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Best ITF Women Betting Sites 2020

The International Tennis Federation is over a hundred years old and has ensured that a lot of tennis history has been written during this time. What is particularly noticeable in tennis as a sport is that women played organized fairly quickly. In this regard, the men were often lagging behind, as the Davis Cup for the Fed Cup shows, but in general it was made easier for women here than in other sports. Today there is a general distinction between women and men tennis, which can be seen in the tournaments. ITF women’s betting is everything that has anything to do with women’s tennis and belongs to the ITF association. These can also be WTA tournaments, which are still under the ITF by rules.

ITF Women’s Betting

The ITF was founded in 1913 by several national tennis associations, at that time still under the name International Lawn Tennis Federation. The national associations at the founding included Great Britain, Germany and France. Among other things, it was decided in 1924 that tournaments should be held annually in France, Great Britain, the USA and Australia, which should become a permanent tour. The tournaments that had taken place up to that point became the Grand Slam tournaments, i.e. with the French Open, Wimbledon, US Open and Australia Open. The men’s tennis players’ trade was founded in 1972. A year later, ATP was followed by the WTA for women’s tennis. There are plenty of opportunities today to take advantage of ITF women’s betting. The four Grand Slam tournaments are of course included.

Single and combination bets on ITF women’s tournaments

Tennis is one of the sports in which women play as much as men. Not mixed, but in parallel and very successful on both sides. There is really no shortage of opportunities to bet, because the ITF or the WTA organizes several dozen tournaments every year, so there are always opportunities to bet. For the ITF women there are of course also the four Grand Slam tournaments where you can place your bets. In single bets, for example, the bet is simply on the victory of one of the two players. Or teams, if it is a double. Every market at the betting providers can also be used for combination bets.

ITF women’s live betting

Where there is a tennis match, the tension is not far. A maximum of three sets are played for the women, so if two are won, you are one round further. Nevertheless, such a match can drag on if both players act at the same level. And during a game a lot can happen that you didn’t have on your screen before. It may be possible to predict the set wins well, but it gets more difficult with the points. During a women’s match, ITF women offer live bets, because you can bet directly on the games while they are still running. Exciting odds are the result, where you can sometimes experience nice surprises.

ITF women’s seasonal bets

There is also a kind of season in tennis. It usually lasts from January to November and describes which tournaments are played at the time. So there is no championship towards the end, only the tournament wins during a tour. For women, for example, this is the WTA Tour. ITF women’s seasonal bets mean above all the odds for the tournaments, in which you can bet on the possible winner. If you are looking for a good and easy entry here, you can take part in the Grand Slam tournaments, as the best players in the world will compete here. Sometimes there are also seasonal bets where you bet for a player how many tournaments she will win. As soon as a tournament has started, you can usually still tap on the winners, but with different odds.

Advantages of ITF women betting

The ITF is the world’s largest tennis association, which on the one hand organizes tournaments itself, but also provides for a large number of tournaments a year with the two sub-associations ATP and WTA. There are so many options for ITF women betting that you may not be able to do everything anyway. Certainly not every tournament provider offers every tournament, but the bigger competitions of the tours are definitely included. In short: there are many occasions when you can bet on women’s tennis.

ITF women’s betting offers many opportunities

It can quickly be seen that the betting sites have become very familiar with tennis as a sport. Actually, there are regularly enough quotas for tennis alone at all betting sites and of course the ITF women’s tournaments also have a massive part in this. So if you want to bet on tennis, you won’t get past these tournaments in one way or another. As exciting as with the men, it is the four large Grand Slam tournaments that can also provide an easy introduction to the sport including sports betting.

Information about the ITF women’s tournaments

Successful sports betting is not the result of random tips. If you only feel gut, you can also throw a coin. Gambling is something else and if you know the teams or players you can make better predictions. Information is important for this. The more of it, the better the predictions can be made. Of course, there is never a guarantee, but those who deal with ITF women’s tennis simply know more about it. The tournaments are rarely broadcast on television, but the Internet offers many good sources where you can find out about the tournaments and players. So you can get a good level of knowledge very quickly as a beginner, which will probably also pay off.

Different types of bets on ITF women’s tennis

There are many tournaments over a year. There are so many that you wouldn’t really be able to bet on any of them or every match. There are many occasions when players of different strengths meet. That also has many advantages. Especially when it comes to women’s Grand Slam betting, there are often many different types of bets. In this way, a single match becomes the source for many bets that go beyond the question of victory. You can then bet on set bets, for example, and there are also handicaps. That varies from bookmaker to bookmaker, but most are basically well stocked when it comes to ITF women’s betting.

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