When will betting shops open again?

betting shops

The current situation is increasingly paralyzing public life. Unfortunately, this also affects us gambling fans and sports betting enthusiasts. All offline locations, whether casinos, casinos or betting shops, will remain closed for the time being. The same applies to bars. Ie, playing and betting offline is currently not legally possible. We always want to help you get the most out of your online gambling and online sports betting . Therefore, in our betting site comparison , we present the best online sites with whom our editors also play and bet. In the course of this article, we also want to answer important questions about the current situation regarding your sports betting!

When will betting shops open again?

We do not know that. Offline betting offices, as well as casinos and game stores, will remain closed for the time being. The same applies to bars. The government hopes that as many people as possible will stay at home without having to impose a curfew. Even if offline betting offices were open, it would currently not be a sensible idea to stay there. The World Health Organization advises to keep a distance of at least 1.50 m from other people. Offline betting offices usually have a relatively small shop, with a relatively large number of people.

Will my winnings expire in the betting shop?

No. If you have a betting slip with which you won, the winnings will not expire. You simply have to wait until the betting office opens again and then you can collect your winnings. If this applies to you, you should ask yourself why you did not bet online? Because if you had bet on one of our online sites, you shouldn’t have to worry about it now. Your winnings would be with you due to the fast sports betting payout and deposit and you could invest them in valuable toilet paper!

Can I bet with my customer card from the offline betting agency in the online portal?

No. Bookmakers such as Tipico or Bet3000 must keep the online and offline offerings separate from each other for legal reasons. If you bet offline, you cannot pay out winnings online. That doesn’t work in the other direction either. You have separate accounts for online betting and betting at the betting terminals in the offline betting offices.

How can I still win despite the betting shop closing?

By simply betting on one of the test winners we recommend. We only introduce you to the best betting sites of our time. You always get higher payout ratios than in offline betting agencies. And they give you a bonus credit or free bets. There are no corresponding gifts in offline betting shops. Experienced tipsters only bet online because of the advantages just mentioned.

What should I bet when the footballers are paused?

Online bookmakers generally offer over 30 different sports. You could currently switch to eSports encounters if you have a heart for digital sports. The Darts Premier League was unfortunately also postponed. Political betting and betting on TV series offer an alternative here. In the United States, dialing is currently in progress. Do you already know virtual sports betting? Be sure to try them out. It’s a kind of mix of sports betting and video games. Or you switch to the online casinos. They offer a sensible alternative to everyday betting. With full service providers you can easily switch from sports betting to online casino!

Conclusion: make the best of time and do not forego profits!

We feel similar to you: we miss our football bets. The fact that offline betting offices have closed does not bother us or our editors at all. It has been years since they went to a suitable location. Anyone who understands modern sports betting can bet online with an online bookmaker. Unless you care about winning less and getting no bonus credits. But we don’t assume that. So that the current situation does not affect your bankroll, we have given you a whole range of alternative sports and suitable bookmakers with which you can make a profit. Now is the right time to try out an extensive casino bonus . You definitely have enough time for that.

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