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Best Volleyball Betting Sites 2020

Volleyball Bets on Different Countries and Leagues

Volleyball is played in many countries around the world, but the leagues are nowhere near as popular as in football or like the US NBA in basketball. Volleyball is played by both men and women, so you can bet on men’s and women’s teams. Volleyball bets are offered on German and other European teams, but you can also place volleyball bets on non-European teams.

In German volleyball, for example, you can bet on the first and second Bundesliga for women and men. In Europe, Germany, Poland, but also Italy and France are particularly popular for volleyball, but you can also bet on leagues outside Europe, for example on

  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Japan
  • Korea
  • Philippines

While some betting sites only offer bets on the first leagues in a country, you can also bet on minor leagues with other betting sites.
First and foremost, these are bets on the European Championship and the World Cup, but you can also find bets on cup games from different countries. You can also find different bets on the Championship. The bets on the important events can be placed as advance bets or during the games as live bets; Volleyball bets are less common than long-term bets.

What You Should Know About Volleyball Betting

Unlike football betting or handball, there is no draw in volleyball. A decision is always made with volleyball, similar to tennis. A volleyball match, like a tennis match, consists of several sets, so you can place bets on the overall result of a game, but also on the winner of a set – the set bet. These bets are always two-way bets where the winner is bet. In the set bet, you also bet on a winner, but not on the overall winner, but on the winner of a set. The set bet is therefore a bet on an intermediate result. It doesn’t matter whether a team has won a set before, it’s just a matter of which team is better in the set.

Volleyball Bets as Special Bets

In volleyball bets you will find bets on the overall winner as well as set bets. In a win bet on the overall winner, you bet on how the mud ends. If you place a bet on the overall winner, you will win your bet if this team has won more sets than the opponent. The odds are mostly pretty low when betting on the overall winner or on set bets, so it’s clear that a team is the favorite. It is often not worth betting on a favorite, as the odds on it are often negligible.

If two teams of approximately the same strength meet, it is often difficult to make a betting decision, even though the odds are higher. For this reason, special bets are a good alternative to the overall winner or set bets. In volleyball, depending on the betting site, you can find different amounts of special bets. Such special bets can be, for example, as

  • Bet on number of sets Bet on correct set result
  • Bet on total number of points for a team
  •  Bet on total number of points even or odd
  •  Bet on exact result
  •  Bet on a victory lead in one sentence
  •  Handicap bet
  •  Bet on the score after two or three sets
  •  Over / under bet

With different betting sites you can bet on the number of sets, you bet on how many sets must be completed in the game. When betting on a correct set result, you are betting on how a set will end, for example 3: 0. When betting on total points for a team, you are betting how many points a team will score at the end of the game. You place an even or odd total bet on whether the total number of points in a team is odd or even, but you don’t have to bet how many points will be scored at the end of the game.

When betting on a winning lead in one set, you are betting how many points one team has over the other. The handicap bet, also known as a match handicap, is suitable when a strong team meets a weak team. The weaker team gets a fictitious lead of one or more points. The handicap bet is characterized by good odds. In the over / under bet you do not bet which team wins, but you bet whether more or fewer points than the specified number will be achieved.

The bet applies to the entire game. Some bookmakers have a double result bet in their program, you can place a bet if you are not sure. For example, you can bet whether a team will win the first and second set.

Range of Live Bets for Volleyball

Volleyball bets are particularly exciting as live bets that you can place during the game. Which live bets are offered depends on the respective betting site. You can place live bets on an exact result in one set, on the team leading in one set, on the score after two or three sets, but also on whether a set goes into extra time. Depending on the situation in the game, the odds for live bets can change constantly, the changing odds are always displayed for live bets. The scores are also shown in the live bets.

Volleyball games are rarely broadcast on free TV, even with a subscription to pay TV you do not always have the opportunity to watch a game. A betting provider with a livestream is therefore useful. Some betting sites have good betting aids for live betting:

  • Livescore
  • Live images
  • Livestream
  • Animations

A livestream is a good betting aid because it allows you to follow a game in real time and place your bets. With most betting sites you can get an app on your tablet or smartphone, often you can also access these betting aids with an app.

Volleyball Bets as Long-Term Bets

Volleyball bets are rarely offered as long-term bets. Such long-term bets are always bets on important events such as the World Cup or the European Championship. Since such bets are very difficult to place, the payout ratios are quite high.

Betting odds on volleyball bets

Betting odds provide information about the probability of an event. If the rate is low, the probability of an event is particularly high. Such low odds are offered on the favorites, sometimes they are so low that it is not worth placing a bet. The betting sites use various criteria to form the odds, including the table position of the teams, the current form of the teams with sick players, special features of the teams, such as newcomers or a change of coach, and special features of the place.

The different betting sites rate the different criteria differently, which is why the betting odds differ between the different online bookmakers. If you want to benefit from a good betting odds, you should use the free odds comparison, it helps you to find the best sports betting provider with the best odds. In the case of advance bets, the odds change rarely shortly before the game, and if so, only very slightly. This is not possible with live bets because the odds change constantly. Here it makes sense to pay attention to the changing quotas. If a odds increases and you have the courage to take risks, you can bet when the odds increase and benefit from a high payout if you win.

Payout Odds for Volleyball Bets

The payout percentages provide information about what you will receive if you win. The average payout ratio is 93 percent. However, they can also be higher for some betting sites, while they are lower for other betting sites. It also depends on the sport, the teams and the respective game, how high the payout percentages actually are. The payout ratios for volleyball are mostly average or slightly below average. If you place live bets on volleyball, the odds are usually below average.

Choosing the right betting site

Before placing volleyball bets, you should choose the right betting site, test reports or the free betting site comparison, which provides information on important criteria, will help you. You should pay particular attention to the range of volleyball bets and many special bets, but the payout rates, the payment methods offered, the new customer bonus and the bonus conditions as well as promotions for existing customers are also important selection criteria.

Some betting sites offer bonuses for existing customers, for example on winning combination bets. You can also place such combination bets on volleyball. If you only want to start betting, you should ensure good customer support.

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