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best online sportsbook usa

Sports Betting on the Internet

Online sports betting is huge all over the world and shows no signs of slowing down. Online sports bets are one type of online betting that seems to be much more popular online then live – and it’s not like sports betting ever had a lack of customers. The beauty of online sports betting is that you can usually catch any game you are betting on live either on tv or through an internet stream.

Another advantage to online sports betting is that you usually have a much wider variety of things to bet on. Not only can you bet on more types of sports online, as well as international sports that are not available in most live sportsbooks, but the different ways you can bet are massive compared to it’s live counterpart.

Live Betting vs Online

Many online sports betting sites allow “live betting” where you can continue to bet on the game, while the game is going on. Also, online sportsbooks will let you choose from a huge category of unique bets like “Who will score more goals in playoff round 1, Jaromir Jagr or Mats Sundin?”. Traditionally you would be hard pressed to find a sportsbook to take such a weird bet but online sports betting has this plethora of options that will suit literally any sports better’s tastes. Usually because many things like this can be “fixed” they lower the amount you can bet.

All the Bets, All the Games; Confused?

Betting on sports can be confusing at first, you have decimals, fractions, positives, negatives and all sorts of constantly moving numbers. On top of that, each game you want to bet on has different rules.

We have hundreds of articles to help you through the mayhem of betting that may seem confusing at first but becomes second nature. Pro sports bettors literally have it down to a science where they have people covering every single sport, and every single player to ensure they come out on top. Whether you’re going to that level or not, the articles on this site have all been written by professionals!

Safety of Betting Online

Online sports betting is safe, secure and very fun. Chances are you know many people who enjoy to bet on sports online even if you’ve never talked to them about. So many people are doing it nowadays, you’d be hard pressed not to know more than a few people into sports betting online. You can see the wide selection of reputable online sports betting books at many sites, but at this time we give you the tools before you bet.  Here are some brief tips;

  • Bet at online sportsbooks where that have no history of legitimate non-payment
  • Visit online forums to see whom might be rogued
  • Play at the largest sports betting sites available.  They will have no problems paying if you score!
  • We have many articles for sports betting.  Here is one of our more popular ones; betting mistakes.
  • We don’t recommend any sites that will take your money, so our site is a good start, try Bodog.

Legality of Online Gambling

There was a law passed in 1961 (note: the internet wasn’t even invented until 30 years later) that tries to prohibit online bets. Its one of those things where you ask yourself, why is the government trying to interfere, but it all has to do with special interest groups. In any case people gamble online every single day, to the sound of billions of dollars.  The betting laws in the US are all corrupt anyways.

As of late, many sportsbooks have changed their domain names to the non “.com” version to the likes of .ag,, .eu and so on. This was because the US government was active in taking sportsbetting portal domains that use .com where they can do so semi-legally. This simply promoted the websites to change to domain names so a domain seizure wouldn’t put their site down. Will people ever stop betting online, absolutely not!