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Best Wimbledon Betting Sites

Wimbledon Betting Sites

We like to stick with a few, well known tennis sportsbooks for all our betting action. The sportsbooks recommended here are considered the best because they are safe, well-known and offer great tennis bets and the best odds. If you plan on doing any online tennis betting this year, we recommend you check out our recommended tennis betting sites.

These Wimbledon betting sites are listed in order of our favorites but you’ll be fine at any of these sportsbooks. They are all high class operations that make betting and getting paid easy.

Wimbledon Betting

Wimbledon is the most prestigious tennis championship in the world. For two weeks of every year, tennis players from around the world battle it out on the grass courts in an effort to earn a place in history and one of the coveted Wimbledon trophies. Wimbledon is steeped in tradition, highly competitive and very heavily bet upon.

Wimbledon is held in June every year in Wimbledon, England (a suburb of London) at the All England Club. The tournament has been held there since 1877, which makes it the oldest and most consistent tennis tournament in the world. It is also the only Grand Slam championship that is still held on grass courts. Online betting statistics are hard to come by, but Wimbledon may very well be the most bet upon tennis tournament every year.

Betting on Wimbledon

The betting options for Wimbledon vary from one tennis betting site to another. For the most part, however, tennis fans place two types of bets. In the Wimbledon outright winner bet, tennis bettors place wagers on a specific tournament to win the entire tournament. These tennis bets have high payouts – especially for competitors considered to be underdogs.

Matchup betting is also popular during Wimbledon. In these bets, tennis bettors can choose any specific match between two players and wager on one player or the other to win. Rather than having to choose from an entire field of competitors, sports bettors who place matchup bets only have to select between two options. The payouts for these bets aren’t as high as for outright winner bets but the outcomes are much easier to predict.

The more unlikely a player is to win (in either bet), the higher the payouts for the bet. Online tennis sportsbooks offer higher odds for the underdogs in order to generate action on all sides of each bet. Otherwise, everyone would just bet for the highest rank bettor each year and the sportsbooks would end up having to pay all those winnings out of pocket.

Newbie Guide to Wimbledon Betting

Betting on Wimbledon is easier than ever thanks to the internet. No longer is it necessary to find a live tennis bookie to place your Wimbledon bets. All you have to do is choose an online tennis betting sportsbook and you can get started from the comfort of your home. You don’t have to drive anywhere to place your bets and you don’t even have to deal with cash.

Not all tennis betting sites are the same, so you’ll want to choose one that is trusted and that offers a good variety of tennis bets. There are three main online tennis bookmakers that we recommend for the best tennis betting experience. First of all, these sportsbooks offer tennis betting (not all do) and secondly, these sportsbooks have rock solid reputations.

Once you choose one the three sportsbooks listed here, click on any of the links to visit that sportsbook and create an account. Make sure you use our links here so that you are tagged to receive a deposit bonus when you make your first deposit. Each tennis sportsbook listed here offers some sort of deposit bonus.

Anyways, once you visit one of our recommended tennis betting sites, you’ll see some sort of big “join now” button on the front page. Click that button and follow the instructions to create an account at that sportsbook. After that, just visit the cashier to make your first deposit. Congratulations; you’re now ready to place your first real money tennis bet.

Next, navigate to the tennis betting section of whichever sportsbook you joined. Inside the tennis betting section, you’ll see a list of available bets and their accompanying odds. From here, all you have to do is choose your bets, choose how much you wish to bet and then click the submit button. Your bet will be placed and all you have to do now is wait for the results of the match.

Wimbledon Betting Tips

The following Wimbledon betting tips are designed to help you make smart tennis picks when betting during Wimbledon events. Wimbledon is the biggest betting event in tennis and also one of the most exciting to watch. What makes it even more exciting is winning a little money with well chosen bets.

The Grass Court

The grass courts at Wimbledon are one of the first factors you should consider when making your tennis betting picks. Grass courts cater to different strengths than clay courts and this makes a huge difference in the outcome of each match. Certain tennis players do great on grass court and others do terribly. Strong serve-and-volley players typically perform the best on grass courts thanks to their fast surface and low bounces. For example, John McEnroe and Pete Sampras were both well known grass court tennis players.

But don’t forget that Wimbledon’s grass courts are not as fast moving as they once were. In 2001, Wimbledon changed its grass courts to a different type of grass and soil, which slowed down the play significantly. In more recent years, strong clay court players such as Rafael Nadal have put on impressive displays at Wimbledon.

Look for Value, Not a Sure Thing

Finding bets that provide value is better than looking for the next “sure thing” pick. In tennis betting, there is no such thing as a sure thing. Even in matches where a well known tennis player is heavily favored, there are no guarantees. Injuries, surprise upsets and many more things can happen to suddenly change the outcome.

Upsets are unlikely and that’s why tennis betting sites set such bad odds on the favorite. In some matchups, you have to risk $4 for every $1 in potential earnings. And that is where we get to finding bets that provide value. You don’t need to find sure-thing bets consistently; you only need to find bets in which the odds don’t line up with reality. For example, if you know that a favorite is overrated due to a nagging injury, you might want to place a bet on the undervalued underdog.

Value is where you make your money in online tennis betting. You want to find matchups in which one or both contestants is mis-valued. Over the long run, you will make money in tennis betting if you can find those bets in which the underdog is getting better odds than he should or the favorite is getting worse odds than he should.

Consider the Less Anticipated Matches

Any time you have Roger Federer face off against Rafael Nadal, everyone in the world is going to be anticipating and analyzing the match to death. Online sportsbooks spend more time evaluating these matches and take more care in setting the odds because it’s important they get these matches right. These are the types of matches that get the most betting activity. The last thing an online tennis bookie wants to do is lose money on a big match.

You’ll have better luck finding bets with value by analyzing the matches that aren’t as publicized. Online sportsbooks only have so much time in their hands and they have much bigger sports to focus on – they can’t spend weeks analyzing every single little matchup between lesser known players. As a result, you’ll have an easier time finding great odds for your picks.

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