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Best Tennis Live Betting Sites 2020

Are you one of the sports betting enthusiasts who primarily make their predictions at home on the tennis court? If you bet on the rapid rallies, would you prefer to play tennis live? Then you are in the right place in our tennis live betting guide for the best sites of tennis live betting and tennis live betting. We not only introduce you to the sites where our editors also regularly have live bets on the major important tennis tournaments. We also provide you with valuable tennis live betting tips and tennis live betting strategy ideas with which you can maximize your future winnings from tennis bets and especially the live offers.

What are tennis live bets?

When we talk about so-called tennis live bets or tennis live bets, we mean your online bets Germany that you place on tennis bets . And not the betting options you type before the start of the game, but in this case we are talking about online sports betting Germany exclusively via the so-called live bets. Even after the game has already started, you have the possibility to bet live tennis bets on the outcome of the game or live bets on individual set exits. Live betting gives you the opportunity to watch 10-15 minutes of the game when two opponents of equal strength compete against each other to get an idea of ​​the shape of the day. 

After that, you will often be able to make very accurate predictions with tennis live bets. So you can give yourself an advantage in your tennis live bets, so to speak, if you fall back on this special form of betting. Tennis Live betting has a slightly smaller portfolio of betting options than you know from the pre-match sector.Play free sports betting bonus comparison if the tennis live betting odds allow it.

How do we rate sites with a tennis live betting portfolio?

We present you here the offerers with whom our tennis enthusiastic editors regularly place their tennis live bets. That is why we are the first to check what the bookmaker’s portfolio of live tennis betting turns out to be. For example, we check which major events of the WTA Tour are covered with live tennis betting. We check what it looks like with live tennis bets in the individual national leagues. In short, at the top of our comparison of the best tennis live bets you will find the sites who cover an extensive range of live tennis bets. Then we take a closer look at the game depths. By game depths are meant the betting options that a site offers in its live betting. The more the better. Last but not least, our rating also includes

Did the bookie make it to the top places in odds comparisons, especially with tennis and live betting? This aspect also flows into our assessment. Basically, we rate tennis betting in the live sector no differently than eSport live betting or live horse betting . But it is also important to us to set up the general live betting offer. Can it be used sensibly and quickly? Are live betting results displayed without delay? You see, the bookmaker has to convince not only in terms of live betting offers . The tools that he makes available to you must also be correct.

How do I find the site with tennis live betting that fits me perfectly?

As you have already noticed, based on the different evaluation criteria we use for tennis live betting or tennis live betting, the individual sites differ from our betting site comparison in small but important unique selling proposition. Do not get us wrong now: we generally only provide you with the best betting sites 2020 for your tennis live bets in front. This means that if you orientate yourself to our tennis live betting ranking and select a bookie of the top places, it is guaranteed that the portfolio and depth of the game will be extensive and that the Livecenter will be user-friendly. However, there are differences, for example, in the design concept, whether there are stationary elements or what the mobile offer is like.

What is particularly important to you?

There are typists who attach great importance to the fact that the design concept looks very simple and puristic. Still others expect that the mobile offer on their smartphone will replace betting on a desktop PC. You have to do a little bit of checking for yourself, which is particularly important to you. That is why you will also find short keywords in our list with which the providers stand out from the competition. These are exactly the small unique selling points that you should orientate yourself to to find the site that suits you perfectly. Also with your bookmakers for your tennis bets, whether live or pre-match, it is particularly important that you do not register with any bookmaker.

Make sure you have a fun first time!

The worst thing would be if you use Google search to log in to a bookmaker unknown to us and deposit there. It is already guaranteed that you will be cheated. We want to help you make sure that you do everything right when choosing your bookmaker and thus lay the foundation for a lucrative hobby. We know that if tipsters are not satisfied with their first bookmaker and take a negative experience home with them, they lose their appetite for online sports betting. It doesn’t have to be that way. 

When choosing the perfect bookmaker for your tennis live betting, the following also applies: first check, then finish. Not every bookmaker suits you. And you don’t suit every bookmaker with tennis live betting. With our help you will find exactly the provider that corresponds to your personal ideas and “matched” with you.

The best betting options for your tennis live betting

Now let’s take a look at which betting options are really worthwhile in tennis live betting. Get an overview of what is possible with live tennis bets in the live sector and with pre-match bets. With the knowledge we can then switch to the topic of tennis live betting strategy. The main tennis live betting options include:

  • Match winner : Here you predict the match winner in your tennis live betting tips
  • Sentence winner : This is all about who decides the current sentence
  • Over / under betting : An over-under-number bet is, for example, bet on the number of games per match or per set. If you like it a bit more risky here, you can go straight to predicting the number of games in a set or match. For example, it would also be possible to predict only an even or odd number if no exact number is to be predicted.
  • Accurate result bets : these are probably the most difficult predictions. Because here you have to predict exactly what the result will be. It can be the result of the entire game or just a single set.
  • Is there a tiebreak? : Here you bet on whether such a tie-break can occur in the current sentence.
  • Handicap bets : Handicap bets are used in tennis live bets especially when you want to predict how many sets a player will win per match. If a very strong opponent competes against a very weak opponent, a handicap can give the weaker opponent a head start.
  • Long-term bets on tournament winners: You will not find a classic long-term bet in your live bets. You place them before the start of a tournament in the pre-match sector of the bookies.

If you are a beginner, you should first focus on simpler betting options. For example, by predicting who will win the tennis match. With tennis betting, you have a decisive advantage over soccer betting. Because in tennis you will only find 2-way bets when it comes to determining the winner of an encounter. In contrast to king football where there are 3-way bets, there is no tie in tennis and therefore only two possible outcomes. For the experienced tipsters, almost all bookmakers from our comparison also offer the option of 1-game combinations for live betting. Either the bookmaker provides ready-made 1-game combination bets, in which he packs individual betting options on the match in a combination. Or you have the option

Tips & strategies for tennis live betting: This is how you get the most out of your tips

If you are new to the world of tennis live betting then you will probably be asking yourself how experienced professionals can always be right with their personal tennis live betting and tennis live betting tips. Can these be professionals in the future? No. Otherwise they would probably be better off playing the lottery than playing sports betting. These professionals are able to evaluate statistics and accurately predict them using statistical information. 

You will learn that too. This is the key to success in order to win properly with your tennis live bets. And reading statistics for your own benefit is also the easiest tennis live betting strategy you can learn. Every bookmaker from our comparison offers you a statistical tool. In this you can have a breakdown of all past matches between two tennis players. You can use the collected data to determine averages. For example, for a U / U point number bet. The best thing to do is take a look at our statistics guide, where we teach you how to read statistics to your advantage.

At the beginning you can simply “tap” our betting tips

Until that happens and you are able to interpret statistics correctly and thus predict accurately, you do not have to do without placing tennis live betting tips. The second important tennis live betting strategy that we recommend here is that you sign up for our sports betting new sor inform our betting tips today and tomorrow about upcoming matches. In that case, you bet on a tennis live betting strategy, where you simply type in our tennis live betting tips for your tennis live betting. This may sound boring at first, but it helps you to make lucrative winnings from day one in tennis live betting. 

And by tapping our tennis live betting tips you will also learn something. Because with us you will not only find tennis live betting tips for simple betting options such as who wins the match. Our sports betting enthusiasts editors have any bets on tennis on the go and are not satisfied with standard options. Therefore, you will also find tennis live betting tips for special options.

Remember, a good bonus is an important strategic tool for maximizing your profits

One of the most important aspects and one of the simplest tennis live betting strategy concepts would be to get a bonus for your tennis live betting in any case. Regardless of whether you are still guided by the tips of our editors for your tennis live betting or have already started to develop your own tennis live betting strategy by reading statistics. An additional credit gives you the opportunity to place more bets. Ideally, more bets generate more winnings. 

If you are a beginner and do not follow our tips for some predictions, but would like to decide for yourself, you will not be able to avoid being wrong with a prediction. In this case, the additional credit will make up for wrong decisions in your live tennis bets. You do not have to pay the lost stakes of your tennis live bets out of your own pocket, so to speak, but pay them with the additional credit. If the bookmaker donates free bets, these offer you a possibility that you do not have to pay the stake yourself. That is also an advantage. This gives you the opportunity to try out slightly more risky betting options with a high odds. If you lose this, you have not lost your own money.

The best three tennis live betting strategy concepts for beginners

Now that we have given you three important tennis live betting strategy tips, which in our eyes are more general in nature and should in any case be taken into account by you, we would like to present you a very simple tennis live betting strategy. It is a betting strategy. You may already know this from our casino test reports. It has its origins in classic roulette. You do not need any specialist knowledge for this special tennis live betting strategy. You take the betting calendar and choose betting options from the tennis matches that have a odds of 2.00. It doesn’t matter what betting options and tips are.

Very simple: With a betting strategy, only the 2.00 odds count – you don’t need to know more!

You bet on the first betting option with odds 2.0 € 10. You lose that bet. Now you double the first bet to € 20 and bet again on a 2-odds. You lose again. You double again and bet € 40 on a 2.00. You lose again. Now you bet € 80 on a 2.00 and win. The bookmaker now pays you a profit of € 160. If we deduct our paid stakes from these € 160 (€ 10 + € 20 + € 40 + € 80 = € 150), a net profit of € 10 remains. Now you start again with ten euros and repeat this game until you win. The biggest danger of this tennis live betting strategy is that you hit the betting limit with your paid bets. You can only win as much with this strategy as you chose as your first bet.

The betting limits determine the initial stake of the betting strategy in tennis live betting

As a rule, you cannot start with a stake value of € 100 with this tennis live betting strategy. Because if you start with the € 100 bet and lose four times in a row, you would have to pay a bet of € 1600 for bet five. The bookmaker does not allow € 3,200 in the next step at the latest, since a maximum of € 3000 is wagered on the option. This would not make your strategy work. It is therefore important for the strategy to start with the lowest possible initial bet in order to never hit the bet limit. Smart strategists have thought of something else here: Instead of just doubling the stakes, they can also be increased using the Fibonacci number series. The bets are not always doubled if the bet is lost, but according to a specific scheme.

Fibonacci makes it easier for you – but does not result in higher profits!

The only difference is that the bets will not hit the betting limit as quickly because they do not increase exponentially. Regardless: We believe that playing such a tennis live betting strategy is a little boring. You could train a monkey to make bets. On the other hand, this strategy offers you a sure win, albeit a small one. For example, it could be a good idea to play this strategy alongside your normal betting activities. This means that you place a bet on the 2.00 odds every day, so to speak, and the rest of the day you take care of your other sports betting that you do not place using a betting adjustment strategy. So after a while you will secure yourself a secure profit that increases your credit.

Play in pre-match losses with live bet protection? That’s how it’s done

Another very simple tennis live betting strategy would be to secure yourself with your tennis live bets. So that we can explain this to you better, let’s take an example. Before the start of the game you bet € 100 on player A. This player should decide the game for himself. The player has a odds of 1.40. Player B is rated as weaker by the bookmaker and has a odds of 2.10. After the first two sentences, it becomes clear that Player A is having a bad day today. After three quarters of the game has passed, it becomes clear that your bet will not work. Now you are trying to cancel this bet with an early cash out. In this case, the bookmaker will pay back part of the lost stake. Then you switch to tennis live betting.

Tennis live betting: A professional often has live protection for his pre-match

In your tennis live bets, you now want to reinstate the loss of the lost bet with the highest possible bet at the lowest possible safe odds. To do this, you have to determine in advance how high the loss will be. If you cannot activate a withdrawal, it is € 100. For our example, we now assume that the bookmaker still enabled us to save at least € 20 via the cash-out. Our loss is therefore € 80. A winning bet on player B currently has a odds of 1.30 in tennis live bets.

Don’t just secure: You can also try to make a profit with the tennis live bets!

That means you now bet € 267 on the 1.30 and win € 347.1. After deducting € 267, there remains a profit of € 80.1. With this bet you have not only made up the loss, but also made a cent profit. Of course, you could have wagered € 500 directly on the tennis live bet and not only played the loss, but also made a profit of € 303 with the tennis live bet. We assume that you have understood this principle. There are a number of sports betting professionals who, whenever they place a pre-match bet, directly plan such an alternative bet in the tennis live bets.

Conclusion: You now use tennis live betting like a professional

Enough dusty theory. Now you have real expert knowledge about tennis live betting. Now you are looking for one of the bookmakers we have presented from the tennis live betting ranking at the beginning of the guide and start in the exciting world of tennis live action. Start by looking at our sports betting tips and start learning how to read the statistics to your advantage. Activate a bonus for maximizing profits and simply try the simple strategy presented here. From then on, it will also rain profits for you.

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