Yellow & Red Card Betting

Yellow & Red Card Betting

Card betting: this is how you bet on yellow and red!

Classically – but not only – card bets run as over / under bets . As the name suggests, you tap on the number of yellow and red cards in the game. In the case of a card bet, the final score of the game is completely irrelevant – ultimately, it matters whether your number of cards typed matches the cards actually issued.

There are several ways to tap cards in football. We show you the most common special bets that you can use to start!

– First yellow card

Probably the easiest way to bet on cards is to tap which team will see the yellow card first . As a rule, the odds for both teams are pretty close to each other. However, there are high odds for the rare event of not a single card in the entire game.

The first cautioned player is much more difficult to type. Nevertheless, there are some players who have played rabier in the past and derbies also suggest a higher number of cards.

– Team with a red card

Of course, red cards are much rarer on the court. This bet is all the more attractive for games that promise a lot of excitement. Red cards tend to be difficult to plan and involve a corresponding risk.

– Player with a red card

Some players have a higher chance of getting a red card than their colleagues. Robust defenders in particular tend to have a higher chance of getting the red.

– When is the first warning issued?

Here you can tap when the first warning will be given. For example between the 1st and 15th minute or the 16th and 30th minute?

– total number of warning points

A particularly attractive betting market because you don’t have to bet on a specific team or player. Bets are simply placed based on the total number of warning points. The warning points of the providers can differ. Using the betting provider nordicbet as an example , they are allocated as follows:

Yellow card = 10 points

Red card = 25 points

Two yellow cards count as one yellow and one red card = 35 points

If there are three yellow cards and one red in the game, there are 55 warning points (3 x 10 and 1 x 25), whereby of course only 35 points can be awarded per player, since he then has to leave the game. Before your tip, you can look at the allocation of points in the respective rules of the bookmaker.

Betting on yellow and red cards: the five best tips for your betting success!

Successful sports betting on red and yellow cards has a lot to do with your strategy. That is why we have put together the five most important tips for betting on cards for you!

1. Derby fever

Derbies like Dortmund against Schalke are particularly hot. We have taken a closer look at the encounters between the two clubs in recent years and it shows that there is a tendency to use the yellow or red card more often here.

For comparison: In the last five district derbies, the yellow card was drawn an average of seven times per game – for example, if Dortmund and Eintracht Frankfurt competed against each other, the yellow card only came into play four times. (Source:

2. Fiery temper

Are players with a large map history in the game? Anyone who has proven to be a hothead in the past can also be noticed again in this game. On the other hand, yellow-biased players will probably be a bit more careful and try to avoid the red card as much as possible.

Example: If a player is preloaded with yellow and the game after next is important, he will be as careful as possible in the rather unimportant game. It is worthwhile here, for example at Tipico, to set the option “Does player X get a card?”.

3. Table check

Before placing your bet, first check the table. Is it an important game or even a knockout round? If you have a lot to lose, you may be harder on the pitch. A good indicator for your tips.

4th lead

The favorite won the first leg 5-0? If the game is of little importance to the team, this can also be a valuable indication of the possible distribution of cards. Perhaps the outsider now sees his big chance and is physically harder on the matter. In this case, it can be worth placing over cards on the outsider. The favorite, however, will take a more relaxed approach to the game and try to avoid getting cards.

5. The impartial

Statistically speaking, the game director draws the card more often than his colleagues? It is definitely worth taking a look at the referee statistics here !

Conclusion: Card bets offer an exciting change to the usual types of bets

Particularly for tippers with a high level of expertise, huge profits can be made. With a thorough analysis and a look at the statistics, your card bet is definitely well positioned! Be careful when betting on red cards, these are difficult to predict and should not be bet with overly high stakes.

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