Best Table tennis World Cup Betting Sites

Best Table tennis World Cup Betting Sites 2020

The 55th World Table Tennis Championship will be held in Busan, South Korea, from March 22 to March 29. Only team competitions will take place at the table tennis World Cup 2020, after last year the Chinese won gold in both the women and men in the individual competitions. There are numerous bets on the quick rallies of the best table tennis players in the world. The German team is the current vice world champion and one of the biggest pursuers of the almost invincible Chinese table tennis team. You can find the top betting odds and betting options for the table tennis World Cup 2020, as well as an interesting bookmaker for your tips.

The betting options in the overview

At the World Team Championships there is a huge selection of table tennis bets. Probably the most important bet is for the world champion. It is possible to tap on the women and men. In both cases, the favorite is China, and this can only be overthrown by another nation’s exceptional performance. For the women, the team from Singapore recently managed to beat the Chinese in the final in 2010 and for the men the Swedish team in 2000. The years before and after there were very few exceptions.

Nevertheless, long-term bets are definitely possible with a doubling, whereby an outsider tip can also be worthwhile.
For the tournament character, it is of course an exciting matter to act with a tip on the overall winner of the World Cup. Furthermore, the competition offers the opportunity to bet on the nation that plays most successfully in both women and men. This also works as a placement, so in principle it is possible to exclude the Chinese and to place 2nd. It is of course advantageous to bet on a national team where there is potential for women and men to win a medal. In any case, the riskier individual games can be avoided, in which a top favorite also makes a game in individual team matches.

Who can defeat China at all?

With regard to the Olympic year, the Japanese team should not be underestimated when betting. The young and extremely ambitious team can set an exclamation mark at the table tennis World Cup 2020 and is definitely still expandable. The situation is different with the big opponent from China. Although there is a mass of talented players, the association has mainly relied on the elite around Fan Zhendong and Ma Long for years. It is difficult to estimate whether there will be a surprise, but the fact is that the chances for China to contest the TT World Cup title have not been so great for years. For this reason, it is worthwhile to analyze in the individual matches exactly which athlete is able to beat his opponent,

In general, in any duel it is of course possible to place the classic 2-way bet on a winner. When comparing the table tennis players, there will be enough statistics with the big nations to use the matches of the past few years as a basis for the betting decision. All games of the World Table Tennis Championships in Busan are played in the best-of-five mode. This is particularly important for live betting. Because all games can end after 3 or 5 sets. So if you decide to bet in the current match, you can benefit from extremely high odds with a turn in the game.

The different betting options in tournament mode

At a prestigious event, such as the 2020 table tennis championship, almost all pre-match bets are also available as live bets. In addition to the winning bet that there is on each line in the four groups of six of the respective division, good bookmakers will also offer bets on the number of sets. Of course betting tips can be given on all single games and on the overall result of the team comparison. In matches with underdogs, it is also advisable to act with higher odds. For those with a large difference in performance, handicap bets are always a good idea to bet on the favorites with a higher odds. In doing so, an opponent receives a fictitious backlog of points that has to be made up across all winning sets to win the bet.

Sports betting on progress is also possible in the group phase. It should be noted that only the top nations in the Championship Division play the world championship title. The first four groups are automatically qualified for the quarter-finals, the rest are made up of second and third-place finals who play in the round of 16 to move on to the round of the last eight. The constellations according to the round tournament mode are also interesting. Furthermore, the betting program of this high-performance sport enriches a good selection of over and under bets, which always offer excellent odds and interesting betting opportunities.

Tap the team competition

For table tennis betting on the World Cup, good preparation is essential to be able to make a profit. Under no circumstances should unknown table tennis players from Asian countries be underestimated. Their skills can often only be assessed in the course of the tournament and there are hardly any statistical values ​​at national level, especially when it comes to the selection of the Chinese table tennis association. It is therefore advisable to act as a beginner with over-under bets in the individual matches of the table tennis World Cup 2020. This is often easier than betting the exact result of a set or betting on the winner and the following bookmakers are good for that.

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