Can you trick in sports betting?

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Are you looking for a surefire way to achieve quick wealth with sports betting? Unfortunately, we have to disappoint you in this regard. However, there are a number of tips and tricks that will help you bet more successfully in the long run. The following short article provides some basic recommendations on how you can achieve higher profits with your tips.

In general, you shouldn’t fool yourself: online bookmakers are highly professional companies that are definitely not going to be tricked in the classic sense. In addition to a number of effective betting strategies in the individual sports, you can help your luck with quite simple methods.

The most important requirement: multiple betting accounts

Do you think you have already found the perfect bookmaker that best suits your needs? First of all, that’s a good thing. Nevertheless, there are a number of reasons for having multiple betting accounts. Each betting site sets its own priorities , pursues an individual market strategy and targets different types of players. Ultimately, the offer differs from that of the competition.

As good as a bookie may be, it will be surpassed – if only in detail – by another in certain areas. The calculation is simple: With several accounts you can benefit from the advantages and do not have to accept any disadvantages.

More profit through odds comparisons

Betting odds are calculated using the same principle for all bookmakers. Experts analyze the probability of occurrence of the respective result. However, you will not always get the same result. In addition, other aspects such as different profit margins or the intention to compensate for certain trends are included in the evaluation. The bottom line for you is that you will always find different odds with different bookmakers . The deviations are often only minimal, but here too, several betting accounts always pay off.

If you have a specific tip in mind, you should first compare the different bookmakers. This effort is worthwhile especially when betting frequently, because you can always choose the most lucrative odds . Many bookmakers also offer special promotions in which selected events are given significantly higher odds. These are usually used to acquire new customers. With some providers (e.g. 888sport and betway), existing customers also regularly benefit from so-called quota boosts .

Use bonus promotions wisely

In addition to odds boosts, betting sites have an almost infinite wealth of other special offers in their program. This includes free bets, cashback promotions, deposit bonuses and much more. Of course, not all of them are really recommended. In some cases, they are primarily worthwhile for the bookmakers themselves, for example when the sales conditions attached to them are particularly complicated. Even if you have no idea about the sport in question or are not familiar with a special betting format, you should rather do without if in doubt .

At this point, the advantage of multiple betting accounts comes into play again. The more accounts you keep, the more bonus promotions are potentially available to you. So do the opposite. Similar to the odds, you first decide on a specific sporting event or a specific bet. Then check under the multitude of different offers whether a suitable bonus campaign is available . The combination of good preparation (evaluating statistics and sports news) and attractive deals can increase your profits considerably in some cases.

Tricks with surebets in sports betting – is that possible?

“Surebets” is a specific betting strategy that eliminates the risk of losing . This is actually possible under certain conditions. However, this also requires several betting accounts. Let us assume a boxing match to illustrate this. The first thing to do is to find two bookmakers who evaluate the outcome of the fight differently and call up very different odds. You then bet with two different bookies on the victory of both fighter A and fighter B, thus covering both possible outcomes. The stakes must be distributed in such a way that the bottom line is that a profit is always made.

Surebets may work in theory, but in practice the variant is not recommended . On the one hand, you have to put in a lot of effort to find the corresponding events at all. In addition, the profits made are usually not particularly high.

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