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Best WTA Betting Sites 2020

The WTA is a global tennis association, but you won’t see any men playing it. The reason for this is simple, because the WTA is the Women’s Tennis Association and therefore the counterpart to the ATP. Professional tennis players worldwide unite in the WTA and compete against each other in the WTA tournaments. The ITF, the worldwide tennis association, which is also responsible for the organization of the Grand Slam tournaments, is still above the WTA, as well as the ATP. Throughout the year there are tournaments that belong to the WTA Tour and for which there are different points with which the players can rise in the world rankings. There are many famous players and regular tournaments

WTA betting

When it comes to WTA betting, strictly speaking it means only the bets that are placed on the corresponding tournaments. However, the Grand Slam tournaments also play a role in the world rankings, so that one can always speak of WTA betting when there are players from this organization. The year of foundation was 1973, at that time also with a view to men’s tennis, in which much better earnings were earned. Initially, only nine players signed the contract, but over the years more and more followed, making it a global association with many members. WTA betting is about tournaments and there are many odds that reveal interesting opportunities. Therefore, as a general sports fan and weather, you can always take a look at the offer,

Single and combination bets on WTA tournaments

Around 50 tournaments are played annually in the WTA Tour. Of course, these are not a few, so there should actually always be something in the program at online bookmakers. However, a distinction is made between tournaments that are larger and smaller ones that may not have the pull to be included in the betting program. In any case, there are a lot of matches in which some of the stars of the tennis world compete, some also players who are rather lower in the world rankings. So there is never a shortage of possibilities for WTA single bets and where they are, there are usually not many combination bets, with which you can get even more out of it.

WTA live betting

The special spice comes with sports betting only when it comes to games that are also followed live. Certainly not many WTA tournaments are broadcast on free television, but there are offers that can change that. In any case, it will be all the more exciting if you follow a match live and place the WTA live bets accordingly. For live betting, the game must start first, then you can bet on the current bets, the odds of which also change continuously in the course of the match. WTA live betting is always available from online bookmakers, albeit not in abundance.

WTP season bets

There is no shortage of tournaments that take place over the course of a year. As a customer of the betting sites, the WTA alone offers a lot of material for tennis betting. Season bets are less about the whole year and much more about the individual tournaments. For example, the possible winner is chosen. But since not all players compete in all tournaments, there are always different favorites, which makes things even more exciting. If you are a tennis fan, you should find enough material for the WTA season bets that seems interesting enough to bet.

Advantages of WTA betting

There is some reason to take a look at the betting offer of the WTA Tour. This is mainly because there are always a few things to be found. Not all WTA tournaments can be found, but there should always be something for tennis fans. Basically, women’s tennis organized in this way offers a lot of possibilities, of course also for customers who are more generally into sports betting and want to discover interesting markets for themselves.

Various WTA tournaments

The sport of tennis is usually very well stocked by bookmakers, so that you rarely miss something. Part of this offer is filled out by the WTA tournaments, although not all of them are there. But the WTA offers with its tour a perfect basis for a lot of bets, so that with the focus on it shouldn’t get bored so quickly. The offers are not always complete, but something can always be found, especially tournaments in which the players who are at the top of the world rankings compete.

Track WTA tournaments

Successful sports betting is not decided with the coin. Quite the contrary, because sports betting is not a game of chance, but rather opportunities that can be massively narrowed down with sufficient knowledge. It is not for nothing that there are always favorites and outsiders in the odds. The more information you have, the better you can narrow down the chances the players actually have. And it is very advantageous that it is actually very easy to get information about the WTA Tour and the players. The internet is of course a great help for this, with which you can also watch tournaments live. Here you can also find summaries of the matches and statistics, which can certainly help.

Many types of bets on WTA tournaments

If a WTA tournament has made it into the offer of a betting site, there are usually many different options for betting. That starts with the season bets, so you just tap on the possible winner. Often this happens a while before the tournament actually starts. Then, in the best case, there are also live bets that can make it even more exciting. Single bets are also on the plan and often not just the winning bets alone. Handicap or set bets that extend the field of options are also possible.

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