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Everything you need to know about water polo betting

Water polo is an underestimated sport that is quite attractive to the viewer and works like handball, just in the water. The element water is the aggravating factor of the game, since it has to be worked against constantly. Since water polo is nowhere near as action-packed and fast, it has to be a marginal existence rather than a sport. The game of highly professional teams is extremely attractive to the eye and there is no lack of speed.

The water polo has a diameter of about 22 cm and is more like a volleyball than a colorful toy water polo. A team consists of six players and a goalkeeper.


Which of the many sports does not go back to the mother country of sports England? At least water polo does. The English name ” water polo ” reveals a piece of the history, because it developed parallel to the polo on land. In 1870 the London Swimming Club set up a committee to transfer the rules of football to a game in the water. The work on these regulations took a total of four years. The term “ water football” embossed. The first game according to these rules was initiated in the Crystal Palace. This was followed by more or less major developments of the game in terms of the rules to make it a little more attractive and to attract more people to the swimming pools.

For example, until 1887 it was even allowed to dunk the opponent, which would be really far from any fair play idea these days. Major changes to the rules took place between 1885 and 1890, where committees were also involved.

Relatively soon, at the end of the 19th century, this new sport also spread to mainland Europe and North America, where the British and the emigrants already had a very close connection.

It is also interesting that water polo already had a place at the Olympic Games in 1900, making it one of the oldest sports practiced there.

The women also started playing this sport relatively early. The first batch of women was played in the Netherlands in 1906.

Explanation of the rules of water polo

The international swimming association FINA is also responsible for the water polo.

The goal of the game is to score goals, similar to handball or football. The team with the most goals wins the game at the end. In order to enable a uniform game, there are rules that must be followed:

  • It is prohibited to touch the ball with both hands (except for goalkeepers in the 5-meter area)
  • The ball may be touched with any part of the body, but not played with the fist
  • A player who is not in possession of the ball must not be fouled by pulling, diving or holding. There are 20 penalty seconds for this. A player is eliminated from three personal fouls
  • Except for a penalty and free throw, the ball in front of a goal must be intentionally played or touched by at least two players
  • As in football with penalties, penalties are given for serious violations in the 5 meter area
  • After a goal, all players have to regroup in their own half

In addition, players can be replaced as often as they like. The team has 30 seconds for each attack to accelerate the game and avoid game delays.

There are 13 players per team, but sometimes 15 players (depending on the tournament). Seven of them are always in the water (goalkeeper plus six field players).

In water polo, players have to keep themselves afloat by striking their legs, which is very physically demanding. Therefore, the playing time is divided into four quarters and is 4 x 8 minutes. If there is no winner after the regular playing time, there will be an extension of 2 x 3 minutes. If there is still no winner even after the extension, a five-meter throw is carried out. The quarter breaks are 2 minutes and the half-time break is 5 minutes.

The playing field has a size of 30 x 20 meters for men and 25 x 20 m for women. The water depth must be at least 1.8 m, the gate is 3 m wide and 90 cm high. By the way, standing in the water is not allowed, but often not possible, because the pools are much too deep.

The management of the game has a judge, consisting of two referees, some with goal judges (depends on the leagues and events) as well as a clerk and a timekeeper.

By the way, there is no prescribed swimming technique, this is free. Most of the time, however, there is a switch between crawl and backstroke.

As can be seen from the rules above, there are many elements from other sports, such as: B. football, handball or basketball.

Types of bets in water polo

Since this game fortunately offers some betting options, they are also offered in large numbers in large and international competitions.

Types of bets in water polo
winnerBetting on the winner of a game is one possibility, whereby, due to the possible draws, bets are generally offered in 3-way. Depending on the provider, bets can also be placed in a 2-way (without the possibility of a draw).
Overall winnerSince matches in water polo, if they are offered, are often played as part of tournaments, there is often a chance to bet on the overall winner of the tournament.
Over-UnderThe goal of the game is to score as many goals as possible. Which bet is better than betting on the possible number of goals. Over-under bets are positive in the sense that no single team performance is important, only the number of goals.
Exact resultIf you are a little more daring and above all have the appropriate knowledge, you can try to guess the exact end result of a game. If you are correct, this will be rewarded with high odds.
HandicapIn handicap betting, a team is given a handicap, a disadvantage in relation to the end result, and a team is given an advantage, e.g. B. -1.5 goals and the other +1.5 goals. So the team with -1.5 goals would have to win at least three goals difference for the bet to go through. Often a good choice when there is a large difference in performance between teams. On the other hand, you can be served well with +1.5 if it could result in a very narrow result.

Tips and Tricks

As a beginner – and this is the majority of us in this sport – you should of course first get very good information about the sport and the strengths of teams and players. Also, a bet should not be placed immediately, but first a “dry” look to see whether the tips are generally correct. If you then also focus on supposedly safe favorite tips and good over-under bets at the beginning, it can slowly but steadily lead to a good success.

Water polo is an interesting and above all a very nice sport if you take a look at it and get the relevant information in advance in sufficient quantity.

Important water polo info & highlights

Under this point, the most important events, the most important teams in water polo but also curious things are closely examined and briefly presented.

Major events in water polo

There are five major competitions and tournaments in the international field. Since water polo is the oldest team sport played at the Olympic Games , these are also the highlight of every player. This is followed by world and European championships .

In addition to these, there is also the FINA World League , the latest achievement and the FINA World Cup.

Important water polo teams

Water polo is generally dominated by the same nations. Historically, it is the British who offer one of the best teams. However, teams from the USA, Hungary, Serbia, Italy, Croatia or Spain are often even better.


The 1904 Olympic Games took place in St. Louis (USA). For this reason, the rules for this event were changed separately and played according to a kind of “rugby water polo”. However, this consistently met with rejection from the other teams because it was too brutal for them. In addition, the conditions of the competition were so bad that they wanted to play in a pond. Of course, this was also rejected. The USA won gold, as well as silver and bronze, since there was no other participant at the start. A team has never been more successful at games.

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