Best Winter Sports Betting Sites

Best Winter Sports Betting Sites

Whoever speaks of sports betting on the Internet logically thinks of king football first. The bookmakers’ range of offers is far from exhausted, on the contrary. Winter sports betting is also becoming increasingly popular, although the offers do not appeal to everyone, of course. If you are not interested in “cold sport”, you will certainly not put your tips on alpine downhill skiers or ski jumpers.

In the following guide we took a closer look at the winter sports betting offers of the bookmakers. We present the sports and of course the best winter sports betting sites in more detail.

Which Winter Sports Can You Bet on?

When you talk about winter sports betting, you don’t always mean the same disciplines. The specific sports in the winter months are very broad, but in our experience the betting sites limit or limit the offer a little. With the full range of winter sports, only very few bookmakers can serve. We would like to introduce the winter disciplines including the betting options, the markets and the highlights to you in more detail.

Ice Hockey

The most important sport in the winter months is no longer perceived by many users as “winter sport” – ice hockey. The season of the fast skid cracks has meanwhile clearly adapted to the football season. The national championships usually start in September. A game year including the playoff matches in Europe usually lasts until the beginning or middle of April. It’s much longer in the NHL. The Stanley Cup winner is often not decided until late May or early June.

The best bookmakers are on the puck with numerous ice hockey leagues, with the NHL surely playing a special role as the world’s most important professional league. In Europe, ice hockey betting is dominated by Russia, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, France and Austria. The two German professional leagues – the DEL and the DEL 2 – should not be missing, of course. We do not want to forget that an ice hockey world championship is held every year in May.

In terms of betting technology, you can bet on ice hockey matches in the regular 1 × 2 market (on win, draw or loss). Furthermore there are goals over / under versions, third bets or tips on the winner including the overtime. No question – ice hockey has become an absolute mainstream in bookmakers.

Alpine skiing

Ski-Alpine competitions are very popular, especially among betting enthusiasts in Austria. The bookmakers have all alpine disciplines in their portfolio, i.e. the slalom, the giant slalom, the downhill and the combination. All World Cups that can be held almost every weekend can be typed in the winter months. The highlight from a Central European perspective is the Hahnenkamm race in Kitzbühl. Every two years there is also the World Cup of Alpine Skiing Competitions. The next title fights are scheduled as follows:

  • 2019: Are in Sweden
  • 2021: Cortina d’Ampezzo in Italy
  • 2023: Courchevel-Méribel in France

The most important betting market is of course the winning bet. Every athlete is provided with a corresponding win rate that you can type. Furthermore, the racers can be placed on a Top3 or a Top6 placement or a rank in the points.


Biathlon is a real source of quotas for television stations in Germany. The combination of cross-country skiing and shooting is fascinating and also gives both sports bettors one or two adrenaline rush. Bets are offered on the numerous World Cup races, from the sprint to the long discipline, the pursuit and the mass start to the relay. The biathlon world championship as a season highlight is held annually, unless the Olympic competitions take place every four years. The next World Cup dates are scheduled as follows:

  • 2019: Östersund in Sweden
  • 2020: Antholz in Italy
  • 2021: Tyumen in Russia

In terms of betting technology, the bookmakers’ offers do not differ from Alpine skiing.

Nordic skiing

The Nordic skiing disciplines, which include ski jumping, cross-country skiing and Nordic combined, can be bet in an identical manner. The World Championships take place every two years. The next highlights of Nordic ski athletes are:

  • 2019: Seefeld in Austria
  • 2021: Oberstdorf in Germany
  • 2023: Planica in Slovenia

Snowboard and Freestyle

Snowboard and freestyle competitions are among the most recent winter sports disciplines. With our betting sites, you can usually only type the sports to a very limited extent. Online bookmakers often concentrate here exclusively on the Olympic Games or the World Championships, which are now also held every two years. The next highlights are as follows:

  • 2019: Park City in the USA
  • 2021: Zhangjiakou in China
  • 2023: Bakuriani in Georgia

More Winter Sports Bets Beyond the Mainstream

Anyone who speaks of winter sports betting should of course not forget such disciplines as bobsleigh, luge, speed skating, figure skating and curling. However, the above-mentioned sports are generally only quoted by online sites during the Olympic Games. In a normal season, the offers rarely get lost in a betting offer. Due to the low customer traffic, many sports betting sites in these sections do not quote.

Winter Sports Betting Tips & Tricks

If you want to play your winter sports bets successfully, you should have a certain soft spot for the disciplines. If you don’t know the athletes, the competitions or the rules, you should avoid winter sports tips. Only with specialist knowledge will you be able to get the desired plus on your betting account.

The preliminary analysis is crucial. Not every well-known athlete is automatically considered a favorite. For alpine skiing there are, for example, slalom and downhill specialists. In biathlon, some athletes are significantly stronger in the sprint than on the long distance. With ice hockey, you should keep in mind that no team can successfully complete a season due to the high load. Interim shape fluctuations are unavoidable.

Kick tip: With all well-researched outsider strategies, you will probably be the most successful in the long term with all winter sports bets

Head-to-Head Betting

Head to head betting is a very, very good alternative to classic winter sports tips for beginners. You do not have to keep an eye on the entire competition and all participants, but only two selected athletes who are head to head by the bookmaker. There are corresponding betting odds for Alpine skiing, ski jumping but also for biathlon.

Long-term Tips

Furthermore, the best winter sports betting sites offer long-term markets, usually for the World Cup victory of a season or the upcoming world champions. With the season tips you have the advantage that any shape fluctuations can be ignored. If you place the World Cup bets early, you will usually get very good odds, but there is no doubt that you are entering the speculative area.

The Risk of Winter Sports Betting

An important point in winter sports betting should be considered before placing any bet – the weather. The competitions take place almost without exception outdoors. Quite a few ski jumping competitions have literally been “blown away by the wind” in the past. We therefore basically have the winter sports tips to play with small amounts.

Winter Sports Bonus – The Facts

There is usually no separate winter sports bonus. In our experience, bookmakers only very rarely offer promotional offers for the above-mentioned disciplines. Usually there are corresponding offers only at the Olympic Winter Games.

3 FAQs about winter sports betting

In the following section we have put together the three most important questions and answers about winter sports betting.

Can I tap winter sports all year round?
Yes and no. There are a few bookmakers with whom you can bet on the winter disciplines all year round in the long-term sector. However, the relevant betting offers are often only made available for the competitions shortly before the season or daily. The most extensive range of winter sports can be found at a huge distance in ice hockey.

Why are the winter sports offers of bookmakers so different?
Winter sports are quite popular overall in Central Europe, but are significantly behind such sports as soccer, tennis, handball or basketball. There are therefore some betting sites that significantly limit the winter sports offers due to the low sales figures. Some bookmakers even completely do without corresponding betting offers. Ice hockey is also an exception here. The skid cracks are widely represented at every sports betting site.

What is the quota level at Biathlon & Co?
Bookmakers calculate their betting odds based on customer frequency, i.e. based on the expected turnover. No exact payout key can be determined for the winning bets anyway. However, if you look closely at the head-to-head offers, it becomes clear that the quota key for winter sports hardly exceeds the 90% mark. In football for comparison, it goes up to 97 or 98 percent. You should also know that winter sports betting is often limited to low betting limits. High four- or even five-digit game amounts are usually not accepted by the betting sites.

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