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Betting Exchange vs Bookmaker

The great thing about this debate is that you don’t have to choose one over the other. It’s perfectly reasonable, sensible even, to pick a different option depending on your bet. All you really need to know is where a bookie is generally better than a betting exchange and vice versa. There are many options …

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In Running Betting

Betting In Running

Mistakes & Misinformation effecting in-play bets There is no disputing Betfair revolutionised gambling. The introduction of the betting exchange was one of those earth-shattering moments which overnight changed a landscape which had previously worked on geological time. No sooner had we come to terms with the ability to play bookmaker the company, founded by Andrew …

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Dealing with losing

When it comes to sports betting, losing is very much at the forefront of each and every punters mind. In a nutshell, losing is something that simply every punter will experience. There are several different ways in which a sports betting punter deals with losing, some positive, some not so positive. The ways in which …

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