enough expert knowledge and know all the subtleties of top tennis sports. But even for experienced tipsters, it makes sense to take a look at the tips to check your own predictions. Are the editors typing just like you or do they have other ideas? As an experienced tipster, you can take betting tips as a guide and, in the event of a deviation, think briefly about what makes more sense. By the way: Even if we are talking about an ATP Indian Wells sports betting bonus, this bonus is of course not only valid for your bets on ATP Indian Wells.So we’re actually talking about a general sports betting bonus .

Already knew?

The absolute Indian Wells record winners include Novak Kokovic and the Swiss Roger Federer. Both secured the title five times in total. For comparison: Rafael Nadal, Jimmy Connors and Michael Chang have won the title three times so far . The German ex-tennis professional Tommy Haas has been leading the tournament as tournament director since 2017. The last successful participation of a German men’s team in the final of the BNP Paribas Open dates back to 1998. Ten years earlier, German Boris Becker won the important tournament for the first time in doubles. When betting on the tournament winner, you should have the following players on your screen:

  • Roger Federer (Switzerland): In 2018 and 2019 he lost to his opponents in the final
  • Dominic Thiem: secured the first win against Federer in 2019
  • Juan Martin del Potro: Defeated the successful tennis professional from Switzerland in 2018

Submit ATP Indian Wells sports betting

In our comparison, we placed great emphasis on good manageability and easy operation. After all, you don’t want to have to look far to place your ATP Indian Wells sports betting. With our top recommendations, you can select the sport or event you want to bet on with just a few clicks. For example the ATP Indian Wells. Here, of course, you choose tennis as a sport. Of course, we also only recommend betting sites with a convincing game depth. This means the betting options that are offered to you for an encounter. This applies to this important men’s tennis tournament as well as to King Football. And placing your bet should be just as easy. Good bookmakers offer quick selections. Here it is enough if you click on the odds next to the relevant betting option. Then this will be transferred directly to your online betting slip. All you have to do is confirm your bet on the ATP Indian Wells – and you’re done! It can be so easy if you choose the right partner.

Lucrative betting in top tennis – that’s how it works

For selected matches such as the most important ATP Indian Wells bets recommendations offer more than 30 different betting options. As mentioned briefly, as a beginner you could start predicting the winner of an encounter. This is a relatively simple betting option. You could also try a first handicap bet. Experienced tipsters are given the opportunity to bet with special options. For example, we talk to them about predictions where you guess which player will win at least one set.Or that some set is won to zero. However, you can also predict very riskily whether there will be an odd and even number of games. And of course, bets on the tie break are sensibly covered in a good portfolio. With such a betting portfolio, you can clearly see that the bookmaker makes great efforts to offer both beginners and experienced professionals a perfect home.

How to become a real sports betting professional!

The same principle applies to your ATP Indian Wells bets: knowledge is power. This means that the more knowledge you accumulate about professional tennis, the more accurate your predictions for the matches will be. And exactly when learning this professional knowledge your personal ATP Indian Wells betting provider should support you.First you build up basic knowledge about the important men’s tennis tournament. You already know which current world ranking players are important. Now it is a matter of turning this basic knowledge into professional knowledge. Good bookmakers often even offer you a separate area for this. Here you will find all important information and statistics, but also rules for the bets offered. For example, you can find out about the results of past tennis games. Or you can call up statistics for each individual player and important encounters. You can use this information to become a real expert.

Facts check

If you place a bet on the center court before the start of the tennis match, you usually have enough time to read the ATP Indian Wells Betting Tips or ATP Indian Wells Betting Tips. If you want to use live betting during the current match , you will not have this time. In this case, our recommendations often expand their statistics offering with so-called live statistics.You can of course find that in the live bets. This statistic gives you information about what the statistic thinks of a particular betting option at the moment of the encounter. Or to put it more simply, you can use it to check whether the statistics look similar to your personal prediction. Such statistics help you:

  • Control personal predictions
  • Collect suggestions for predictions
  • Build real expert knowledge

More than just 24/7 with ATP Indian Wells betting tips

There are simply days when you are stuck in traffic forever or you think that you will have to do some shopping in the supermarket quickly. This is annoying when the game that you really wanted to place a bet on starts in a few minutes. With the best ATP Indian Wells betting sites in our ranking, you can place your bets on ATP Indian Wells even if you are not at home in front of the PC. Just use your smartphone. With a mobile offer, it is no problem to give tips on the go. You usually do not need an app or installation for this. Access is via the browser and the mobile website.The entire range is available to you without restrictions on the mobile site and the site is often even adapted to the smaller screens. You can also easily carry out your sports betting payout and deposit on the go . Ease of use is very important here. Of course, you can not only use your smartphone on the go, but also from the couch at home if you want to take a quick look at your current bets during the advertising break.

Broadly positioned in tennis

If you want to bet on the important matches of the second largest men’s tournament in the future, you have come to the right place with our top recommendations. We have already shown you how extensive their portfolio is and what options you can be picked up there. Incidentally, this important competition is not only covered extensively. At recommendations you will also find all matches of the Davis Cup or the Fed Cup! In addition, almost all important ITF tournaments are covered. Of course, the top bookmakers also provide you with a perfect setting for the Australian Open. And it goes without saying that you can find the tournaments for men and the tournaments for women in all the offers mentioned.In addition to king football, the portfolio of tennis bets is often more than extensive.

Language barriers and communication hurdles? It doesn’t have to be!

For a long time, many typists did not have it easy. Because at the WTA Indian Wells Open betting there were initially only English-language offers. Those who didn’t speak English had a problem. Translation programs often only work partially. This can cause confusion, but it can definitely cause delays. This need not be! There are now a number of providers that specialize in German customers. Here you can either find the entire range in German or work with very good programs that make it easier for you to use.This applies not only to the betting options, but also to betting tips, statistics and of course customer support. Because should there ever be a problem with your ATP Indian Wells sports betting, you want to get quick and understandable help. We paid particular attention to this in our betting provider comparison.

Not only great for tennis

When we are about to refer to special additional offers, it is also important to point out that your personal ATP Indian Wells betting provider should not only cover the matches of top tennis in its betting offer . recommendations are also great for all other sports. If you want to bet in the German Regionalliga in the future, you can also find an extensive portfolio of German Regionalliga Bayern bets from good bookmakers . If you are at home with King Football in the international top leagues or competitions, you should check out the range of Brazilian Super League bets , English FA Cup bets or Irish Premier League betstake a closer look. But also the portfolio of volleyball and German handball 1. Bundesliga bets is usually very extensive! In addition to the Indian Wells presented here, all important men’s and women’s competitions are covered in terms of tennis. Are you one of the sports betting fans who can also do something with digital sports from the field of eSports ? You can also find them in our top recommendations with more than sufficient coverage. If you don’t feel like betting on tennis, there is guaranteed variety.

Conclusion: With our help you will find the perfect partner for your ATP Indian Wells betting

Now you know exactly what to look for when choosing your future bookmaker for Indian Wells Masters bets! And now you choose the right bookie for you based on these specifications. Or you make it easy for yourself and just click on the button here. It will redirect you directly to our current top recommendation. You will always find top odds, a broad portfolio and one of the best bonus offers of our time.

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