Best Table tennis World Cup Betting Sites

Best Table Tennis Betting Sites 2020

Table tennis is a very special sport, which of course is much clearer than team sports, where up to 22 players are on the court. Many people have already played table tennis, because in a certain sense table tennis is a popular sport that is often played in every village or at least neighboring village. However, these games are of course not wagered on. That’s what professional table tennis is for, which is also played worldwide. In China, table tennis is even the most important sport and it is not for nothing that many strong players come from there, with whom the others from the world have to be measured. Table tennis is a fast sport that can be very exciting. Games are also sometimes broadcast on sports television, which can of course be an advantage.

What are table tennis bets?

Many of today’s popular sports, which are also popular on television, have their origins in the 19th century. There are usually forerunners, but often you can also roughly tell when a game has crossed modern boundaries. Table tennis is also a sport of this century, although not in the form known today from the beginning. Initially, the game was played on the basis of tennis. But the weather in England sometimes made it necessary to move the game indoors. A net was stretched on the table and sometimes frying pans were used. At the end of the 19th century, the game became socially acceptable and even marketed. Ping Pong is an official brand name today, but table tennis is also called in China.

What are the differences in table tennis betting?

As with other sports, a table tennis match is embedded in a tournament or competition. So you can bet on the game on the one hand, but also on an entire tournament on the other. There are also live bets where you can prove your expertise all the better. Different approaches also lead to different quotas that can be used. For beginners, table tennis cannot be that easy if you haven’t heard of the names and players before.

Betting on table tennis games

The fact that table tennis is actually the little brother of tennis can also be recognized by the way games are rated. Here, too, matches are decided by sentences. There are often three sets to win, but there are also other rules that depend on the competition. A set is played up to eleven profit points, whereby there must always be a two point lead. In the end, it may be that there are far more than just eleven points on the winner’s side. A 11 to 10 game would not be over if the eleventh point was made last. Single bets can be placed on table tennis games. If multiple markets are offered, combination bets are of course also possible.

Table tennis live betting

When it comes to the tables of the professionals, table tennis is no longer just a bit of leisure fun, with the ball sometimes flying over the net. Table tennis is an extremely fast sport in which players have to show maximum concentration if they want to win. Accordingly, such a live match can be attractive, even as a general sports fan. This also applies to table tennis live betting, where the odds change naturally. However, you have to say that not every betting site also offers table tennis in this form. If necessary, you should check here beforehand.

Table tennis seasonal bets

There is also a Bundesliga in table tennis. In this, however, not only individual players compete against each other, but entire teams. Several players together form a team that then fights for the championship. The situation is similar for larger tournaments that are internationally oriented. Table tennis season bets then refer to the future champion. The more likely the championship here, the lower the odds. With favorites, it usually makes more sense if you bet relatively early before the season. But even during a current season, you can still count on the overall winners of table tennis.

The different types of bets in table tennis betting

Even if table tennis is of course a much smaller sport than many others, there are actually no restrictions on the basic possibilities. Theoretically, there could be the same types of bets as with the big brother of tennis. But only in theory. After all, table tennis is not quite as popular as tennis worldwide, which is unfortunately noticeable at many bookmakers who only tend to push table tennis into a small niche. However, there can be different types of table tennis bets that are ideal for this.

2-way and handicap for table tennis

In the end, table tennis is all about the winner. However, there are the victories of individual players, and then there are also the victories of table tennis teams. The bottom line, however, is that 2-way bets often come out because there are no draws at all. So you just bet on one or the other player. Sometimes favorites and outsiders also meet, so the win rates don’t even look that interesting. In this case, handicap bets come into play. In these, a player is given a handicap or the other an advantage. In this way, the odds align, which makes betting much more worthwhile.

Head2Head table tennis betting

Actually, Head2Head bets are particularly suitable for racing sports. So Formula 1 or horse racing, where they also have their origin. Two athletes can be picked out of a field and placed as opponents in a Head2Head bet. But they don’t actually compete against each other and in the end it doesn’t even matter whether they really win. This is actually also possible for table tennis, for example on a matchday with the teams. As a rule, Head2Head bets are very rare when it comes to table tennis betting offers from online bookmakers.

Table tennis with over / under

A bet type is almost always possible and this is over / under betting. It is expressly not necessary to predict the exact result, but only a certain tendency. There are two options for table tennis: on the one hand you can bet on the points in the sets, but on the other hand you can also bet directly on the sets. So the question is not who wins, but rather more or less than a certain number of points or sentences are played. The tendency is decisive. Over / under bets are most likely offered as another type of table tennis bet.

Table tennis point and set bets

In table tennis, points are first scored and if a player has eleven in number, then he can win the set if he has two points ahead. It usually takes three sets to win a match. Predicting the exact points is not that easy. Of course it is often the eleven for a set, but it is not always the case. Rather, there are set bets in table tennis, so you just predict exactly how a match will turn out after sets. That can lead to a 3: 0 or a 3: 2. But that also depends on the competition, since the same conditions do not apply to the sentences in all cases.

Special bets on table tennis

For many sports, the betting sites are happy to come up with a few special bets that have otherwise not been covered by the previous bet types. This can apply to individual games, but also to entire tournaments. In the case of table tennis betting, you will probably encounter less, which is simply because the betting offers for this sport are not always lavish. So when in doubt, you have to look ahead if you are looking for such bets.

Where can you bet on table tennis?

The good news is that a lot of betting sites actually have table tennis in their program. The rather bad news is that the offers remain mostly manageable. Sometimes you have to open the menus to get to the other sports. And even then, table tennis bets don’t offer that much to online bookmakers. However, some of them generally have a wide range, so it is most likely to be found there. If there are major tournaments or important games, the chances of course that the games with table tennis can be followed by the betting sites increase.

You can also use your mobile phone to play table tennis

Just like table tennis is a kind of smaller version of tennis, smartphones are basically smaller editions of computers. At least in a way, because both have their own charm and functions. With smartphones you can not only play and make excellent phone calls today, but also use the mobile betting offers of the betting sites. And if you have table tennis in the program, you can also use it on the go. Partly directly via apps, which makes it very convenient, or generally with optimized websites that also make operation via touchscreen easier.

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