What is a Trixie Bet

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What is a Trixie bet 

Trixie bets fall into the category of “Full cover bets” as it offers the punter full coverage on all combinations of multiples. A Trixie consists of 3 selections that form 4 separate bets. 3 doubles and a treble. In order for the bet to have a return at least 2 selections must win. A Trixie is the equivalent of a Patent bet but without singles.

Trixie calculations 

The calculations needed to workout full cover bets such as Trixie bets you will need to remember the joys of multiplying out the brackets form algebra classes. Let’s start with a very simple equation with three variables that will represent the three different selections of a Trixie bet.

(A + 1)(B + 1)(C + 1)
Once you multiple of the brackets here you end up with
ABC + AB + AC + BC + A + B + C + 1

As you can see this equation has everything needed for a Trixie bet (one treble and three doubles), but unfortunately it also has some unnecessary elements. The three singles and the +1. So in order successfully calculate a Trixie, and all other full cover bets for that matter, all we need to do is eliminate the bits we don’t require.

(A + 1)(B + 1)(C + 1) – (A + B + C + 1)

Now the only element that is missing from the equation is the stake. So all that is needed is to multiple what we now have by the stake and we will have a formula for working out Trixie bets. This may seem a bit complicated to calculate a simple Trixie but as all other full cover bet work under the same premise. Including a Goliath which is a mammoth 247 separate bets, not just the four we’d need to calculate a Trixie.

((A + 1)(B + 1)(C + 1) – (A + B + C + 1)) x stake = winnings

Example of how our Trixie Bet calculator works 

As tricky as a Trixie bet looks when you see that maths it is every simple to work out as this example will show. It’s all very basic calculations but the use of a calculator (no need for it to be scientific, any calculator will do) or a pen and paper will help as there are a few repetitive calculations to remember.

You have done a Champions league £10 Trixie. Your three winning choices are Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Milan at 1.3, 1.8 and 2.2 respectively. Now enter these values into the equation as A, B and C.

((1.3 + 1)(1.8 + 1)(2.2 + 1) – (1.3 + 1.8 + 2.2 + 1)) x 10 = £143.08

Remember these calculations do look cumbersome for a Trixie but its good practice to use and remember this method for the larger of the full cover bets.

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