Best Fed Cup Betting Sites

Best Fed Cup Betting Sites 2020

Fed Cup is a world championship in women’s tennis and is held every year. Until the mid-nineties it was still known as the Federations Cup and is the counterpart to the Davis Cup, in which men’s teams from all over the world compete against each other. The best teams usually meet in the respective teams of the nations in order to then win the title in the Fed Cup together. The Fed Cup is organized in different world groups, with the world group having the strongest teams that will also play for the title. To date, the United States has won the most titles by far, most of which date back to the first half of Fed Cup’s long history. Today the tournament is of course very popular among tennis friends, because it is also a change from that only individual actors actually compete with each other. Depending on the tennis betting offer you can usually find on Fed Cup bets at bookmakers.

Fed Cup betting

The Davis Cup was played for the first time in 1900. As a result, the idea came up to organize such a tournament for women’s tennis. So in 1923 a forerunner was launched, the Wightman Cup. However, this was only a cup for teams from Great Britain and the USA. The latter were so strong in the 1980s that the Cup was finally held for the last time in 1989. But it was 1963 when the World Tennis Association finally launched the Federations Cup to implement the actual idea, so that actually all nations can participate. As in the Davis Cup, the game is played in knockout rounds, whereby 3 points must be scored. Single and double matches can be achieved. There are also many Fed Cup bets when the tournament has started.

Single and combination bets for the Fed Cup

Basically, the Fed Cup is not just the world group. There are also other continental groups that play for ascents. The world group consists of eight teams, each consisting of the best players from the nations. Several matches are played to advance one round or to win the final. For the Fed Cup single bets, this means that there are enough options that the customer can bet on. Of course, the individual markets can also be combined into combination bets. This way you can get even better odds, but of course you have to find the right odds to have realistic chances. Sometimes there are also several types of bets for the matches in the Fed Cup.

Fed Cup live betting

There is no shortage of tennis tournaments throughout the year, so there is always something for fans to watch. The Grand Slam tournaments are always very special, of course, but Davis and Fed Cup hit the same notch. The peculiarity is, of course, that no other nations compete in this way. The games can be equally exciting if you follow them live. The same applies to the live bets that some betting providers have on the games. Live betting has the peculiarity, as the name suggests, that it is given live to the games and can then also benefit from the current events on the pitch.

Fed Cup seasonal bets

At the end of the Fed Cup the winner nation is sought, which is made up of several players. A look at past tournaments shows that there are always favorites that have also won titles. There is rarely an absolute guarantee for the title. Season bets are also good for the Fed Cup, just to give your tips beforehand. In theory, you can usually hand them in even if the Fed Cup has already started. In this case, of course, the odds change. The Fed Cup seasonal bets are also suitable for customers who do not usually have a lot to do with tennis, but are looking for variety in the area of ​​sports betting.

Benefits of Fed Cup betting

The Fed Cup is not just any forest and meadow tournament. In terms of reputation, the Grand Slam tournaments are certainly one more number, but overall, in the tennis world, you can look forward to when this tournament starts, and of course the equivalent of the David Cup. The Fed Cup simply offers variety, which is because the players compete against each other in teams. Of course, this makes a lot possible that is otherwise not on the schedule of tennis bets.

Fed Cup as a good introduction to tennis betting

If you are considering betting on tennis, you should of course start with more obvious tournaments. And just like with football and other sports, such a World Cup can be a good start to slowly approach the many games and names. Anyone who can basically do something with sports will find quick access here, especially since the world group at the Fed Cup also consists of only eight nations. Here you can get a good picture of which teams are competing and what chances are.

Fed Cup Information

The Fed Cup is a larger tournament where the world also watches. The tournament, for which there is a lot of information on the Internet, is also accessible. This is also important, especially if you have not previously bet on tennis or the Fed Cup. Based on the large amount of information and statistics, you can get an idea of ​​the participating teams in order to be able to give better tips. The games are not necessarily broadcast on free television, but the Internet also offers various options so that you can always stay tuned.

Different bet types for the Fed Cup

As a major tennis event in the year, the Fed Cup offers various options that can also be used. The betting sites like tournaments in the style of world championships and regularly serve more generously than usual. Now the Fed Cup is not the most important tournament in tennis, at least in terms of popularity, but it is at the forefront, especially when it comes to women’s tennis. Accordingly, one or the other betting site can find a program that also includes different types of bets. Live and seasonal bets anyway.

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