Types of Cricket Bets

Over/Under Wagers in Cricket - Understand How They Work

There are a variety of different cricket bets that punters can make. Some cricket bets are as simple as wagering on which team will win, while others are more confusing and require a better knowledge of cricket betting. Part of the confusion comes from the fact that many descriptions of bets are only understood by those who know cricket. However, if you know what each description means, cricket betting becomes a whole lot easier. Some of the most common cricket wagers include match bets, opening partnerships, first inning, futures, batsman to score 50 (Over 50), and various prop bets.

Cricket Match Bets

This is the most straightforward and common of all the cricket bets since you are merely wagering on what team will win the match. For example, if you favor Nottingham over Lancashire in a County Championship match, you would bet on them. Match bets normally use the money line with decimal odds, as can be seen with the following:

Nottingham 1.80
Lancashire 2.25
Draw 4.00

In this example, you would win £0.80 in profit (£1.80 – £1) for every £1 wagered on a Nottingham bet. By betting on the underdog, Lancashire, you would win £1.25 in profit for every £1 wagered. The underdog will always have the higher odds next to them, given they should pay out more than the favorite, hence, the underdog.

Opening Partnership Bets

The first two players to bat for a cricket team are called an opening partnership. And a common money line bet involves wagering on which team will score the most runs with their opening partnership. The bet is decided when one of the batsman is either retired (dismissed), the inning comes to a close due to “declaration,” or the “over” limit is reached. Opening partnership bets are also a very popular proposition wager, where people bet on how many runs they think the partnership can score.

First Inning

Most types of cricket matches involve more than one inning, and many online sportsbooks offer lines on which team will win the first inning. As with match bets and opening partnerships, most first inning wagers involve the money line. The more you know about each team’s batsmen, the more accurately you will be able to pick winners with the first inning wagers.


Anybody who has done a lot of sports betting in the past should recognize futures bets. A futures bet involves placing a wager on an occurrence that may take an entire season to be decided, such as picking a team to win the Cricket World Cup before it begins. An online sportsbook would set this up by prompting punters to pick which team they think will win the Cricket World Cup, and then offer a money line like the following:

England 5.30
India 7.10
Australia 9.50

Because punters are choosing a single team from a large list to win the Cricket World Cup, even the favorite England has long odds. If a person picked England and won this wager, they would receive £4.30 in profit (£5.30 – £1) for every £1 wagered.

Batsman to score 50 (Over 50)

Another commonly seen bet at online cricket sportsbooks involves whether or not a batsman will score 50 runs. The name basically explains what the bet is about since you are wagering on whether a particular batsman will score 50 runs throughout the match. This is considered a proposition bet (discussed next), and you will not always see the Over 50 wager offered; however, most online sportsbooks will offer an Over 50 proposition bet for the big cricket matches.

Proposition Bets (Prop Bets)

The world of cricket betting is filled with proposition (prop) bets, and these are wagers on occurrences within a match, rather than a bet on the match’s outcome. The opening partnership, first inning and Over 50 wagers would fit in this category, while there are many more obscure proposition bets in cricket as well. Some prop bets that you will see offered in major cricket matches include the first batsman dismissed, top first inning batsman, what day a test match will end, who will be the match’s top bowler, and how many runs will be scored throughout a test match.

Some prop bets use the over/under line, where handicappers set a number, and punters wager whether the actual amount will be under or over this number. For example, an online sportsbook might offer the following over/under line for how many runs two teams will combine for in the first inning.

Over 1.90
Under 1.90

So if a punter bets that the two teams will score over 300 runs in the first inning, they would receive £0.90 profit for every £1 wagered if the bet won.

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